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Readers Respond: Pregnancy Myths and Old Wives Tales

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Updated August 17, 2009

Boy or girl

My step moms family has always gone by the myth that if you carry more frontal and keep your waistline you are having a boy, but if you are carrying more wide and lose your waistline shape you are carrying a girl. This has proven true in all of the births on her side of the family. She told me I would be having a boy and turns out she was right!
—Guest Kimberly


The old wives tale that if you have heartburn when pregnant your baby will be born with a full head of hair has proven true for me with all my babies. I had serious heartburn from 30 weeks on. And my babies had beautiful full heads of hair. I always loved decorating my girls hair with little headbands and baby hair clips .

Boy or Girl

By reading all these there are only a couple I have found to be true. My sister-In-Law only gained weight on her tummy, had a lot of heartburn and craved ice-cream, she had a baby girl with a head full of hair. Her sister gained weight all around, she had a baby boy. Lets see how I go!
—Guest Jakii baby No.1

Food cravings

Some say when you crave salty food during a pregnancy, you'll be having a boy and if you crave sweet things, you're going to have a girl... I craved both and had a boy and the ultrasound said I would've had a girl. LOVE MY BOY!
—Guest TrudyLee


While pregnant with my first, I had horrible heartburn!! My little girl was born with a head full of dark hair!! I have to say that wives tale is true!! I earned every beautiful piece of hair on her head!!
—Guest Mommyof2

Black mark

They say my baby is a boy because I have a rounded belly and a dark line (linea negra) that runs down my belly. My baby used to kick on left, they say a sign that it's a boy and my complexion becomes darker but when I had ultrasound it showed my baby is a girl...who knows?
—Guest She_28

Belly shape

What I heard in Bosnia is that is that if the belly is wide, then its a girl. And if the belly is narrow and pin pointed then its a boy.
—Guest Mache

Spotting at early pregnancy

Some people say that if there is spotting in early pregnancy that you'll have a boy, but I had spotting and a girl.
—Guest sienaa

Old Wives tale

They say if a lizard jumps on you, you are pregnant. It happened to me at work and my boyfriend was at home and one fell on him when he told me the next day I took a test and I was pregnant.
—Guest sweet kim

Old wives tales

I have craved meat, carry all at the front and the Chinese calendar said I'm having a boy went for a boy and yes I'm having a boy which is brilliant because I already have 3 girls so the majority of the old wives tales were right.
—Guest clair

What to believe?!

This is my 3rd pregnancy, every body was for sure I'm having a girl According to the Chinese calendar, old wives tales, the ring...I'm having A girl!! But according to the ultrasound...its a BOY!! :) who knows? We'll never know till birth.
—Guest linda

falling and breaking glasses and plates

I fell and broke a lot of glasses and some colleague told me I was pregnant. Really I am pregnant and also when I changed my sister's baby a diaper and I had some poo that fell out on my hands and she told me I was pregnant. Indeed I was pregnant!
—Guest Nokuthula


If the wine bottle gets emptied in your glass you're going to get pregnant.
—Guest charise

Spicy foods and the umbilical cord

My baby daddy's sister told me that she learned in school that eating too much spicy foods would burn the baby's umbilical cord but i don't believe it i mean that would kill the baby and i been eating spicy foods since day 1 and she's still kicking.


Wait until your doctor tells you if it's a boy or girl, then it's obvious.
—Guest d@ni
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