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Readers Respond: Pregnancy Myths and Old Wives Tales

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first time

Well this is my first pregnancy and I don't know anything about being pregnant am 18wks and 1days
—Guest sarah

Boy or Girl ?

I heard that if you crave more sweet stuff then its a girl , but if you crave moree meaty stuff is a boy , i still dont know what im having im 7months pregnate & im craving soo much sweet , hope is a girl
—Guest Jessica


They say if you dream about wiping a lot of poop you are pregnant I dreamt in november but got pregnant around january.
—Guest Precious

Needle/ ring

The needle over left wrist has worked for me multiple times... The needle works when you are either pregnant or not and recounts and foretells in order gender and how many. The wedding ring over the belly (not needle) WHILE pregnant tells same thing.
—Guest Amanda

Pop pop fizZ fizz

If you pee in a cup and add a spoon of baking soda if it fizz like a coke its a boy if it stays flat its a girl mines said boy I'm 9 weeks only time will tell
—Guest Chris


I was told that if you dream of silverfish you are pregnant.
—Guest Melissa Reason

boy or girl

A friend told me if the woman did most of the "work" in the bedroom it will be a boy. If the man did the most of the work, a, girl.
—Guest kathy

Belly Button

My friend told me that before she was pregnant, she could stick her finger in her belly button and move it around and feel it below her waist. When she got pregnant, she did it and couldn't feel it anymore. Sure enough, she was pregnant.

Bald baby

I heard if you hold your stomach while your pregnant your baby will come out bald. This is a southern wise tale.
—Guest Guest Jackie


they told me that if you go in the ocean in early pregnany the baby will slide out..
—Guest kk

heart beat

So i heard if the heart rate was over 160 it was a girl, will sry all three of mine was like that and it was boys. Also if ur symptoms are diff its the opp sex nope my last would have bn a girl then,it was a boy. Also the whole thing if u gain weight all over its a boy.will i gained only in my stomach all three times lucky i knw but it should have bn a girl then but all three boys.so i dont believe in none of those myths just trust the doc. I love my boys so we going to try for.a.girl later on. HhhAlso,
—Guest brittany

Big nose and pimples

My nose got swollen and my face had some pimples!! I had a baby boy and no glow just pale..
—Guest Cynthia c

heart beat

old wives are true as i've seen many cases specially heart beat .. more then 140 is girl n less is boy.. its really true
—Guest @@

think im having a boy!

Ive had 3 beautiful girls,n was sick all the time with them. With baby 4,no morn sickness at all,dnt really feel pregnant.iam nearly 20 wks n my bub def moving inside me. I find out in 4 days if its a boy! Really hope my baby is,his sisters aged-14,7,3. Really want a little brother.plz be a boy!
—Guest natasha

Chinese Calendar

With all 3 of my children the Chinese calendar was accurate, I also checked for myself, my five siblings, and all 8 of my cousins after the fact to see how accurate it is. All the genders were correct with the exception of my youngest sister, which said she was a boy. It is the only non scientific method I actually see as accurate, for whatever reason it works. I don't believe in the old wives tales none of them have a good track record for accuracy and some are just plain ridiculous.
—Guest A.A

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Pregnancy Myths and Old Wives Tales

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