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Updated June 04, 2009

From the article: Morning Sickness at Work
Throwing up at work is one way to let the boss in on the fact that you are pregnant. But seriously, how is a gal supposed to get any work done with nausea and vomiting hanging around like a bad co-worker at a coffee break? How do you get through a long meeting? Deal with the smells from other workers, whether it's their perfume or lunch? Give us your best tip to get through the day. Share Your Tips to Cope


Keep the door open after my husband microwaves! And at night keep the window open a couple of inches just so I don't start smelling different scents around the house like air fresheners etc.
—Guest Jenna j

puke puke puke

My husband and I are pregnant now although we are not sure how far along because I had irregular periods. With my first two kids I was sick 24/7, not being able to hold anything down, etc. This time around I asked my doctor to prescribe me something for it and she did I haven't had morning sickness yet but when I do I'll be ready.
—Guest jane

Ruining the atmosphere

I'm a massage therapist, 8 weeks pregnant, and I'm nauseous pretty much 24/7. It's been really difficult dealing with it at work, as my clients book an hour with me typically, it's a long time when you're holding back puking the whole time... It will be easier once my coworkers know about my pregnancy, but even then I'm not sure what to do with my clients. I wish I could just stop working until all this passes. For now, I just plan a route to grab a garbage can & run to the bathroom, luckily I've managed to hold it back so far.
—Guest HR


Keep them in your handbag and eat them when you feel tasteless in your mouth.
—Guest bel

Just 4 weeks and restlessly sick

It's my first pregnancy and I get sick at 9pm like clock work. I don't get off work till 11pm. It's terrible. I've found chamomile tea with peppermint dropped in it soothes my tummy. The fiance brings it every night at eight to keep me from getting sick. I still have pukish burps, but my tummy's settled and I don't puke.
—Guest Bee

feel the same

I'm currently 10 weeks and I work in something like a cafeteria. I also have to deal with the scents of food that makes me feel terribly, but drinking sprite or ginger ale or eating applesauce helps. Sometimes just sitting down helps.
—Guest racheal1990

Kitchen room

I work as a Hotel Receptionist and the office is not far from the kitchen, so all the smells from their different salads will be around me and I will just feel like I am the one who is cooking...
—Guest pf

Advice from a boss

I'm a boss myself, pregnant and have one or two ladies working for me that is pregnant. I would say that they were upfront with me saying they are preganant so that enabled me to handle situations better, like for example understanding when they were nauseous, coming up with a story if they suddently were not feeling well in a meeting with customers, i.e I would 'create' a break of sorts or tell them upfront that the person is expecting a very important call and we apologise upfront but should the call come up she'd have to take it etc. personally I suffered from nausea badly so I closed my office door when the smells came my way, I was also open and honest with people when for example the guys that smoke come into my office I'd told them to go out and talk to me from the door. Harsh but I survived.
—Guest 2cents

Work from Home as Much as Possible

When I was pregnant and nauseous I would try and leave the scene as much as possible. It was easier to get work done at home where I could lounge around and be sick in my own bathroom.

Lip Balm

This one co-worker wore awful perfume, I'd never noticed before. I had to keep really strongly scented lip balm on to mask her smell. If I forgot my lip balm, I wanted to throw up all day.
—Guest LT

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How do you cope?

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