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Readers Respond: What helped you with morning sickness?

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Updated March 18, 2009

Ginger chews

I got hospitalized during my seventh week. I vomited a lot then got dehydrated. Apart from not being able to keep the very little amount of food I can eat, nothing tastes delicious to me. Then my husband bought me ginger chews from healthy options. It really helped a lot. I just throw up sometimes once a day or a day without vomiting at all. You can also dissolve the candy in hot water then drink as a tea.

sick sick sick!!!

It's my 2nd pregnancy, I'm 8 weeks and for the past two weeks I haven't been able to keep down much food or water, the smell of majority of things makes me worse and irregardless of the time of say I feel sick. With my 1st I didnt really suffer from morning sickness there was just a few times where I didnt have an appetite and I only really felt sick when travelling. However baby number two is giving me a hard time and I feel so drained and ill constantly, I find it hard to move most days because I feel so bad. Nothing seems to help apart from eating when you feel hungry... I hope it passes!!
—Guest jaide

Morning sickness, so hard to deal with!

Hi, there. I'm expecting my second child. I'm 12 weeks pregnant, and I just feel terrible. It started almost at the beginning of my pregnancy. It was the same with my first child. But I think this time is a little worse. I do have trouble trying to decide what to eat. Crackers or lemon don't really help. Water is sometimes worse. Hope to feel better soon and hope you do as well. Let's go on.
—Guest mom two be

1st time

I havent been sick til now, I'm 6 weeks along and found that crackers help my nausea down. Though every pregnancy is different so, not even crackers may help you.
—Guest Tia

All day all night!

This is my second pregnancy, the first was 18 years ago but I remember the sickness from week two!! There was not much help back then... No Internet!! This time.. Absolutely fine until week 6 on the day! Absolute queasiness all day until about 8pm then fine for a few wonderful hours. Then waking up in the night! It's awful... Couldn't be sick, until week 7 to the day... But mostly feel queasy all the time. Things I have found to help. Brown toast and a glass of milk before bed. A probiotic yogurt drink in the night by my bed and an apple alpine bar. Ginger beer with out artificial sweetness is amazing! Try and keep your blood sugar level even don't eat things that will spike it or let it drop by not eating. Bananas are good. Brown toast at any time if I feel queasy, the fuller my stomach the less I feel sick. There is a natural sugar which looks like honey which has a low GI which you can use in drinks or on food. Don't get tired!!! Travel sickness bands... Don't take off!!!
—Guest Kitty

What to stop eating?

I'm 2 months. Everything I eat I throw it up. I cry I'm so sick like every day I just want it to go away.
—Guest tierra

Dry Eating

For those of you throwing up right after eating, try what they call "dry eating". Do not drink anything a half hour before or one hour after you eat. It will help you keep the food down, at least most of the time.
—Guest Meg

I HATE being sick!!!

This is my 3rd, 1st was picture perfect textbook, 2nd i was sick the whole 9months. I'm 6 weeks with this one and it's in between so far, Popsicles help and Snapple tea!!
—Guest Libby

All Day Sickness

I'm in my 8th week and this is my first pregnancy. I was okay till week six, that's when I experienced nausea and throwing up. It's so hard to control it, I can't seem to eat anything, I'm losing weight like crazy. But I found that ice cream helps a little but that's about it. My doctor gave me Navidoxine, but it just makes me feel tired and sleepy all the time. I hope things gets better.
—Guest May


I'm six weeks pregnant and I couldn't eat anything. Till a week ago when I found that eating butter squash soup is easy for me to eat and I haven't been vomiting or feel sick since I starts eating it.
—Guest mommy2be

Sour sickness

I found sucking/eating lemons ease the stomach as well as most fruit.
—Guest Lana

Eating toast

I didn't really have nausea with my first unless I was smelling Italian food! Pasta, pizza, I couldn't go near it, I never threw up from it but I felt so so sick from it. it only lasted a few weeks though. I'm now 8 weeks with my second and I haven't really had too much nausea either, I only get it when I first wake up in the morning or if I haven't eaten in a long time. I find eating toast really helps with the nausea, and a cup of tea. I hope you all feel better soon!
—Guest anonymous

Hunger is a big trigger

One thing I have seemed to notice is that I only feel nauseous when I am hungry or havent had anything in my stomach for longer than 4-6 hours. Generally when I am vomit, the nausea subsides briefly but always returns until I put something in my belly. I havent tried many other methods of relief, for I am still rather early in the 1st trimester.
—Guest Kay

Foods that help with morning sickness

When I had morning sickness, I chewed very slow and good, carrots. They help with stomach acid. Also ginger snap cookies, and the B.R.A.T diet, banana, rice, apple sauce, and toast. But don't eat fresh apples, I threw it up and it got stuck in my throat, I got scared.
—Guest Kina

French Fries

I have bad morning sickness all through out the day! Today I decided to try the french frie method and its works! Of course I had to add plenty of ketchup but I feel so much better. Thank you Shazie!
—Guest kiki

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