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Readers Respond: What helped you with morning sickness?

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French Fries

I have bad morning sickness all through out the day! Today I decided to try the french frie method and its works! Of course I had to add plenty of ketchup but I feel so much better. Thank you Shazie!
—Guest kiki


This is my 3rd pregnancy. I didn't throw up during my first pregnancy, but I would pretty much be rendered unconscious if I caught a bad smell. I threw up my entire 2nd pregnancy. The only things that helped through both pregnancies were eating what I craved and sipping on Canada Dry Ginger Ale.
—Guest Mommyof3toB

Learning as I go

So, I happened across the lemon charm! YUM and what a savior. I added a little bit of salt, and ate it slowly. The fragrant, and for some reason just its consistency really works! Try clementines as well. They're sweet, and they look like min tangerines. Popsicles and ice water really helps to settle my stomach too. Good luck you all. I'm going to try maybe some tea of some sort.
—Guest Packing

1st timer

I have been pregnant for 6 weeks now and this is my first pregnancy. I'm 19 and haven't told my parents yet so me and my boyfriend have had to find our own ways around morning sickness. I found a cup of HOT tea with some sugar, milk, and 2 BIG teaspoons of honey in the morning and I'm perfect. I also, no matter what time of the day (6 am if you need it) SOUP! usually veggie and chicken noodle, calm my stomach like never before. I guess my baby likes the warmth.
—Guest Babymomma19

Dried cereal

I am 6 weeks and 6 days with my second, been having nausea since week 3 but wasn't sick till this morning. With my first I had no sickness just nausea- so now it all feels new to me again. I've been on dried cereal and constant sips of water.
—Guest kay17

Ginger and lemon tea

I don't like the taste of ginger, but it's ok in ginger and lemon tea. It really helps settle the sickness.
—Guest Treeny

An Apple a Day...Or More

This is my 3rd pregnancy. My son was easy, but my 3 yr old daughter made me sick all 40wks! Now I am feeling the same as with my daughter... sick all day, every day...and I started eating apples every time I am nauseous... I don't know if its just me but it seems to cure the issue for quite a long time..like 5 hours! So hey I'm sticking with it...nothing fancy just a good ol' Fuji apple from Costco... if it helps someone else that would be nice as I know how miserable constant nausea can be...Good Luck.
—Guest Apples

No cure for nausea

I'm about 6 weeks, this is my second time around. Trying to cope with the m/s all week, so far I haven't thrown up, but i'm not too far from it. Very cold applejuice seems to do the trick for me for a short period, also eating small bites. Though I haven't eaten much since the nausea started. Just wish this feeling would go away sooner than later. My first time around dealing with nausea was horrific. Lets hope this time it won't be as bad.
—Guest Hating nausea


I cannot keep food down at all. My favorite foods make me throw up. The only thing I can eat is ice cream. I drink lots of smoothies with protein powder in them though, they fill me up and make me feel so much less sick.
—Guest blah


This is my 2nd pregnancy. Wow my 1st I could barely set up. Morning sickness lasted about 6mth. This time sickness started be for I knew I was pregnant. Im 6wks now, although I haven't been throwing up, the nausea is a 10...I find drinking cold water when wake up to work. Crackers and peppermints help...NO GREASY FOODS. I try small meals..I lost 15 lbs in 3wks..good luck ladies...get plenty of rest. Sleeping helps..try to get @ least 2 nap if you can....
—Guest Mommy mode

Morning sickness ugh!!

I am 9wks pregnant with my 2nd child an my morning sickness has been horrible! I had it bad the first time an I don't remember being such a big baby like I am this time and it is so much harder when you have a 4yr old to take care of! I have found preggie pop drops an saletine crackers to provide me with some relief but I'm still pretty much sick all day! I hope this goes away soon so that I can enjoy my pregnancy a little more.
—Guest Sasha

Morning Sickness tip

In case some gals are not aware, I recently read that not all Ginger Ale has "ginger" in it, so if you find it isn't helping, that would be why. I'm still drinking it because it's refreshing at times, but no, it doesn't do a darn thing for my MS. I'm still searching for the thing that works for me, but so far, I only feel 10 minutes of relief after eating something, then the nausea's back with full force. It's like being on that whale watch I went on 8 yrs ago and never getting off the boat! ugh! :-\
—Guest GrubbMonkey

7 weeks

This is my 2nd pregnancy and I am feeling nausea from about 3pm-6am. I don't actually throw up I just can't eat ANYTHING, almost like feeling so full you want to throw up but you can't!! I tried sprite, and fruit so far have worked ok for a few hours but that's all! Eeeeek!
—Guest bribri

Oranges + Salt

I am six weeks pregnant and I am experiencing morning sickness through the day until this lady I work with suggested that I take an orange with a pinch of salt to ease the nausea it worked like a charm for it calms my stomach so well and also water with a pinch of salt and sugar...
—Guest Mbali

Preggy pop drops, Or mints

Preggy pop drops are a sour natural candy and whenever you start to feel queasy just slowing eat or suck on one and then nausea goes away, also just a regular peppermint candy helps calm your stomach.
—Guest Stevee

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