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Readers Respond: What helped you with morning sickness?

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Updated March 18, 2009

sick and tired mom

I find that the more tired I am the worse my morning sickness is. If I get a good night sleep and then take a nap it tends to less intense. So a mid-day nap could be helpful.
—Guest Katy

Mint works miracles

So, this is my second pregnancy and I'm about 8 weeks along.... the morning sickness hit hard yesterday while I was at work. With my last, the only thing that worked was Zofran - which I highly recommend. But chewing mint gum or sucking on peppermint candy really helps, too - who would have thought? Mint tea is supposed to be good and I've even heard mint ice cream. Give it a try.
—Guest Nik

Oh lordy with the sickness

So the last two weeks have been hell. If and when i have food/liquid to throw up , I do , but usually it's just dry heaving. Gingerale, saltines, etc were useless to me. My ob suggested peppermints which helped a little. My sister suggested half a unisom at night and zofran. I'm still waiting on the zofran but my doc put me on these great prenatal vitamins that I think are helping too. They have a good amount of b6 and b12, she said it was good for moms sensitive to morning sickness.....ask your ob.
—Guest shocked first time mom

4th pregnancy

This is my 4th and I've had morning sickness with all my kids. It has gotten so bad where I've been put in the hospital. I found that popsicles and gatorade works. Also smelling alcohol pads helped ease the nausea.
—Guest Guest kiki

1st pregancy!

So, I have read a lot of the responses here, and have to agree with all of you... nausea is one hard thing to deal with. I have been nauseous for a week now... think I am going on my 7th week. I have ginger ale next to me... and try not to think about food... and I also do not want to take my prenatal-- makes me cringe just thinking about it. Is that prescribed nausea medicine okay to take for the baby? My sister suggested sea bands... I guess I will try it! I need prayer... this is not fun so far.


This is my 3RD pregnancy, and over the past pregnancy's I've learned a few tricks. For the morning sickness I ate saltine crackers. Now the worst thing is heartburn, there's a few tricks try some milk and I always like to eat something cold like ice cream or anything of that sort. Be careful to stay away from things like grease and sauce. These types of foods most of the time flare you up. Have a Happy Pregnancy!!!
—Guest Momma856


My morning sickness started at 6 weeks and it was awful. I get sick the whole day and couldn't be able to keep any food or fluid. I tried ginger, lemon, crackers non of them helped. I went to see my nurse and she told me to try vitamin B-6 and this time it worked for me. It didn't stop the morning sickness 100 percent but I get to keep food and drink this time. my morning sickness is lowered to only once in a day and some days I am fine. Vitamin B-6 is a Miracle for me because I was so ashamed of going anywhere, my morning sickness used to kick in anytime while driving, shopping or while I am with someone and i used to feel ashamed of running to bathroom or carrying plastic bag in my car.
—Guest mimisho

Morning sickness

This is my 4th and I am 8 weeks. From past experience B6 helps, saltines, ginger candies and getting up sllllloooowly...
—Guest happymama

Ugh, it's waful

This is my 2nd pregnancy and I am nauseous 24/7 as I was with my first. I can't keep any food down and the mere mention of any type of food makes me gag. I am 7 weeks along and the vomiting kicked in this week. The nausea kicked in around week 5. This has been almost the same as my first pregnancy. The only thing that really helped me then was Zofran. It is a great medication that I got from my doc. It is expensive but I am lucky to have really good insurance. I may have to ask for it again. Some other things that help slightly are carbonated drinks, cold foods and salty foods. Otherwise I just can't wait for this part to end!
—Guest JFD


7 weeks pregnant with our second. I never experienced morning sickness with my first, but feel like I am getting it double this time around. For the last 4 days it has been constant. A friend of mine suggested peppermints (life savers wintergreen mints) and another suggested the nectar from canned peaches... began trying both yesterday and seems to be working! Good luck ladies...its all worth it in the end!
—Guest Abby

When will it stop!

I am 6 weeks pregnant and boy did the nausea kick in last week. Every morning I wake up not wanting to get out of bed because my head spins so much when I stand up. I especially hate sitting in the car because I get motion sickness straight away. Whenever I feel its time to eat everything sounds gross and I basically have to force feed myself. That always makes the nausea go away for a little while but then it comes back 30 minutes later.
—Guest britt

helpful food

Cheez-It's and Pringles help a little, it feels good to eat cantalope, and what helps me the most is Kombucha's, they instantly make me feel wayy better and it last about 8-10 hours plus they're just amazing drinks anyway. Good luck everyone!
—Guest victoria

morning sickness cure ( for me )

I'm 5 weeks pregnant with my third baby. With both of my sons I was sick until I delivered & my morning sickness has just kicked in. The ONLY thing that helped me was Zofran. It's prescription. So you have to talk to your doctor, but I swear it's a miracle pill!
—Guest leashea


Eat gingersnaps or ginger cookies in bed before you even sit up. Snack on the same before you start feeling hungry and anytime the queasies come back. Drink Ginger-ale with real ginger in it (Canada Dry). Nothing helped me like ginger!
—Guest bereaness

Sick in the afternoon

My husband has me drink chicken broth, then a cup of hot tea and we found out that is works for me and also cheerios are working... I'm 4 weeks and 5 days.
—Guest firsttimemommy

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