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Readers Respond: What was your first sign of miscarriage?

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Updated September 20, 2010

From the article: Why is my hCG falling?
Many women will experience a miscarriage in their reproductive life. And nearly every pregnant woman is frightened that she is having a miscarriage. For those of you who have suffered through a miscarriage, what was the first sign you had of miscarriage? Bleeding? Cramping? Any of the standard pregnancy warning signs? Did you lose your pregnancy symptoms? Or perhaps you were taken by surprise?

First Sign of My Miscarriage

We were trying to conceive for a second time, and it happened almost immediately. Had it confirmed at the doctor's and then started bleeding at exactly eight weeks. Went to the ER the following day and had already started dilating. It was too late. About three months later I became pregnant again, and was afraid it would happen again. Again at eight weeks I started bleeding, and went to my doctor the same day. They ran tests, but my doctor prescribed me medication on a hunch. The bleeding stopped and everything was fine, unless I forgot to take the medication. The tests came back, I had low progesterone levels, which was causing me to bleed. Now I have my 4 year old daughter and she's perfect!
—Guest Anige

Miscarriage 15 weeks

I had a dull ache in my lower abdomen and small amount of brown spotting. I was seeing my doctor the following morning so I wasn't too concerned. During the night the brien blood started to turn to sometimes red but it wasn't too much. The cramps however Became unbearable and I ended up in the ER. The used a speculum and said my cervix was closed and I was relieved. The pain was getting worse. After more speculum intrusion they dud a transvaginal scan and there I saw my little baby but no heartbeat. 3 hours later I went to the toilet and I passed my little baby about the size of a lemon. A wonderful nurse was present and caught it for me. So traumatic and something I will never ever forget for the rest of my life. R.I.P. My little angel xx
—Guest Judyg

No more heart beat..9 weeks

I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks. I started hearing the heart beat around 6 week. Heart beat has been at 90 for 3 weeks, by nine weeks there was no heart beat. Waiting for a miscarriage is a hard thing. No signs yet and I'm 10 weeks.
—Guest lisa

Broken hearted);

I was two weeks late on my period and so excited thinking I was pregnant only me and my bf knew, I was gunna take a test today and tell my parents but woke up to a lot of blood and really bad pains n my lower back and bad cramps but I still don't know if it's just my period or a miscarriage and my boyfriend could care. I don't know what to do.
—Guest Me

Miscarried at 11w, a repeat??

Last year, a hpt came out positive. I an US to confirm. I was 9w, but fetus measured 7w. They said the heartbeat was good and strong, not to worry. Two weeks later, I passed my plug and knew something was wrong. Went to the ER and another US confirmed lack of hb, fetus stopped growing/died at 9w. I'm now 10w1d and scared. A recent US at 9w4d showed a good heartbeat but fetus measured at 8w2d! Also, been having mild crampy feeling. Breasts are still tender, though..
—Guest hellsphreak

No Symptoms

I miscarried around 8 weeks, right after my first visit. I didn't find out until 12 weeks and I had no symptoms whatsoever. I knew something was wrong when they found no heartbeat, and the ultrasound tech walked out of the room...

worried mom

Guys help me m confused. M 26 n dis is my first pregnancy. M 9 weeks along now. I have bEen experiencing period like cramping for about 8 weeks which can last da whole day even n ppl say dats normal. Last night I had severe cramps I thot I was dying bt no blood have notice my discharge is like da day after I finish my period or before I start. Brownish n slightly brownish pinkish. I went for a scan a few days ago I saw da baby bt wat worried me is dat I been reading a lot on miscarriages n most women say at 6 weeks they could see or hear a heartbeat. My doctor was not very patient with me. N I didn't know waht questions to ask. I told him bwt da cramping he gave ma pain killers n said I should come back before 13 weeks if I wanted to have an abortion. Am I having a missed miscarriage. Is this really normal. Even my breasts have gone back to their original size, thez no more pain. Sometimes da pain shoots right into my left leg down to the toes n my left arm to the fingers! Help guys.
—Guest Zoe

i am awaiting miscarriage

Eighteen days ago my boyfriend and I were having issues and he moved back home 3000 miles across the country. Last night my back was hurting and had been feeling sick but thought it was stress. I stood up lastnight and felt a gush of blood. Once in the bathroom I realize I am bleeding heavily. I am 37 and have never had a heavy period or bled longer than two days. I make it thru a restless night hoping for the best. Make a doc appoint next morning. Doc does some blood work and a pelvic exam.....leaves me in the room alone for some time to walk in and tell me that I am miscarrying. My baby was probably 5-6 weeks and could have happened from a number of things. Stress being the top factor. I thought it was my age yet he said no. We discussed a few things and decided to let nature do its course and expel the "baby" in time. He said this could take a couple days. I have to go back Tuesday......I am scared, alone and heartbroken!!
—Guest lost and alone

Baby lost at 10 weeks

I knew I was pregnant at a few weeks, and was expecting long enough for about 7-8 weeks to get excited and used to the idea. One night I had very light spotting, yet very bad cramps. I had a dr apt set for the next afternoon so I didn't think much of it. Woke up and throughout my morning I started bleeding very heavy, but had no cramps yet. At the doctors office I started having the most intense pain I've ever felt, cramps, extreme bleeding... had to go to the bathroom really quickly and #2 passed out on the toiled and had woken up with paramedic around me with a 107 fever. I was covered in sweat and scared to death, only 20 years old and my bf had left. My best friend was with me, waiting in the waiting room. He heard me screaming in pain and ran in the back. I was taken to the hospital through paramedics and was told my baby had passed through the cervix and was already closed. He removed the mass easily, waited for testing and my doctor told me my hCG levels were extremely low.
—Guest almost mommy

13 week think I'm miscarrying

Found out I was pregnant very early on. I'm about 13 weeks, my back pains started about a week and a half ago. its a dull low back pain. A few nights ago I woke up with cramps and nausea. But was able to go back to sleep after a couple of hours. Through the weekend my back pains were off and on with what looked like pink mucus spotting. I had my first check up and the doctor told me baby's heartbeat was a bit slow but not be alarmed. well this morning I woke up and my spotting is a bright red. my back pains are constant. I have a dull constant pain in my pelvic area. I'm scared that I am going thru a miscarriage as I type this. Alone right now.. the emergency room isn't a place I want to be.
—Guest Liana

No Idea

I was 9 weeks pregnant and had a little spotting which didn't worry me as I have spotted with previous pregnancies. My dr sent me for an u/s just to make sure nothing was wrong, then discovered there was no heart beat and bubs had died at 5 wks 6 days gestation. =(
—Guest ned

Drop in HCG hormone at 7 weeks

I had recently taken an at home pregnancy test that revealed a positive pregnancy. I had experienced a miscarriage about 8 or so months ago at about 12 weeks. Feeling concerned due to the last miscarriage I had decided to go to the ER to get a more positive test. I had told them that I was cramping (not true, but I wanted the tests...) They immediately ordered an ultrasound for the next day whereas it showed a 7 week 3 day fetus with a healthy heartbeat. The following day my doctor sent me for extra blood work to determine if my HCG levels had doubled (which is normal) or have dropped. My original blood test results showed my HCG at around 47,000. My blood results taken 48 hrs later showed my HCG levels to be around 43,000. The doctor told me that having another ultrasound to determine that the baby's heart had stopped beating would be irrelevant. I was sent home and told to await an upcoming miscarriage. I am now three days into "waiting" and have no symptoms of cramping or bleeding.
—Guest JMomma

I saw the baby

I had my first misscarrage about eight years ago. I was having what I thought was my period. My cramps were very painful and I was bleeding heavy with a lot of clotting. I took a lot of Medacine for the cramps but nothing helped. The pain was almost unbearable. I was all alone as my boyfriend at the time was off doing god knows what. I lay there having these horridly painfully cramps or I suppose they were contractions. Then I passed a round bloob that was about three or four inches and all my pain stopped immediately. I took a pen that was nearby and poked open the sack thing. Inside was a very small white baby. Not moving or anything. It had all of its limbs and tiney fingers and toes. :( and I could see its facial features. I was kind of young and had no clue I was pregnant. RIP little baby, I'm so very sorry.
—Guest Sad

Late trimester miscarriage

Our first sign came at 12 weeks 1 day (3 days after our first prenatal visit). The doctor checked me out and couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler; which he said is normal and that we'd hear it for sure at the 16 week appointment. We went home thinking everything was fine. 3 days later I saw streaking of blood when I went to the bathroom. I wasn't worried since it happened before and bleeding stopped. The next day it got worse but still no cramping or clotting so I wasn't too worried, but went to ER just to be safe. Results said HCG was extremely low and there was no heartbeat. My baby stopped developing at 6 weeks and it took 6 weeks for my body to finally miscarry. Now I am cramping and have lots of clotting but I am doing it the way nature intended...just in case they're wrong and this way I will have absolutely no doubts in my mind.
—Guest Jess

Miscarriage at 8 weeks

Went for an USS & the lady told me the sac hd an irregular shape. The gyn confirmed it & told me to wait and c wat hapns. I hd pinkish spottin bt wsn't worried bcoz the gyn said its common in early preg as long as its not heavy. An hour later started feelin severe cramps bt refused to go to the ER. Then a gush of blood came out which felt lyk water. Next mornin whilst bathin saw a greyish string hangin out from my vagina. A lil push & pull & it came out, grey and coverd in blood clots. Continued bleedin and went back to my gyn. He said i hd 2 hv an evacuation asap. Went 2 the hosp & he cleaned me out whilst i ws passed out. Woke up 30 mins later & released 3 hrs later. Bled heavily 4 three weaks wth occasional pain. Nw, a year later, pregnant again @ 8 wks bt woke up wth severe cramping & contractions 4 almost 3 hrs nonstop- no bleeding. Cld it be another miscarriage pending?
—Guest Rue

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