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Readers Respond: What was your first sign of miscarriage?

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Updated September 20, 2010

From the article: Why is my hCG falling?
Many women will experience a miscarriage in their reproductive life. And nearly every pregnant woman is frightened that she is having a miscarriage. For those of you who have suffered through a miscarriage, what was the first sign you had of miscarriage? Bleeding? Cramping? Any of the standard pregnancy warning signs? Did you lose your pregnancy symptoms? Or perhaps you were taken by surprise? Share Your Experience

what is going to happen??

Well I have no idea if I'm actually going to have a miscarriage but the doctor just kept giving me bad new.Well at first of all I went to the er because I was having a burning sensation on my left shoulder which one of the nurses said that it maybe hurting because the baby can be forming in your fallopian tube on the left side which freaked me out a oh and I'm only two weeks pregnant and well I have been feeling cramps for the past few day which I thought well my period is coming but no I haven't had vaginal bleeding but just cramping and they are getting worse but yea the doctor thinks I'm in a high risk of a miscarriage or the baby not forming where it is supposed to be forming:(
—Guest brenda


In June of 2013 I just knew something wasn't right. I was 13 weeks and I felt something rupture. I just knew it was my water.. When I went to the er it was later confirmed. I am about 7 weeks along now and worried as I just went #2 and wiped brown discharge. I still have the pregnant symptoms but I am worried of miscarrying...
—Guest Jd

that morning

I woke up well jumped up out my sleep in pain and bleeding I mean blood running like water down my legs nd my lower stomach ache lower back was killing me but I didn't go to the doctor
—Guest scared


I ve jst found out i was 4wks preganant me n my boyfriend were over da moon few days later went to wrk after a morning routine went to da loo only to find brown dots on my pant and i had a lower abdominal pain da following day i had more of brown discharge went straight to da DR took preg test positive bt faint T line went for blood test was positive went for an altra sound all was thr were clots and i was devastated heartbroken and misrieble hope to get pregnant soon
—Guest Saddy

Miscarried at 9 weeks, 3 days

I started having crampa and very light spotting early on in the day. It worried me, but someone assured me that it was normal, so I left it be. It became unbearable around 8 and excruciating by 12 am, do we rushed to emerg where I actually passed what I felt was the baby. Sadly enough the doctor confirmed it after an exam and I've been passing clots since 2 days before New Year's :(
—Guest Ange


Hi I'm 6 weeks pregnant .I had pinkish discharge since yesterday,today its a bit more also some dull back pain is this the sign that I'm about to have a miscarraige
—Guest morina

Miscarriage or just worried?

Hi, I'm 15 and I've been on the POP pill for a month or so now. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 2 days after starting the course and later found out I should have left it a week. I've had no appetite for days, feeling sick and nauseas, headaches are worse, brown spotting then painful bright red period. I also passed a small greyish blob with red in it about a day or two after my period started. I've been feeling broody recently and reading this has made me cry. I'm scared.....
—Guest Nonny

Could I have been pregnant?

Hey everyone, I missed my period 3days ago but I taken a test it showed extremely faint positive sign. So I was happy I was pregnant that night O started spotting pinkish brown. I tested the nexy day test was negative, now im cramping and having back aches blood has turned red. Is this a Chemical Pregnancy?
—Guest Tanee'

Signs of Miscarriage

I was 6 weeks and 3 days. The day before I had lots of heavy discharge. My mother said that was normal especially since I wasn't in pain or uncomfortable. I went to sleep that evening with no issues but when I woke up I had seriously heavy bleeding. As the day progressed the bleeding got heavier and I had the worst cramps of my life for about 3-4 days. On the 2nd day of heavy bleeding I saw clots and assumed I likely passed the baby and/sac. An ultrasound and exam by my doc confirmed that fact. I did not require a D&C because my body did all the work and emptied. I'm still emotionally trying to deal with that reality it was the most painful (physically and emotionally) thing I ever experienced.
—Guest Still Grieving

Confused and grieving

Yesterday, I was about twelve weeks, and went in for my second appointment at a new doctor's office (I had seen someone else for my fist appointment). At the new office, it is protocol to do an ultrasound to date the pregnancy. My husband and I were looking forward to the ultrasound to see the baby for the first time. But when the tech began the scan, she immediately asked if I had any spotting. I had no symptoms, only low back pain. She said there was no heartbeat and that the embryo looked to be 8 weeks, not 12. She got my doctor who then told us that I had a miscarriage and would need to consider the options for passing the tissue. I am still reeling from the news, and can't help wondering if there was adequate evidence that I have miscarried because there was no other ultrasound ordered, no pelvic exam done, and no blood test done. Rather than being able to talk to my doctor now about concerns of a misdiagnosis, I have to wait all weekend, worrying, wondering, and totally confused.
—Guest Lisa

dark brown blood

first day was some dark brown blood on panties, second day red blood mixed in and a couple of hours later a LOT of red blood with brown clots and heavy cramping. Went to the ER on the third day and they confirmed miscarriage.
—Guest Bubbles


I blead on and off through out my pregnacy according to my last period I was 7 weeks but my sonogram was putting me at just making 6 weeks I had several sonogram appointments because they were having a hard time seeing the sac I went to the doctor on Friday they said everything looked ok I had a miscarriage Sunday night but a week before the miscarriage I didn't seem pregnant anymore I no longer got pregnacy systems no morning sickness or anything but I didn't pay attention to thoes signs I just thought every pregnacy was different but for some reason I knew this pregnacy was not going to survive I dnt know why I just felt it.I don't understand my hcg levels ketp going up then out of no where a miscarriage
—Guest shakinna Johnson

First Sign of Miscarriage

I had a feeling, I guess a gut feeling that something was not right. I wasn't spotting at the time when I had that feeling so hubby said I was probably just worried over nothing (I was 8.5 weeks or so) so I pushed the feeling off until about 10 weeks then went to er after a gush of blood. They told me everything was fine and my levels were fine. I had a doc app that following week were I found out I lost the baby at 8 weeks. My mom always said she knew when something was wrong with one of her children "a mother's intuition" I didn't believe her until now.
—Guest Dbrasuell

didnt know i was loosing my baby

When i found out i was pregnant i was happy that hadto end soon my breast were sore i drank water like crazy coz i tot i was going on my periods on my way home i got tired i had a huge pain on my left side of my stomuch like crazy but i was loosing my baby and i didn't know so found out i lost it when i went to the doctor coz i got couldn't feel my baby's heartbeat
—Guest wendy

period or misscarriage

Ive been stressing abt this for 4 weeks , idk if am preg or not am scared to go check ... But i havent gotten my period for a month and my bf nd i are anxious to find out but lately ive been cramping si much like a period feeling but my boobs nd all those preg symptoms are kiking in , idk if it might be a miscarriage bc i have never had this paun before and i get bad period cramps but this is wierd ... Help :(
—Guest mayrita

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