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Readers Respond: What was your first sign of miscarriage?

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Updated September 20, 2010

Feel low

On feb 15th did a test did three in fact all positive then 19th feb started bleeding today went to the early clinic they didnt do a scan because the test they did was negative passed a big clot this morning and had a dull tummy pain all day now my left side hurts what annoyed me is they didnt even examine me just gave me a leaflet on miscarriage and sent me on my way I feel so wiped out empty and low I just want it to stop and be over when will this get better x
—Guest just me


I recently had a miscarriage abit before christmas with baby 22 weeks of age. It has struck me harder than I ever imagined and happened to be my fourth child. My eldest is about to turn 21. I went to the hospital believing I was having a miscarriage only to be sent home again. Ultimately I had him that night and all were asleep in the house. I waited for the afterbirth to arrive before deciding to be driven to hospital with my mattress wrecked through bodily fluids. Disappointed with the Doctor attending but amazed at the midwife staff that couldn't do enough cleaning and dressing my baby for his future dreaming land........
—Guest Fiona Johnson

what is going on

i have alredy have had five miscarriages already in i am now six weeks in pain off and on no blood. it has always been both before whatshould i do? what should i think? i dont know if i can take another one??
—Guest five miscarriages

ouch this bites

I went in to the er on Thursday waited for three hours. ultrasound showed low baby heart rate at 53 when it should be well into the 100's for 5weeks 6days. started bleeding Friday, called dr to ask what is a miscarriage like? what to expect? she wouldn't give me any details. at all. said take Tylenol. go home wait it out! what the hell response is that?! today is sunday. massive contraction like cramps every 3 to 10 mins, red blood when peeing. Im heartbroken and all of my pregnancy signs are fading. sensitive smell, tender breasts, mouth watering when food is present. I decided I would make a nest with all the things I need close at hand to help me through this experience sence my doctor and nurses don't seem to want to help me with this. boyfriend has been amazing though all of this holding my hand, getting me water and food, running to get thicker pads for me. im so up and down with my emotions its unreal feeling. may we all get through this with dignity and love.
—Guest not alright

miscarriage at 5 weeks

I found out I was pregnant at 4wks, I kept getting pains like I was going to come on a period then had some light spotting. I went for a scan last wed and everything was fine but by fri I was bleeding heavier and had bad pains the doctor looked at my cervix which was closed so we still thought I was pregnant, I had another scan an hour later and there was nothing there I had completly miscarried since then I have had sore breasts, have gone of food and have mild stomach cramps, if I didn't have the scan I would swear I'm still pregnant?
—Guest ellie

One month suprise!

It was midnight new years day my pain started i thought it was my period coming hard since i missed last month. Tried to deal with it but by the next evening it was unbearable went to er n was told ur pregnant. I wanted to be happy but i knew there was a catch n sure enough without any empathy doc says u had a spontaneous abortion. I hated the way he said that he said its wat they call a miscarriage. After shock n grief i knew i was blessed for God picking me my body my being to be part of that beautiful soul for the short time he/she existed. I know i will see my baby n i cant wait till we get to meet but until then who better to look after my baby then Jesus Christ himself. Never will i be angry forever i will be thankfull.
—Guest Melissa

5 weeks

Unfortunately, it looks like my little one has passed as well. I'm 5 weeks 2 days. I tested positive a week ago and have so been enjoying the week since. Tested again this morning (since we had planned to tell in laws tomorrow) and positive line was fainter. I was a little freaked out but figured it was the test and not me. Well had cramping in the morning and now bright bleeding. Nothing too painful or super heavy but I also notice my really sensitive smelling is gone and other symptoms are less. Very sad obviously but know that if it is in fact a miscarriage (which I'm 99% sure it is) I still have a lot to be thankful for - that I can get pregnant pretty easily, the MC happened early, so far not in pain, etc. My pelvis also ached and I felt just off.
—Guest sadj

at 10wks de sac measured 5wks 6days!

I started spotting Tues light pink/brown discharge, by Thursday it ws dark red/brown, by Fridays i saw small clots on toilet paper! So Saturday me & my fiance we went 2 de Dr, i conceived 07/10/2012 i know dis 4 a fact as we ddnt use protection dat 1 day! I should have been jst over 10wks preg bt de sac measured @ 5wks 6days, no heartbeat! Dr ordered blood tests 2 check my hormone levels same day! Later dat day i started cramping very badly & blood was more on de panty liner but not soaking it or anything like dat, i had clots on de TP whn i wipe & i had one huge clot come out, it was flat & thin, jelly-like about de size of an infant's palm! I'm due 4 a second blood test 2day 2 check if dey r doubling or what & will get de results 2moro frm my Dr! I dnt knw if i miscarried or not & i'm so worried, i have a bit of hope as i have not passed a sac yet & i havnt seen any greyish tissue or anything like dat, jst clots! Am i holding on 2 false hope here or could my baby still be there???

13 weeks

I was 13 weeks and went for a scan at 2pm and my lovely baby was waving and wriggling around, by 9pm the same day I was in er bleeding heavily and started having contractions. I miscarried at 2am the next morning. Totally heartbroken
—Guest carrie

missed miscarriage

I went for a scan and was told I was 8 weeks 6 days, then I went for my dating scan I should have been 10 weeks 6 days by my scan showed the baby was 9 weeks 1 day and no heartbeat, they said I'd missed miscarried its been 3 weeks now I decided to let the baby pass naturally, but my doctor keeps ringing me to get my miscarriage started with tablets but I said I don't want to until I get a second scan to put my mind at rest but they say its not there policy, am so confused I don't want to start my miscarriage off with out a scan and always wonder what if my baby was alive help!! Can I dempand a second scan? And the docs have never took my hcg levels :/ x
—Guest sharn


I have beautiful six year old daughter that i had no complications with other than emergency c-section due to her being breech. In April 2012 found out i was pregnant very excited!! I had mild cramping the entire time and at 6 weeks went to er for light bleeding. They did NOTHING, didn't even check my levels said everything was normal. Went for my 10 week check up with u/s and there was no heartbeat. I had a DnC three days later. Went on birth control pills for 2 months and then started trying missed my period in Nov took pregnancy test and its positive!!! i am scared to death i have been having mild cramps again and scared i am going to lose this baby. After the last mc i didn't eat for days and was seriously depressed don't think i can handle the pain again. Is mild cramping really normal? I didn't cramp at all with my first healthy full term pregnancy. The doctors seem to dismiss my concerns completely but it feels like something is off? Anyone do this?
—Guest Sorrow

13 weeks found the baby died at 7weeks

1 was 13 weeks when my miscarriage occured over a 4 day period starting with brown discharge on the fri, pink by the sat and small bits of blood in the toilet, by early sun morning it was red along with light cramps later that night,which followed a small clot at 5am mon morning, i went to early pregnancy unit and was scanned mon moring(my u/s scan was for the coming thurs)& was told the baby died at 7weeks!! i was devastated. i decided to continue with natural process of the miscarriage and had light pains for the rest of the day, which by night ime became excrutiating, where i was on the floor of the bathroom, light headed and couldnt move with the pain, i passed the baby a few hours later, which for me was the hardest bit if the whole trauma as i was expecting it to come out in clots instead i saw the sack and vague features not a nice experience to go through at all!i live in hope that i have a succesful pregnancy next time.
—Guest Linda

I'm confused

I was 2 weeks late for my period today, and was about to do a pregnancy test with my boyfriend. But suddenly I started wirh severe cramps and started bleeding and have been in pain most of the night. I'm confused and scared as I don't know if it was a miscarrage or just my period coming with a vengence...
—Guest Me

9 weeks no heartbeat

I had a scan at 6 weeks everything was fine, heartbeat and everything. Had no pains not concernd, had a little bit of brown blood U wouldn't even of noticed but as im a worrier I booked in for a scan thinking I was being over the top. I should of been 9 weeks today, baby only measured at 7w 6days no heartbeat found. I was foolish to think everything was ok.. Now having to wait for my miscarrige :(
—Guest jodie

my baby girl

iwas 4 1/2 months pregnant when ilost my baby girl. ihad really bad cramps so iwent to the restroom & sat there a bubble came out & popped so iwent to the er. they did an ultrasound said my baby was fine next day same pain. iwent to the bathroom & there you go my baby was there in a puddle of blood. my bf at the time called me a crazy b***h & beat me. a year later igave birth to a healthy baby boy left his dad & now 7 weeks pregnant with my current bf ilove dearly. RIP to my baby girl Aliza Marie.
—Guest Amanda

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