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Readers Respond: What was your first sign of miscarriage?

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Updated September 20, 2010

scared of what could happen

am 13 weeks and 6 days pregnant I have had 3 misscariges in the past I have had a scan every 2 weeks untill I was 11. Weeks 3 days and I haven't had a scan since my belly has been sore and I have had a lot of back pian no bleeding thank god could my baby be fine?
—Guest melissa

18 and Scared

I'm not sure what's going on but my left side of my ribs feel like they are broken.. I got my period Sept 15th and it was heavy and I couldn't laugh, cough, or take deep breaths. Five days later and I'm bleeding heavily again and my rib pain never stopped since and I'm scared shitless bc I haven't talked to the guy I last had unprotected sex with in 3 weeks. Nor have I slept with anyone since... I'm suppose to be going to the doctors Friday but I'm in so much pain I think I have to go to the ER ): ugh Help?
—Guest Meg


I have to wait till my next date/appointment from my doctor,but I tested positive at five weeks. I was kinda scared but excited,but then at the beginning of the sixth week near the time my period comes I started getting cramps. Didn't think much of it since I heard its the uterus stretching. Then I worried when I saw brown spotting by the second day. Third day I started bleeding and getting period cramps so it threw me off. Told my doctors they said I was ok. Fourth day I needed a pad I was bleeding light to then heavy back and forth. By the sixth day I felt like I had to go number two and noticed I kept going to the bathroom feeling like I needed to push. Cramps came at different interval times,and then while I was cleaning home alone the pain got so intense I had to deep breath and felt back pain,abdominal pain,and horrible cramps or contractions I wouldn't know it would be my first pregnancy. Went to the bathroom and looked in the toilet when I thought it'd never end and noticed the
—Guest ana

Early mc/ chemical pg

I had a positive hpt 2 days after my missed period (day 33- a Wednesday). Two days later (day 35- Friday) I had dark brown spotting at bedtime (I still had engorged sore tender bbs). The following day (Saturday- day 36) I started to have a lot of dark brown heaving spotting though not enough to fill a pad/tampon. I took my last hpt and it was negative. Sunday (day 36) I officially started my period followed by loss of all pg symptoms.
—Guest Apple

I don't know. help!

I had sex for the first time a few weeks ago and we used a condom and he pulled out so I thought I was fine. I started using birth control a few days later. A few days into it I started having cramping. The cramping got worse throughout the 3 weeks so I thought I was getting my period. Today I was having severe cramps and I finally got what i thought was my period (a week late) and i didn't bleed much but on my tampon when i pulled it out was a huge what looked like some sort of flesh with little bumps on it. My cramps are gone now so I am wondering if I had a miscarriage at about 3 weeks. help!
—Guest anonymous86

Heart Broken

After two years of trying we found out we were pregnant at 3.5 weeks. We heard the heartbeat during a vaginal ultrasound at 6 weeks. We had a nice strong heartbeat and were so excited. At 7.5 weeks on a Tuesday I had a tiny bit of red blood. I called the doctor, they said as long as no pain I was fine. I spotted a little red blood on Thursday, then all day Friday. Friday night around midnight I passes a blood clot then around 3am I passed the sac with the baby I'm it. Still hadn't had any pain. I started cramping afterwards and cramped horribly for 2 days. Saturday night wa the worst pain I ever experienced, but I wanted to have a natural M/c. I'm O- so I had to have a rhogam shot afterwards on Monday morning. So sorry to anyone who ever experienced this, it's absolutely devastating.
—Guest Alisha

miscarried at 8 weeks 2011

I had a miscarriage at around 7-8 weeks .. I had just had my daughter 6 months before the 2nd pregnancy , I started experiancing solid cramps just thinking it was nor as I had all this with my daughter and some light spotting and about a week or 2 later I started spotting oviously not thinking anything about it I thought it was implantation but no it was the beginning of a miscarriage , and then the next day my baby came away , I didn't see it much as I was scared and couldn't keep still it landed into a sanitry towel I have never been so frightened. And shocked I couldn't cry because it was that sense of loss .. But I still had my daughter to keep me goinga miscarriage is no ones fault its one of these things never feel like its your fault , there's all help and info from your doctor about miscarriages and how to cope with them .. Sorry to hear about everyones losses and I hope you all have children in the future :) xx
—Guest char

we knew we were having a boy

I had been bleeding for almost a whole month I had mirena so I thought it was normal. During the last week of august I had a gush of blood run down my leg followed by severe abdominal pain I could barely walk. Next day I experienced the same pain this time I had clotting that filled the toilet I was also bleeding through my tampons so I scheduled a doctor's appointment. Went in at 9 for an examination and blood work found out I was pregnant at 1 two days later went in for more blood work and found out I'm having a miscarriage.. now they are trying to figure out if it's ectopic.. I was so excited because my daughter wanted a brother or little sister now we are sad and confused. Pray this ends soon and I never have to deal with this again
—Guest Sad Confused


20 years old, college junior. Didn't expect to get pregnant. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year now and we've always had standard "safe sex" until recently. Three weeks after our first round of unprotected sex I found out I was pregnant. Went in for an ultrasound at 6 weeks, and discovered yet another little surprise- twins! Little did I suspect that my happiness was soon to be terminated by certain natural causes. 7 weeks pregnant, I started to feel a really dull pain in the uterus and noticed slight pinkish fluid and then hints of brown spotting. I waited a few more hours, hoping that time wouldn't confirm my fears. Made a huge mistake by doing so. Those few hours could've been the difference between life and death of our children. That evening, the spotting had turned into profuse bleeding. My boyfriend and I rushed to the er, and there awaited me a confirmed miscarriage. The most devastating news I have ever received..
—Guest Holly


i am six weeks pregant and fountout friday that i had a miscarriage had no bleeding but had pain that felt like i had gas ...... when i found out i cryed .... the ob office wants me to come and and see the doctor dose any one know what they might do?
—Guest Mary

Knew something wasn't right

My husband and I were so excited when we found out I was pregnant. I went to my first app. at 6 weeks and the heartrate was low ( 106) but the tech said not to stress. In between my next app. I had cramps w/o bleeding and just a general bad feeling about the pregnancy. At 8 week app they found no hb and I had a d&c. Found out I was pregant again a month later, and I'm now 18 weeks but still nervous until the next scan!
—Guest Joey

Am I having a miscarriage

I just found out 5 days ago I was pregnant, I'm probably around 4-5 weeks. I have been crampy since I found out, only all day yesturday I had bad cramping in my lower abdomin, bad lower back pain, pressure in the rectal area. Every once and a while when I move I get a sharp pain up my left side. I woke up today, and the pain is still there. The pain has been constant and got worse as the day went on and all I did was stay in bed all day. Is this a sign of miscarriage. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I never experienced anything like this with my other 2 except for when I was in labor, especially with the pressure in the rectal area. I had the urge to push.
—Guest Kristen Dougherty

Not sure

Im 6 week pregs and woke up two days ago with blood trickling from me i ran to toilet and more came out in the toilet, after this ive only had a little bit of pink when i wipe after a wee. Hospital sent me home and said do a test at the end of the week and see if its still possitive cant scan me till im 8 weeks! I still have preg symptoms sickness etc. but im so down at the minuite i dont know what to do i dont want to leave the house
—Guest Me


ive been on the pill for 2 years now and i got my period last month and im on the pill for this month i then started to get cramping and sharp pains along with bleeding and clots.. im on the pill and im bleeding with clots??? please help.. felling tired and stressed.. :(
—Guest riccixx

true heart break

I was 8 weeks pregnant when I was just laying in bed watching TV with my boyfriend when I started getting really bad cramps and bleeding it felt like I couldn't even move because every time I did I would get sharp pains in my stomach like someone was sawing me in half I went to the doctor the next day and he did an ultrasound my baby had no heartbeat I was heart broken I started balling my eyes out and soon my boyfriend began to cry to we still miss you amethyst
—Guest amethyst baby1

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