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Readers Respond: What was your first sign of miscarriage?

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Updated September 20, 2010

Dark Red spotting

I saw a pink object in the toilet that was the size of a jelly bean and it was pink. I didn't know what it was so I was frightened at what I saw. Friday a few days later I passed something that was out of the ordinary I wasn't sure what it was, but it was bigger than the little "bean" in the toilet. I am heartbroken and want to cry. I mourn this today and every day. I should have called for a doctor that day I should have gone to the doctor yesterday. I didn't and I am regretting it now. I hope that someday I can forgive myself for this happening.

Never had positive test. I just knew.

Started with low back pain & cramping then spotting & torrents of bright red blood, then felt like my cervix dilated, & passed larger clots than usual...
—Guest Brokenhearted

miscarriage last year

I found out I was pregnant but was only 2 weeks 2 weeks later started spotting that night had severe cramps and heavy bleeding the doctor sent me in for blood work and I did indeed miscarry now a year later I'm 14 weeks pregnant and fear everyday I'm going to again :( crossing fingers praying everyday and hoping wish all of you the best!
—Guest scared

Early loss

We'd been trying for 4 months. I took a test the day my period was due and one the following morning. Both were faintly positive. Later that day I started bleeding heavily (bright red) and that night I had really bad cramps and lots of large clots. An hcg test ordered by my dr confirmed the miscarriage. It was devastating and there were lots of tears. The symptoms of pregnancy immediately ceased. 8 months later we have another positive test on the day of my period, and the following day I woke to dark spotting. So far it's just light spotting and my symptoms remain. The dr has ordered tests to determine if my hcg levels are rising and an ultra sound in a couple weeks if the levels are ok. We are hoping for the best. It's such a roller-coaster!
—Guest Lynn

Missed Miscarriage

When I was 6 weeks I lost my appetite, couldn't eat anything, then I started to have lower abdominal pains. I was very weak. After 2 weeks I felt better. At 14 weeks I went to an ultrasound & boom no baby. I lost it at 7 weeks. I wasn't even bleeding.
—Guest Anonymous

Lost Baby

I had a miscarriage last Sunday and I'm so down about it, just feel like crying all the time. I didn't know I was pregnant and was only 3 weeks, I started 2 weeks ago with a what I thought was a very bad period but realized after 4 days when it didn't stop there must be something wrong because for the last 10 years Ive not had a period last longer or be heavy. I then started with horrendous cramps, feeling sick and dizzy, swollen, sore boobs and I felt like my womb was being ripped out. Then on Sunday I was bent over double, managed to get to the toilet and away came a big blood clot and a jelly substance, I caught it in a tissue and there was a string of tiny red circles all joined together in amongst the jelly. I burst into tears knowing that I'd not seen anything like that before during a normal period. The cramping continued and I bled heavy the rest of the afternoon, I'm still bleeding now. Trying to come to terms. Hugs to those going through the same emotions!!!
—Guest Bex

I didn't know what it was!

My husband and I found out that I was pregnant. I was 8 weeks along and we were beyond excited. We were so excited that we started thinking of names, and our birth plan. I started to have a lot of lower cramping and spotting. Scared I called the doctor and went in for an ultrasound. We went in on a Thursday, and got the news that something was wrong. My doctor said that if I'm going to miscarry it'll be over the weekend. He sent me home with an ultrasound picture of the baby, and an appointment for Monday. The next day everything went wrong. I started to have major cramping, and I was passing blood clots. I went in and found out that we had miscarried. We were devastated. Its been almost 2 years since the miscarriage and I still think about it. In a matter of two weeks, we found out we were expecting, and it then was taken away. I will always think about that. Later we found out we were expecting again. Joy and fear came over us. Our daughter is now 9 months old.
—Guest Kayla

Losing my twin babies

It only started with a severe backache pain, only to realize later bleeding and finally losing my babies while watching, in pain and all alone. Life has never been the same. I feel like my world has just crumbled in front of my eyes.
—Guest Lydia

I might be having a miscarriage...

I've been 9 weeks late for period. Being long weekend and my partner is away for work. We wanted to find out together, as we been trying. Out of no where today I have a really dark red brown blood. It's not to much but not little. I'm trying to figure out what to tell him.
—Guest Tammy.

My clues looking back

My first sign I was pregnant was breast tenderness and fullness. That went away a few days before I miscarried. I then experienced menstrual like cramping for about 12 hours. I woke up in the morning with bright red spotting.
—Guest Kimber

Pregnancy loss 9 weeks gestation

So, surprise turned into joy when I realized my qhCG was over 10,780 after ten years. Happy I had even taken sufficient folic acid all along. We were both elated, my husband even had the day care plans figured out. I had all of the pregnancy symptoms save morning sickness. I was sure things would go well enough to schedule my OB appointments. Last weekend started spotting a little, light pink-on tissues. This was followed by back pain and occasional cramping late Sunday. I called the doc, this turned into a little darker ruby bleeding Monday AM, doc confirmed that I was now passing moderate clots and my hcg had dropped to 2700 and my cervix had slightly dilated which meant eminent miscarriage. Back pain from my lumbar to tail (contraction) followed the passing of the placenta/fetus Tuesday-which was not formed to gestational age so no matter what we would have done was no longer a viable pregnancy. The loss is very sad for us; but again, happy to know pregnancy is possible.
—Guest ckberger

I had no clue!

With my first miscarriage I had no clue. I was happily pregnant and went to hear the baby's heart beat, but they couldn't find it. I came back in two weeks to listen again and then they sent me to ultrasound when they didn't find the heart beat. The ultrasound showed that my baby had probably died in the previous few days, so even an earlier ultrasound would have given me false hope. So I'm glad we waited. We also choose to do nothing and to wait for my body to miscarry. While that was hard, I think it was a lot easier than when I had to have a D C.

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