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Readers Respond: Did you use progesterone in pregnancy?

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Updated April 14, 2011

Progesterone is a hormone normally found in the body. It was speculated that it could help prevent miscarriages, though there is much debate about who is helped. Did you use progesterone in pregnancy? Why or why not? If you did, did you have any side effects? Would you make the same choice again? Did you use it because of fertility treatments or a history of recurrent miscarriage? If you didn't choose to do progesterone therapy, what was your thought process? What are your thoughts on this topic?

It worked

I had a hard time keeping my pregnancies past 8 weeks so the 4th time around (and a different doctor) I started taking the progesterone pills for the first 13 weeks and I now have a healthy 6 month old daughter.
—Guest aurora

It worked and I'm using it again

My first pregnancy was normal but when trying to have a second baby I had two miscarriages (one at 5 months). As a pharmacist I felt comfortable using it after reviewing the literature and having suboptimal levels. I used it during my first trimester and my baby girl was born at 35 weeks but otherwise healthy. Now in my third pregnancy I am using it again and have only experienced dizziness( that is why it should be taken at bed time).
—Guest Lilly

use of Progesterone

It works! Helps to prevent Miscarriage. I used progesterone from 12 weeks to 36weeks, I had a Baby boy! Thanks.
—Guest Cindy

It worked for me

I had terrible bleeding early during pregnancy and thought this would result in another miscarriage. I took the cream suppositories (vaginally) along with complete bed rest and both worked for me. My little one is happy healthy and almost 2.
—Guest guest 67

I used and yet lost!!!

I used progesterone in my last pregnancy. But unfortunately it didnt help in my pregnancy. May be it was too late but I was advised to do a D&C at 8 weeks as there were no signs of the pregnancy progessing.
—Guest Liz

progesterone used during all pregnancie

I used progesterone pills for the first 12 - 14 weeks of all my pregnancies. I had very low levels and started taking the pills as soon as I found out I was preg. I miscarried my 3rd and fourth preg out of 5 b/c I didn't start the pills soon enough. The losses were at 5 and 8 weeks. I believe the 3 children I have are here b/c of the progesterone meds and I'm truly blessed.
—Guest suz

I did use it

After three miscarriages back to back, I felt like progesterone was my last hope. I took suppositories twice a day my first three weeks. I didn't have any complications and I ended up with healthy 9lb 3oz baby boy, he is now six months and hasn't shown any sign of hormone affecting him. I recommend progesterone to anyone having issues with sustaining a pregnancy.
—Guest savannah

I did

I used progesterone in my pregnancy. I am 39weeks now and doing very well, looking forward to the delivery of my sweet, precious baby. Before the use of progesterone, I had two miscarriages. Until I met a gyn/ob doctor who prescribed this drug for me to use and it worked.
—Guest theodora

I used and Miscarried

I used progesterone while I was pregnant, and I had miscarriage while using it in my 5th week!! The Dr. prescribed the suppositories rectally. I don't know if I will use it again in my next pregnancy.
—Guest Italian244

maintained after 3 consecutive losses

Some specialists believe that the health of a pregnancy is driven by the follicular phase. Thank goodness I found a RE who diagnosed and treated low progesterone (as a problem in the luteal phase). After 3 consecutive losses I maintained my pregnancies without incident. Crappy progesterone is a real thing! Fight for what you need.
—Guest labortrials

I took Progesterone!!!!!

I have had 4 previous miscarriages and needed something to help with this one I am carrying now! I was referred to a Fertility Centre but the waiting list meant I would have still been waiting to be seen and might have lost this one without the help of this hormone to boost this pregnancy along.... I am now 8 weeks out from giving birth to my first baby and couldn't be happier. Without the help of a drug to help some of us women with problems with carrying a child.

took progesterone and never looked back

I took progesterone with my last pregnancy which resulted in a healthy baby girl (who is now 2.5) and then I took it again with my current pregnancy. So to keep my pregnancies I needed the progesterone to prevent miscarrying.
—Guest Tyggrlili

Decided Against It

My doctor and I talked about it and I was just about convinced, but then the stuff she gave said that they didn't know what effects it had on the baby and weren't sure if it even worked. I wasn't ready for that risk. My mom had taken DES with me and I know that I still worry, even though then it was thought that DES was safe. I couldn't do that to my baby for fear of the unknown. I went to full term with no complications after the original miscarriage.
—Guest Ramona34

I did and I'm sorry.

I used progesterone with a pregnancy after multiple miscarriages. I really felt like it was the right decision at the time. Though I had spotting and when I called my OB, they said that was a side effect of the progesterone suppositories. That freaked me out. I wound up miscarrying anyway and I retained the baby, probably because I took the progesterone. I didn't do it again and went on to have another baby with no problems.
—Guest Riley's Mom
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