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Readers Respond: When did you start wearing maternity clothes?

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Updated March 01, 2010

Maternity clothes. When you're not very pregnant, you're anxious to wear them, by the end you've only got an outfit or two left that you can wear and you're ready to burn it! At what point in pregnancy did you have to wear maternity clothes? How many weeks or months gestation were you? Did you have to wear them or want to wear them? Was it a comfort thing? How far along were you?

8 weeks 5 days

I'm 8 weeks 5 days and I feel really big already, I'll probly be in them in a few days :)
—Guest mummy2

18 weeks

I just bought my first pair of maternity jeans and I love them!
—Guest Miranda

8 weeks

2 pairs of my skinny pants got "retired" at week 8. This week is 9 and I'm going to retire another pair of jeans. I did learn about the hair band trick thru the top of the button hole.....that one actually got me thru the day today. I have put on an immediate 10 lbs....which I feel horrible about....but I'm experiencing bad morning sickness...... and if I don't keep something in my stomach I feel extremely nauseous. I am so sick of eating. And of course it's not usually salad that will calm the sickness..... it's carbs. French fries..... pancakes.....sugary cereal......and my bff to calm my stomach lately is chocolate nestle quick and milk. I had horrible acid reflux today that felt like it was burning a hole in my esophagus. I am praying for week 12 when supposedly the morning sickness dies down and then I can eat more lower carb foods. I don't want to put on 100 lbs...... but i can't function with a belching nauseous feeling constantly.
—Guest Mama A

12 weeks

I have held off as long as I could. Yesterday I thought I would go nuts if I didn't hurry up & get out of my regular jeans. I had to unbutton them on the way home. Today I am going to wear my maternity jeans and be much more comfortable.
—Guest Momma to 6

20 weeks

Some of my clothes wouldn't fit almost immediately but I could stil fit in most things until the 20 week mark. Once I made the switch I wished I had done it sooner. Maternity clothes are so comfy!
—Guest Sam

7months one day

I jst can't wait to start wearing materinty gown dis is my first pregnancy,am always surfing the net for one thing or the other concerning my pregnancy
—Guest ehimare

I'm 9 weeks pregnant

I'm 9 weeks pregnant and I had a really small waist I was a size 2 now my clothes doesn't fit me I can't wear jeans or my dresses even my loose tops don't fit!its really uncomfortable I wear pjs 24/7 do you think should start investing in some maternity wear?
—Guest sash

9 weeks

This is my fourth baby and I seem to be getting larger faster. I think maternity clothes will be in my near future. Pants are already to small and my belly is peaking out of my shirts....lol.
—Guest Donna mommy of 3

14 weeks along

I'm pregnant with my second child and am just starting to slowly buy maternity clothes. I still fit into all my pre preggo clothes but with the assistance of belly bands and rubber bands. With my first, I waited until I was about 4.5 months along. I resisted as long as I could, and for what? Something in my head told me to stretch my regular clothes as long as humanly possible. Towards the end I was very uncomfortable, and it was unflattering. When I finally tried on maternity pants I felt like such a dolt for having waited so long. Oh the comfort!! And had to go on a shopping spree bcuz i desperately needed new clothes, as you can imagine, that got expensive, further dampening my mood. Now at 14 weeks, I'm starting to buy shirts, and keeping an eye on shorts/pants and sales. So much kinder on the budget when you can purchase things on sale/ clearance :)
—Guest Sofie's mom

Maternity clothes

I am 14 weeks and have been in maternity pants for a few weeks, even though I am still below my prepreg weight thanks to horrible morning sickness. I can still fit in regular pant just can't button them and I felt weird walking around with my pants undone. I can still wear most of my regular shirts but they are not going to last much longer.
—Guest Cknick

14 - 16 weeks

I bought my first maternity clothing around 14 weeks, and they were more comfy, but for a while I could still wear my regular pants with a belly band. I think I've been totally in maternity pants since at least week 20, although I still have some non-maternity tops that I can wear.
—Guest Christine

27 weeks!

I will be 27 weeks Tuesday and I just bought maternity clothes today. I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes though. Since I'm alI baby, the maternity clothes add an extra something to it. I love my baby bump!! :) - Baby #1
—Guest Aey Jay May

last month

I bought a 2 in 1 Maternity Intimate from Belly 2 Baby and it allowed me to wear my normal clothes until about the 8 month mark when I was sure I couldn't get any bigger, guess what still getting bigger
—Guest Mommyw


I just liked the comfort of being able to have a more comfortable fitting wardrobe. Plus, maternity clothing can be expensive so I want make sure I get every dollar out of it.
—Guest Lisa

when did I started wearing maternity

Im 23 weeks by now but I started wearing maternity dresses when I was 5 months. My nornal clothes were not fiting at all and I have to changed the entire wardrope until now. I cant find the right size of shoes cause my legs are swallen Im wearing sleepers at home work
—Guest 23 weeks

How far along were you?

When did you start wearing maternity clothes?

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