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Readers Respond: When did you start wearing maternity clothes?

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Updated March 01, 2010

Maternity clothes. When you're not very pregnant, you're anxious to wear them, by the end you've only got an outfit or two left that you can wear and you're ready to burn it! At what point in pregnancy did you have to wear maternity clothes? How many weeks or months gestation were you? Did you have to wear them or want to wear them? Was it a comfort thing?

3 months

Not that my belly needed the space maternity clothes provide, but it just felt better not to be bound by anything tight right from the start.
—Guest Dobra

maternity cloths

I started wearing maternity cloths frm 5months..I become fatter and all my cloths were no longing sizing me.
—Guest Patricia

5 1/2 months

This is my first pregnancy!! I am already in maternity pants, still fit in some shirts. But maternity shirts are the way to go. Having a boy so i am all baby. I did the rubberband/hairtie thing for a bit, but just to uncomfortable. lol
—Guest Mandee Richard


I have to change my wardrobe after five month of my pregnancy then I begin to notice that all my old cloths is not fitted again for my outing especially for my office work.
—Guest Funsho Ola Olasoju

Maternity clothes

I was about 6 months when I needed maternity pants, though I could still fit in one pair of regular jeans the whole pregnancy just in a larger size than I normally wear. For tops I was about 8 months before I bought any maternity tops but again I still fit in regular, maternity tops were just a little more comfortable.
—Guest Theresa

9 weeks

I blew up really fast & then continued blowing up! 9 weeks was when I started wearing maternity clothes and by 6 months I couldn't find shoes to fit my over-blown-up feet!
—Guest JenyW

27 weeks

I am 27 weeks and am still not wearing maternity clothes. I just don't wear jeans anymore. Yoga pants work best and since it is fall, I can get away with long tunics. I am too cheap to buy new clothes lol. Maybe if I wasn't sure if this was my last pregnancy, and I could recycle them, I would buy some new ones. I have two pairs of maternity jeans from my last pregnancy and will have to buy a maternity bra soon, but other than that, I am sticking with the clothes I have.
—Guest Jennypenny

Belly Band

Just using my belly band for now; I still fit my pants, just can't zip them. I bought a few tops last week (week 28).
—Guest Rae Emerick

Not impressed

I am 18 weeks today, I have gained 5 pounds since prepregnancy, and its all in my belly, so I had to start wearing maternity pants this last week. I could still get my other ones done up, but they make me feel like I have to go to the bathroom. I'm still wearing my regular pants that stretch, but it won't be too long ... oh yeah, and yesterday, after a long day on my feet, I experienced swelling in my ankles for the first time.
—Guest Miss Cankles


I started wearing larger sizes of pants and even cut the elastic in my pj bottoms at around 3 months. I wasn't really showing yet but I just felt bloated and everything felt so tight and uncomfortable! By 5 months I could no longer wear my own pants even unbuttoned and doing the "rubber band/hairtie trick". At five months I was still wearing some of my regular shirts along with some maternity shirts but now at 7 months I only wear my regular t-shirts to sleep in. This is my first pregnancy to go this far, my one previous pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 6.5 weeks, so I was looking forward to getting large enough for pregnancy clothes!
—Guest Jenny

I was 8 months pregnant

I was 8 months before I wore maternity clothes (I wore very stretched low cut jeans and long summer dresses until then).
—Guest natasha


I wanted to be comfortable. The only way to truly do that was to wear my maternity clothes. I've heard of women trying to stretch out their clothes, and when they started wearing their maternity clothes they were a ton more comfortable. I decided I would try and wear my clothes to the limit.

Maternity clothes

I started wearing maternity clothes at around 5 months. This is my first pregnancy.
—Guest KellySNY

Way too soon

With my twins I started at 6weeks everything just was too tight in the waist and bust. I miscarried then got pregnant four weeks later with my daughter. I was able to wear some of my bigger regular clothes until 12 weeks the second time but it was pushing it.
—Guest Jen


At work I had to start wearing maternity pants at about 3 mos. But just started wearing maternity clothes for every day and I am 5mo.
—Guest momma c
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