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Readers Respond: How did it feel to have your water break?

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Updated February 26, 2010

From the article: Did my water break?
Water break. Leaking fluid. Gush of amniotic fluid. The amniotic sac can break in many ways. Your bag of waters surrounds and protects your baby in pregnancy, but once in labor it usually releases towards the end to allow your baby to come out. Occasionally it will break before contractions begin or early in labor. Did your water leak and confuse you? Did your water break with a big gush of fluid that was unmistakable? Where were you when your water broke? Were you having contractions? How far apart were they? Did your doctor break your water (amniotomy)? Was your baby born in the caul and the bag broke after birth?

Broke in bed

With my first it broke right when I tried rolling out of bed to go pee.it was a warm gush I had no control over.I sat in the toilet for almost 15-20 min and then kept changing pads to keep it under control.the doc told me to go to the hospital and after almost 14 hrs of slow Labour and being induced with oxytocin I had my daughter.im 37 weeks with my second and I just hope that if it does break it is at home...
—Guest Son

When my water broke it was WEIRD.

So I'm 16 and 7 months pregnant. Yesterday at 4:30 pm I was laying down and when I went to stand up my water broke. I didn't have any contractions so I got into the shower and then called my OB. She told me to only come in if I start to have contractions. It's the next day right now at 9:48 am and I still have had no contractions or more water coming out. But, I'm leaving to the hospital in 10 minutes.
—Guest Brooke

I think my waters have broken

8days b4 my due date I was sitting with my friend I convinced her 2 have a hot curry with me. Thought it was worth a try 2 start my labour (didn't think it would work tho) 2hr later I was just talking and leaneed 4ward (bang) gush of water all over her coutch. I jump up "I think my waters have broken" and ran 2 the toilet while leaking water on the way. I didn't have any other labour signs 4 about 2hr after they were really close 2gether tho so I went 2 hosp anyway the doctor sent me home but was rite bk up 2 have my gorjiss boy 6.2lb almost sraight away lol. From my waters braeking 2 having my 2nd child was only 4and1/2 hours but with my 1st I was in labour 4 16hrs
—Guest claire


I was on the phone with the nurse talking about my c-section date when I thought I peed myself. I sprayed my leg, and didn't think anything of it! I got dressed, and played wii for the day (bedrest) and then 15ish hours later I had a gush in bed while sleeping. It never occured to me that it was my water! I went in and had my c-section!
—Guest lokajale


I was 10 days overdue, so I went in to be induced. They inserted the jelly around 10am, I went out at 1pm to cash a cheque, get some lunch and got back around 2pm. By then my contractions were pretty intense, so I hopped in the shower. They decided to break my water at 4pm, and after that I could barely move, it hurt SO bad. I was 7cm dialated. At 4:15 I was screaming for an epidural, they got it in, I yelled that my body was pushing, my son was born at 5:16pm. From 7-10 cm in under and hour, and about a half hour of pushing. So fast!
—Guest Dani

Slow leak

My first I noticed a slow leak of thin clear liquid at almost 35 wks. OB sent me to hospital to be checked and they swabbed the fluid and it was amniotic fluid. I was admitted. That night I had a huge gush of fluid when I got up to pee and it was all over my bed and floor. My don was born by emergency c-section the next night. For my 2nd I started having sporadic contractions at 28 wks, they got worse & at 30 wks was admitted for observation. Thankfully baby hung on. At 31 wks k noticed the thin clear fluid leaking just a bit. They did the test which was positive for amniotic fluid. Was also having wicked contractions & we thought baby on its way. It has been 3 days since, still just a trickle, no gush yet, and hoping baby will hang on a while longer. I am on mega-dose antibiotics too. My advice is if you have that trickle before full term get it checked ASAP.
—Guest Janice

Caul Births

Do Drs. always tell mothers when their child is born with a caul??
—Guest Elle

I swear I pre-registered!

I pre-registered at the hospital, brought a copy of the pre-registration, my husband was standing there with our insurance cards and all that crap, and the admittance nurse STILL wouldn't admit us until I, personally, in the throes of labor, gave her my name, address, and insurance information about a million times while she typed away with two fingers on what a swear must have been one of the original IBM desktops. She kept pointing at some poor woman moaning behind a curtain, saying, "She's been here 3 hours already. You have time to fill out this paperwork." It was absolute justice when my water broke all over the reception furniture and her shoes. My son was in my arms less than 2 hours later.
—Guest mig

Breaking of water

It was about 3:00a.m. My husband and I were sound asleep in our waterbed! I woke to the feeling of like a big warm balloon had popped between my legs. It all happened so fast my husband jump out of that bed so fast and I said "I think my water broke". This was my third child but the first time my water broke on its own. My husband had thought the water bed had burst! Lol. After 23 hrs I had a c-section. My baby girl was 9lbs. 9oz. 21 in. Long and beautiful! I was 42 when I gave birth to her she is now a beautiful 16 year old.
—Guest Mickey


With my first child I was 10 days overdue, I had been in labour for was seemed days. The Doc came in with the hook and broke my water.. I remember thinking it was so hot on my legs. Then everything really got going. She was born a few hours later. With my 2nd child everything was going along fast, I was suffering as it so fast. So they gave me laughing gas. I was affected by laughing really loud and a bit hysterical. I remember watching all the nurses giggling at me... I was in the final stages of pushing and everyone was ready to catch my son when POW! It broke all over everyone! It was on the doc and nurses faces.. There was a stunned silence.. Then I laughed hysterically again. It was so inapporpriate! That it was even funnier!
—Guest Delanah

In the middle of a Military Exercise

I had been called into work. We were having a military exercise. I wasnt actually suppose to be working since I was on half days only... but none the less, I went into work, and my co-worker was sitting next to me... I was working on the computer when i heard this small "pop" then felt this tremendous gush of wetness! I excused myself and asked my co-worker to finish up. I headed to the bathroom where I confirmed it was indeed my water breaking! I called my doula and cleaned up the best I could... then realized there was no use since my pants were drenched! My other co-workers and anyone in the building at the time came to the door of the bathroom as I was walking out because they realized what had happened because I apparently left a puddle in the chair where I was sitting... They all freaked and tried to tell me that I needed to call an ambulance. I kept calm, and told them to just let me get home now so that I can labor in peace!
—Guest Aplace4Leia

Babe I Think I Pee'd Myself !

I Recently Had My Baby Shes 2 Months I'm 18 . . I Was 8 Months & 2 Weeks Pregnant , I was asleep but yet I felt very uncomfortable! I was having a dream that I pee'd the Bed I woke up to a wet feeling on my underwear so I woke up my boyfriend and he said I probably just had to pee. so as soon as I got up off the bed I felt a bursting sensation and warm water just gushed down my leg I called my mom and me and my boyfriend got to the hospital at 5 am My Lovely daughter DarLa BeLen Was born at 10:20 Am she Was 6 Pounds 5 Ounces
—Guest First Time Mommy

3:30am GUSH

My first pregnancy I was in bed asleep. I woke up, sat up, and then my water broke (3:30am). I wasn't having any pains, but it was like Niagara Falls! I went to the hospital, and was only 3 cm dilated, but they kept me because the sac had most definitely broken. After 6 hours, I ended up being put on pitocin, and 8 hours later gave birth to a healthy 9 pound baby boy! He's about to be 9 in January.....stories like these you never forget. :)
—Guest rory587

Mistook it

It started at 2am, was asleep after a late night..I had some sore thighs due to weight gain so I had rubbed some talcum powder for relief. At 2am I felt like peeing so went to the loo...I saw some white bits in the urine and I thought it was the powder coming along the wash.... Later after sometime I started getting wet, thought I had lost bladder control.... it dint stop I was leaking slowly and continuously...Finally it dawned on me that my waters broke... I rushed to the hospital with a sanitary pad.... finally delivered with mild pain at 6.30am....Its lovely to look back...
—Guest Padma

2nd Stage

With my first and third my waters didn't burst until I was fully dilated and ready to push. With both I had to wait a contraction or two after the "pop" because the water breaking had reduced pressure/made the cervix close a bit. My second was induced by the doctor breaking the waters. Fast, hard labor for three hours and a quick birth with maybe one push. With *all three* there were enough hindwaters (water behind the baby) to give the doc/midwife a good soaking! Now I'm 37+ wks with number four. A repeat performance? We'll see!
—Guest Four's the Charm
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