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Readers Respond: How did it feel to have your water break?

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Updated February 26, 2010

From the article: Did my water break?
Water break. Leaking fluid. Gush of amniotic fluid. The amniotic sac can break in many ways. Your bag of waters surrounds and protects your baby in pregnancy, but once in labor it usually releases towards the end to allow your baby to come out. Occasionally it will break before contractions begin or early in labor. Did your water leak and confuse you? Did your water break with a big gush of fluid that was unmistakable? Where were you when your water broke? Were you having contractions? How far apart were they? Did your doctor break your water (amniotomy)? Was your baby born in the caul and the bag broke after birth? Share Your Story

how do you not know?!?

So when I was 22 I had my son 19 days early. First baby n everything. You feel almost like a grenade going off inside. My water broke and I knew what it was. I was leaking for 3 1/2 days prior doctors checked me had a ultra sound they said they didnt see me going early they were wrong.
—Guest casaundra

ob wanted to induce because i was 42 wks

I declined and went home, i played with my five older children in our pool, bouncing around enjoying myself for an hour or more. then i started feeling strong contractins while still in the pool. when i got out it was dinnertime, but i couldn't eat much. i just went to lie down and relax,even went to sleep. my older baby, almost two was sick and woke me in the night, wanting to nurse, very soon my water broke and I began again to have contractions, i woke my husband and urged him to hurry because i figured i might not make it to the hospital. I had to lie down in the back seat of our station wagon and during the 15 minute drive had to hold back on pushing. when we got to he hospital they rushed me to the labor room and my husband was prepped before the dr. He rushed to catch the baby almost as soon as i got on the table. this was my sixth child, my first baby was born 30 minutes after the dr. broke my waters, wanting to speed things up, after trying to get me to accept a c/s.
—Guest mary

39 weeks pregnant

I am 39 weeks pregnant and wanna know how it feels before your water breaks.
—Guest Monique

hmm o.O was that my water breaking...

Well I have four children (pregnant with my fifth) n my water has never broken before my four child so when it came I didn't know if that was it or not.. I was sleep n had the urge to p**, relieved myself in the toilet n then *pfft gush* then continued to p**. I sat there not sure what is was, was it my waters, maybe the baby kicked my bladder...? I had no idea. So I did what any exhausted pregnant woman would do, yup I went bk to sleep (lol), the next morning I started to get sttong contractions so I decided to take a trip to the l&d just to be sure. On my way out I figure hmm I should eat breakfast cuz Ik they won't let me eat in l&d. So I sat down n ate breakfast n chatted for about an hour (lol). Friends ask where was I going, I said "well I think my water broke last night so ima head to the hospital". y are u still here then?! They said to me. "Ik I won't be able to eat there so I'm not going to let myself starve." I got to l&d n found out it was my waters that broke. Oopps lol!!
—Guest Natalie

During the night

I woke up at midnight to use the restroom. Felt more than pee come out. Told my husband, he said to go back to bed. But I didn't believe it was nothing and decided to get ready. Felt more come out and then woke him top get going. I felt contractions on the way to the hospital. Had my girl at 11:30, pushing for like 5 minutes. I'm on my second pregnancy so I'm curious how it will happen this time - and how I'll arrange things with my older child when it happens.
—Guest Jen

I was the 13%

The day my water broke I was at x restraunt and all of a sudden pop !! I was soaked and so was the booth ! Embarrassed yes but nobody made me feel worse pple helped me to my car and called my husband. It was no biggy Christian was born 4 hrs ltr
—Guest Stephi

Waters i ntact

My waters never broke, and my daughter was born safe and sound.
—Guest Andy

Third baby

I'm about 36 weeks with my third baby. With my first two my water never broke in its own and the doctors had to do it at the hospital. But with my third baby I have found that with each child you loose a little more control over your bladder. Almost anything can make me pee a little from sneezing or coughing (which happens often right now due to allergies) to laughing too hard. Because of this I constantly wear a panty liner so I'm not changing my clothes several times a day. But I have to say that every time I pee a little I'm always wondering in the back of my head if my water just broke... Who knows maybe with this baby it will break on its own. I kind of hope it does because I would love the dramatic movie experience of yelling "My water just broke!!" and running off to the hospital!
—Guest brandee

Broke at work.

I was using the bathroom at work and when I turned liquid shot out. I wasn't sure so I stood up and nothing. I went back to the front desk and sat down. When I got up again the flood gates opened everywhere. I was also five weeks early but the baby was fine and I was only slightly embarrassed.
—Guest Mommy

i am sure that they are responsible

It was 2cm opened n i went to hospital and doctor said that burst her water bag and nurse did that,after that my baby was not able to be take breath inside my belly n they done my cs.really i m sure that the doctor was responsible for my cs operation ,other wise i was ok the labour pain was coming n every was ok as like a women goes to labour n birth a normal delivery.pls tell me if i m not wrong
—Guest naheed

Hospital breaking my water

My water was broke by the hospital as I was already 4cm dilated and I was not improving, so they that they would speed it up. They put this hook in and scratched at my mucus plug so the fluid would come out. During this time I was screaming and shouting. I dont why people say it doesnt hurt. IT HURT LIKE HELL!
—Guest Jasaa

Due date

Two days before my due date I lost my mucas plug I was feeling really uncomfortable all weekend, I was due on Monday, Sunday evening was very restless went to bed and woke to go to the toilet felt a little trickle but thought nothing of it fell back to sleep, woke couple of hours later and got out of bed, by this stage I was constantly trickling water, wasn't sure if it was my waters phoned hospital and went in they confirmed it was my waters, was kept in hospital and induced the next afternoon at 4pm my daughter was born by forceps delivery the next morning at 4.01 am, that was my second daughter first was emergency c section after induction, with my first they broke my waters but with this one they broke themselves on my due date but no contractions, she is now 5 weeks old :)
—Guest Emma

wow wtf

the drs had to break my water but when they did it was alot it was gross to say the least i felt a pop the alot of warm fluid just gush it didnt even feel like it came from me it kinda felt like someone poured warm water on me its the weirdest feeling youll ever feel
—Guest proud mommy


The night before I could not sleep at all, I was so uncomfortable! I got up and went to church (it was Sunday) and was miserable the whole time. When I got home all I felt like doing was sleeping and I slept all day- even through lunch! I woke up around 5:15 pm and went to pee. I then went into the kitchen to get some dinner. While standing there trying to decide what to eat I suddenly felt a ton of warm liquid running down my leg and a sense of relief from the pressure. I looked down and saw a ton of clear fluid gushing onto the floor and knew it was obviously my water breaking- I had no contractions before it broke, and it took about 30 minutes for them to start after it broke.
—Guest Guest

Did my water break

I was told many times it would be a trickle but mine was more of a gush! Every contraction brought more when i was upright. Best advice i got was to lie down and get up again 10 minutes later - if more fluid came out it was my water not my bladder. Good luck!
—Guest June baby

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