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Readers Respond: How did it feel to have your water break?

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Updated February 26, 2010

Kind of odd...

I'm just over 38 weeks pregnant with our second child. When I was 39 weeks with our first child, we had woke up and my husband was getting ready for work. I always got his lunch ready, so I started to head out of the bedroom to the kitchen. I had already gone to the bathroom by then, but when I had just made it to our bedroom doorway I felt a strange gush. No pain, no pop, no pressure--just a gush. I waddled to the bathroom again (it adjoins our bedroom), pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet--only to leak all over the place. My husband called to me to make sure I was ok. I just started laughing and said, "Yeah, but you're not going to work anytime soon!" I then told him what happened. We took our time going to the hospital--almost 3 hours--and I just kept leaking fluid, no matter what position I was in. I was so glad to get to the hospital, although I hadn't dilated or anything yet, but they kept me since I was leaking so much. From start to finish, only 13.5 hours.
—Guest Angela


It already broke, 6 hours ago, but stil no contractions. Hmmm... I will be going to hospital soon.
—Guest aw.... ???

The Best!

My water broke as I was lying at home in bed after being sent home from the hospital with contractions coming every 2-3 minutes - but I was only dilated to a 3. When my water broke, I was elated because I knew we could go back and they couldn't send me home again! Mine broke on a particularly hard contraction - I remember feeling like someone (or maybe a horse) had kicked me in the gut, and then I felt a *pop* like pressure being released and a warm gush of fluid. Lucky I had slept on a towel just in case.
—Guest Megan

water breaking

With my 1st child, the water didn't break until the doctor broke it. I had C-section. With the second one, don't know, I'm still pregnant.
—Guest floare

It was SOO gross!!

I was 39 weeks and begged my doc to induce my labor, disappointingly- I was sent home. On the way home felt lots of lower back pressure. By the time I reached home couldn't walk hardly. I felt like I had to pee...sat on the toilet and heard a POW!! Yes, my water ruptured and right back to the hospital I went!
—Guest SaraP

Don't really know!

I'm 37 weeks & 6 days along, I lost my mucus plug about 2 weeks ago, I have been loosing little bits of I every since. Today however; I've been leaking stuff & I'm not sure as to what it is... It's been bad enough to the point where I've even had to change my undies. Twice.
—Guest Tiff_babyy

35.5 Wks

I had a doctor's appointment that day and I asked her to check me because I thought I was 'leaking.' My underwear was always wet the last couple days. She said everything was fine and I went home. That night I was sleeping and I don't know what woke me up but I went to roll over and there was a huge gush. This was at 12:45 am. I tried to hold it (like you hold your pee) and I couldn't. I though "I've lost control of my bladder." I went to the bathroom and everytime I stood up more just kept gushing out. I didn't have any contractions yet and was not in pain so it was actually quite comical. Trying to walk with my legs crossed, bent over, doing anything to hold it in! I went to the hospital, my contractions started on their own and my son was born at 6:15 pm that night.
—Guest Shelby.M09

It broke at breakfast.

"Oh it's my water breaking..." I hadn't recognized it since it was my first baby. I was 7 months pregnant and eating breakfast. I felt like I had to use the toilet but there was no control over it.
—Guest shalu

Did my bladder burst?

It was about 3 am and felt like I needed to use the bathroom really badly. I was so tired that I didn't want to get up to go to the toilet. I rolled over in bed and felt a big pop and a gush and thought "Oh no! I have finally left it too long to pee and my bladder has burst." I woke my husband and told him and he just went, "Are you sure it wasn't your waters breaking?" It was! And I continued to drip fluid until I delivered my daughter 6 hours later.
—Guest Hugz


Um... it felt... wet! I had a joyous birth at home, so I had been walking around anyway to ease my labor pain and at one point, I just felt the water breaking. I had a fairly short labor, and my midwife arrived in time.

Two Different Experiences

With my first I was reaching up to turn off the light at midnight and get some much needed sleep - as I stretched I heard a pop and then felt the gush. I had a leak and the fluids continued to flow as I tried to figure out how to get dressed and transition to the hospital in below freezing temps. Our daughter arrived 18 1/2 hours later with 6 hours of miserable pitocin. With my second I labored at home all day, arrived at the hospital almost complete - pushed twice, water broke on the first push in a huge gush all over the midwife, our son arrived on the second push and then peed all over the already drenched midwife.
—Guest DJ

Just sitting there on the birth ball.

My labor was long but very manageable. After about 44 hours, I was sitting up on the birth ball, chatting with my husband. I had a pad on the ball, and my water broke. I really just felt a warm trickle. I announced, "My water just broke." The nurse came and said it was clear and baby sounded good. About an hour later I started pushing and had the baby a few minutes later. Some people say it's more intense after the water breaks, I didn't find that to be true.
—Guest Simona

Fast Labor, Water Tough

My last labor was really fast, about 3 hours start to finish. That was hard! But my water was intact until the very end. I wound up asking them to break it as I was pushing. I honestly don't know if they were able to do it or not, but the baby was born just a few minutes later with an explosive gush, so maybe she just rode the wave out?
—Guest Mom2B

Water Breaking with Twins

I thought I was peeing on myself, but I was wearing a pad anyway. I got up to go to the bathroom, it was like 4:30 in the morning. I looked into the toilet and I saw vernix (the stuff that coats the baby). I thought, "Hmm, that must be my water breaking." I woke up my husband and we called the midwife. Contractions started shortly thereafter. Twin A was born and there was a lull in contractions. Then I felt like pushing and as I pushed "pop!" the second bag broke and covered everyone. It was quite funny! Our second baby was born just a few minutes later.
—Guest Miri

Right before pushing...

I was completely dilated and my water was still not broken. I had been walking around and got up to go to the bathroom. I sat back down to begin pushing and I basically willed it to break. It was the oddest thing. I just announced it and it happen. 10 minutes later I was holding my baby girl!
—Guest Laurel
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