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Readers Respond: How did it feel to have your water break?

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Updated February 26, 2010

Two different experiences

With my first l felt a trickle, l was nearly 37 weeks, thought l had peed myself so l left it... Following day had another trickle after peeing in the toilet. Rang midwives at hospital who asked me to come in, they did an examination and confirmed they had broke, my daughter was born following day after induction. With my second child my waters broke in hospital whilst having nasty contractions and waiting for my epidural which l never got! I am pregnant with my third, am 38+4, l am tired been in pain since Friday, will give anything for my waters to break so l can go to hospital & not be sent back home!!!
—Guest Babylove

Broke at the end

With my first, he broke the water sac with his fight as he emerged. He came out arm first like superman. My water never broke with my second. The midwife broke the sac around her after she was already out. I am 36.5 weeks with my second and having serious contractions irregular contractions everyday, so we will see what happens with this one.
—Guest Elboe80


I was inside the bath when my water broke. I kept wiping myself but the water kept dripping until I decided to get out of the bath. That's when I saw that my water broke, no pains, no nothing, only water until two hours later. Then all hell broke loose, then heavy pains and I gave birth to a baby boy.
—Guest Boitumelo

Water, water, everywhere

I was pregnant with my first baby. It was the day before my due date. I was just getting ready to get out of bed when I heard and felt a 'pop'. I got up to go pee and there was A LOT of pee! I told my husband my water broke. He said 'oh no, you're fine.' I walked into the kitchen and more water started pouring out. Needless to say, he believed me now that my water broke! I had no contractions all day and got admitted into the hospital at around 6 pm that night. Luckily thing finally started to progress and my little baby boy was born at 6 am on my due date! almost 24 hours since my water broke! It was actually an awesome thing to happen with the first pregnancy- I knew it was coming and it gave me about 8 hours or so to get psyched up for the pain that was to come! haha :)
—Guest Stephanie

Mom of 4

My first, I lost my mucus plug on a Friday went to my doctors he said your fine go home relax. I went to work Friday and Saturday. Saturday night was hell with contractions, up all night! Sunday 17 days before my due date still having contraction 10-15 minutes apart. I'm in rough shape with no sleep. I take a shower n tell my husband to get ready I don't want to sit in the house I wanted to go to the craft show and get a blooming onion. Well I get out husband is watch tv, golf of course. I grab chips n dip sit on the couch to watch n eat waiting for him. Finally he gets in the shower I decide to put the chips up n get dressed. While getting up I feel what you would hear of plastic snapping in half. Contractions start to get closer 4-5 minutes apart. No water came out though. I called everyone who has had a baby to ask if they thought I was in labor. Don't you know everyone I knew had their water broken. Needless to say I had my son 4 hours later at 7cm. 5 lbs 11oz healthy as can be!
—Guest Doris


With my son I was induced. I already had been medicated so I didn't feel anything. I have a week till I'm due and absolutely no clue what to expect. I thought my water may have broke earlier tonight but I haven't had anything since. Just back pain that I've been have for about 3 weeks that the docs say are contractions. How do I know?
—Guest Mommy 2


With my 1st, my water broke with no sign of contractions. I can only describe the feeling as a "ping." I had the TV/movie gush of water. We did rush to the hospital. I remember standing in the ER triage FOREVER with a giant puddle at my feet. I was so embarrassed and terrified someone would slip on my fluid. Baby was later discovered to be breech and we had a c-section. My 2nd and 3rd babies were homebirth VBACs (vaginal birth after a cesarean) and both times my water broke as I was pushing. Again I felt that "ping" and new it happened. With my 3rd baby, her head was out before my water broke.
—Guest Erin

Two different experiences...

My water broke spontaneously with both my children. With my first, it happened while in the hospital, in early labor. I was only about 4cm dilated and not really feeling contractions. I felt a sudden, large "pop" inside, like a balloon breaking, and has the big gush of fluid. Labor intensified and sped up after that point. With my son, my water broke before labor started. I woke up, and got out of bed to use the bathroom. After urinating, I felt a very slight, small "pop" and experienced only slight leaking of fluid. I began feeling mild contractions about an hour later, and my son was born late that afternoon. I'm expecting my third child in a few weeks, so we'll see what happens this time!
—Guest Anne

Big Gush!

3:30am I rolled over in bed and decided to get up for a wee, as I sat up big gush of warm liquid and I just thought ....'oh no I've wet myself'... as I tried to clench shut water just kept coming and continued to come all along the carpet to the bathroom and is still trickling now, 2 hours later... I have rung labour ward and they have told me to go back to sleep until morning... fat chance of that I'm far too excited!
—Guest Maxine

trickle of fluid

I was walking around at Babies R US with my ex-husband and I felt a trickle of water. It was hardly noticeable but since I didn't feel anything like that before I suspected it was my water breaking. By the time we went home I had some back pain and decided to go to the hospital it was around 9pm. In the waiting room the back pain was stronger. I was admitted and 2 cm dilated. About 11pm the back pain was harder I don't remember having any contractions only back pain. Then I felt the urge to push when I was 8cm dilated my daughter was born at 2am! I never felt any more fluid gushing or anything other than that trickle??
—Guest tigrisgazal

Pop of a cork

With my first pregnancy, my husband & I were just getting into bed around 1:30am after watching a movie. As I am pulling the covers up I feel a pop and hear what sounds like a cork being pulled. I tell my husband I heard something strange. In his groggy state he says it was nothing and to go to sleep. Since it was my first, I wasn't sure of what I felt so I sat on the toilet to tinkle, thinking it might have been a bladder issue. It was a clear, slow trickle so I figured it out. The hospital wanted me to come in right away. Contractions were painless for many hours. Our son was born at 3:10pm. Funny thing is that I had mentioned to my husband that night before bed that I should probably pack my bag, and he said, "Nah, do it tomorrow."
—Guest CMK

Contractions & dilation

Me and the boyfriend were watching a movie and I started getting contractions so we left for the hospital. When we got there at 12:01 am I was 3cm dilated and about 7 hours later still nothing so they used the hook and popped it for me. I felt a quick pinch then a 5 to 10 min gush of warm water. It was GROSS!! My second I'm not sure how its going to happen I'm 32.5 weeks??
—Guest Bray&Haleighsmommy

First time mom

I've been induced once before and it didn't work I'm being sent back now and I'm 40 weeks I'm so bummed out cause I don't feel good and I'm so tired I just want this baby OUT.
—Guest Sheila

By the time it broke birth was happening

I don't remember a discernable water-breaking moment, but it certainly wasn't like the movies where it is the first sign of having a baby! It seemed to happen in the birthing pool when my body got "pushy." The baby was well on its way by then.
—Guest Lavinia

My water broke

With my first child my water broke in the movies it feels like your peeing but your not. With my second and third (twins) it broke in bed. My fourth which I really didn't think was funny my husband scared me at 35 weeks and my water broke.
—Guest Rose

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