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Readers Respond: How did it feel to have your water break?

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Updated February 26, 2010

Water Breaking

I was at home doing some easy works when the water break. It was my first child and my first experience so I went to the hospital so quickly, the nurse check me and said to stay at the hospital. Even though there is no pain when I stand the water flows...so I lay down at the bed till my daughter born after 24 hours...
—Guest mimi

A little leaky!

I am 36 weeks and I been leaking fluid since last week. When my doctor checked me he said I was 3cm. So he sent me to the hospital and unfortunately, they sent me home saying my water hasn't broke. I have been to the hospital twice since on my doctors orders. I have another appointment coming this Thursday and due to my "leaking" I have a feeling its going to end up with another trip to the hospital. No gush or waterfall but I'm curious as to why my water is leaking but I keep getting sent home?! So I just stay with pads and wait. With contractions coming and going, I know my son is on his way. Hopefully this trip will be my last!
—Guest Max

In the car

Two weeks before my due date, I was stuck in a traffic jam on my home from work when I felt what I thought was a strange kind of kick. I got off the highway to get groceries for dinner, and, well, Niagara Falls it was. Needless to say, I skipped the shopping! I was still at least an hour from home because of the traffic, so I drove to my parents' place instead because it was much closer. I ended up dumping out my briefcase in the back seat of my car and sitting on my emptied briefcase in an effort to save the driver's seat from the amniotic fluid. After I arrived at my parents', my Dad padded up his car seat with many towels and drove me to the hospital. My husband met me there a half hour later, and 45 minutes later my daughter was born.
—Guest mama of two

Not till the end

With my first, it didn't break till the end. When the midwife arrived at our house, she didn't think I was in good, active labor yet, but offered to check my cervix. When she did she announced that I was 10 cm. I sat up, thrilled and said, "I'm done! What do I do now? Do I push?" Just then I got one of those crazy pushing contractions that felt like the baby was coming. I said, "She's coming!", but it was my bag of waters, which broke all over the bed (covered with plastic sheet). My husband and helpers hurriedly finished filling up the birthing tub and I had my daughter in my arms 30 minutes later during a perfect home waterbirth.

In my ob's face

I was at the hospital. The on had just come in with a hook to break my water for me to speed things up a bit. She bent down, put her face between my legs and grabbed the hook. I felt a gush of liquid bursting out of me and she quickly backed away. Apparently she didn't need her tools. My water broke before she had even touched anything. My belly was on the way and I couldn't see what was going on but my mother was trying not to laugh. When the ob left, she told me what really happened and I couldn't help but laugh too.
—Guest chel chel

Another contraction...wait, what?

With my first child I was at the hospital hooked up to monitors so they could determine that I was indeed in labor. A nurse came into the room after an hour if lying there with contractions every 5 minutes and deems I am in labor and they're getting my room ready. I felt another contraction coming and started to ready myself but I felt what felt like a balloon stretching down inside then a pop and sudden wetness. The nurse had not even got 3 yards down the hallway before my sister hollered for her to come back. My sister's reply was she was glad they didn't try to send me home to wait it out because then my water would have broke in her cars floorboard! With my second child I'm not sure when it happened and neither does the hospital staff.

It worked!

If I recall correctly, it was on my due date that I was laying in the bed about 7 pm with the dh. I had been through a lot during the pregnancy, having lost both of my parents very suddenly within the past 7 weeks plus my only aunt in between. We were planning a primary HBA2C. Needless to say, having never experienced a trial of labor with two children, I was anxious to get things going... so I was trying all the regular tricks. This particular evening, I had recently inserted an evening primrose oil capsule and then instructed the dh to lick my nipples... low and behold, not five minutes into this activity, I felt a weird pop (don't really remember a sound) and suddenly I was soaking wet!! I said, "Oh wow!" and he said, "What?" I said, "My water just broke!" as I jumped out of the bed and waddled to the bathroom, making a huge mess along the way. We called the mdiwife, and had a baby in our arms about 36 hours later! :)
—Guest Elizabeth

Christmas flood!

My Great Grandmother has just passed the day before and we all agreed to still meet at my Aunts home for Christmas brunch. That is what Grandma would of wanted us to do. I was sitting chatting with my Aunt and all of a sudden the big gush!!!!! The whole family was on the porch hugging me and with every hug more gush! My last look as we drove off to the hospital 45 minutes away was the Whole family waving and celebrating the coming of a baby! I will never forget the image.

Maybe, maybe not......

My good lady has been getting "braxton hicks" all night and appears to have trickled.......going to check again in a bit.....
—Guest Mr C

Mother of 4

With my first, I was two days past my due date. I got up at 7 am to take my shower. I decided to lay down after I finished. That was at 7:30. While trying to roll over, I felt a weird pop and then a warm gush. My daughter was born 12 hrs later. With the rest of my babies, I went to the hospital with contractions and the doctor ended up breaking my water for me.
—Guest Nicole

Three Different Experiences

With my first baby, I was 2 weeks over-due. On the day that I was scheduled to be induced, I woke up having regular contractions. I checked into the hospital that evening. The nurse was checking how much I had dilated, and while she was examining me I felt a, pop, a rush of fluid and an enormous relief. The nurse said, "Whoops! Well, I just broke your water!" -- With my second baby, I felt myself leaking. I called labor and delivery and they told me to come in. My water had broken and I started labor with the help of pitocin at the hospital. -- With my third baby, today, I went to the restroom and noticed that my underwear were a little wet. I hadn't felt a drip or a gush, so I assumed that I was just sweaty because it's been hot today. I took a shower and put on clean underwear and after an hour and a half, they were wet, too! I put on a pad and after about half an hour it was saturated. So now I'm on my way to labor and delivery for my number 3! Wish me luck!
—Guest LBHomestyle

In the face...

I had very severe pre labour (back labour no less) with my first daughter, and finally went into the hospital. I was fully dilated for 2 hours and still couldn't feel any contractions, just that my back was EXTREMELY sore. The nurse and doctor finally convinced me to et an epidural, and just as they were about to walk out there door, I said "Never mind, she's coming right now!" They didn't believe me, the nurse moved the towel they had between my legs for just in case my water broke, and put her face close to see if she could see my daughter yet, and "SPLASH!" that's all I heard before she ran to the sink washed her face, and told me to start pushing. About 4-5 minutes later I had my beautiful baby Sky. I'm 38weeks right now with my second, and I'm leaking as if my water had broke... but I didn't feel anything and I'm not all that wet... Oh well, I'll know soon.
—Guest Jessica

1st time around

My first pregnancy, I had spend a whole day shopping and having way too much energy. My husband dropped me off at home then took home his mom down the road. I went to pee and when I thought I was done, the 'pee' didn't stop. I wiped the drizzle (even closely inspected the tissue as if I could tell if it was actually pee :). Then stood up assuming I had finally lost control of peeing... That was until I started 'peeing' all over myself. It didn't feel like a gush for me, more of a continuous run of warm fluid. I stuffed my underwear full of toilet paper and waited for my husband. I knew he wouldn't believe me at first so I was laughing so hard when I told him that it gushed again and soaked through my pants. He believed me then. Now I'm 39 weeks with #2 and NOTHING is the same. I keep waiting for something.. No contractions, no 'pee'... .guess I have to keep waiting.
—Guest Kesha

Driving when water breaks

My mom and I were on the way back to my house from a friends house. All of a sudden I felt a gush! Then another gush! Yes my water broke while I was driving. I told my mom that my water had broke and she said that I was lying. Are you serious? She did not believe me until we arrive at my house and got out of the car and my pants were drenched. I am now 35 weeks with my second child and I am afraid of that happening again, this time around a lot of people.
—Guest Arica


I was 36wks and at 2am I woke up and had to go pee, really bad. After I used the bathroom, I laid back down, just to get right back up and go pee again. My bf and I drove to the hospital, and I had a feeling like i was going to pee my pants, I get there and go pee AGAIN, got up to the OB ward, just to pee AGAIN. While I was in the potty the last time, I was changing into my hospital gown, went and sat down on the bed, just to feel this warm gush. I looked at the nurse and said....I think I pee'd.....again....She looked and started laughing, she said, nope, that was your water. Had my daughter 4hrs later.
—Guest Krissi
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