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Readers Respond: How did it feel to have your water break?

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Updated February 26, 2010


I was induced with a pessary...and felt a soft pop..got up and felt a gush of water..was 1:30 am..had to be put on Pitocin 24 hrs later for the contractions to start.
—Guest sarah

Water breaks

I was sleep at 630 a.m my water broke when I got the hospital I was 1 cm they kept me because my water broke. I had my son 14 hours later.
—Guest tiffany

Peeing on myself?

I was sound asleep and woke feeling the urge to pee. I went to use the bathroom and it took a little longer than usual. Changed clothes went back to sleep and like 20 minutes later I woke up to feeling myself drenched. I woke my husband and we headed to the hospital the whole time him asking if I was ok and did he need to drive faster. I never felt any contractions until about an hour later, then labor went very quick!
—Guest Mary had a Little Lamb


With my first I was 38.4 weeks pregnant and woke up at 3:30am to go pee like normal after I finished I stood up and hear and felt a little pop then I had a steady stream going down my leg. I wiped it and it was light pink so I knew it was time to go to the hospital. I was 3cm before my water broke, by the time I arrived at the hospital I was 4 cm. I did not feel any contractions untill 20 min after water broke. She arrived 4 hours later a healthy 7lb 18 inch baby girl!!! I am now 39.3 weeks with my second 4-5 cm 80% effaced and nothing yet!!!
—Guest Tiffany

Two Totally Different Experiences

With my first pregnancy I remember feeling so most anxiety, and calling the hospital because I knew something just wasn't right. They told me to go to sleep. Not even an hour later i woke up, stood up to go pee and had a huge gush of water, with every step i took more seemed to come out, I even put on new clothes to go to the hospital in, by the time I got there I was soaking wet, I didn't feel any contractions prior to my water breaking and probably for another hour afterwards. With my second pregnancy, I kept waking up in the middle of the night thinking I was just "tinkling" by morning I realized I should probably go in because it would trickle down my leg every five minutes. Sure enough they said my water had broke, even though they told me when I got there, they didn't think it had. I didn't have any contractions or experience any pain prior to my water breaking that time either. He didn't arrive until almost 20 hours later. I'm pregnant with my third now, so we will see how it goes!
—Guest Ashlyn

My baby

I was to write my final exam on that Monday morning but it was canceled. I decided to see my doctor that evening at about 6.30 and she said, "Did you came with your bag?” I told ha I was not having anything pain, contraction, just came 4 checkup. She examined me and said my baby is almost here. But I was not having any pain. At 8.30 I started having regular contractions. The doc broke my water and my son came at exactly 11.30pm.
—Guest ngozi

Rotten Potato

It was about 6:30pm 4 days after I was due and I was outside chatting on the phone with my best friend. I noticed my dog was eating something and it turned out to be a rotten potato my boyfriend had thrown out into the back yard a couple days before. I yelled at the dog and kicked it out of her mouth and right after I did that I heard a soft pop sound and warm liquid flowed down my jeans. I got off the phone with my friend and called my mom and my boyfriend. I wasn't in any pain but I was having slight contractions and a lot of fluids. My doctor told me to sit at home and wait it out by counting in between contractions. Finally around 9:30pm we went to the hospital, still no pain, I was admitted and in my bed a little after 10pm. That's when the painful contractions began. I was in intense labor but not dilating well so I was given meds to speed things up. I was finally dilated enough for the epidural around 5am which helped me sleep for a few house. She was born at noon.
—Guest Heidi

I'm not sure

I'm 38 weeks and I've been having back pains for 24 hours went to hospital they sent me back home. I am 3 centimeters dilated, so I get home still having pains and nausea and vomiting. While I was vomiting about a cup of water came out.


With my first son, I was staying at my boyfriends house got up at 7am felt damp then went to the loo was peeing for 5mins I said to my boyfriend I think my waters have gone he just laught at me then we heard a big pop my waters had gone never seen someone go as white. He said what do I do. I said nothing, not in pain yet. So he took me 2 my dads and he went 2 work. At 2am the next day, I went into labour. My son was born 3:59am he was 7lbs born. I'm so happy he is 3 now. I'm nearly 37 weeks with my second baby everyone thinks he will be here by next week!
—Guest Lynne

Housework and spicy food

I remember it was the day after my due date and there were no physical signs of baby coming but I was blitzing the flat so the nesting instinct had definitely set in. my birthing partner had phoned to see what was happening and what plans were. I said id let her know as soon as something happened. that evening after a day of cleaning, me and my boyfriend ordered Chinese takeaway, spicy food. Half hour after eating I felt what I can only describe as a water balloon bursting and a huge gush of fluid! There were no contractions. I got up and ran (like John Wayne )outside to let my other half know and we got all my bits and headed for the hospital. We phoned ahead but because I had no contractions was told to go home. That was on the Friday evening, contractions didn't start till Saturday late afternoon and I finally went into have my son on the Sunday.


I have 2 childern 14 mos apart, I was 37 weeks with my son, I was sleeping and woke up set up and was like man I have to pee when I stood up I felt a trickle down my leg, I ran to the bathroom sat on the toilet and new that my water brooke, it just keept coming, no signs of labor till about an hour later, the contractions came 2 min apart and were 60 secounds long, could not get to the hospital fast enough!! From water breaking to giving birth 12 hour. With my 2nd (daughter) I dreamed that I peed my self (4:00 am) did not think any thing about it, I was only 36 weeks to the day. Woke up at 6:00 to get ready for work was in the shower and was like oh crap my water broke I had a trickle down my legg again. No contractions. Head to the hopsital about an hour later still no contractions, went shopping for an outfit to bring her home in still no contractions. 2 hours later at the hosptial induced me. so start to finsh 12 hrs again from water breaking to giving birth.
—Guest Mystique Kolbet

Doctor broke 1st and 2nd

The doctors broke ma bag of water during ma first and second labour. I am expecting my third and last child now, scared, don't know what 2 expect this time, its been 8 years now.
—Guest Third child

water breaking

I woke up at 5am to my waters breaking and started contractions soon as on my first! On my second contractions were first and midwife broke my water whilst in hospital, wondering how my 3rd will go. Hopefully it will be a while yet as only 20 weeks at the mo.
—Guest rachfoo

good argument then pop

I was having a really bad day, had an argument with my husband in a supermarket, (hormones) I wouldn't get into car with him and decided to get bus Home. By the time I got home, I calmed down a lot, although still refused to speak to husband, so it was picture without sound until 7.30pm. At 7.30pm I started on husband again, was standing up in lounge, I felt wetness, thought it was a bit of pee, stopped for a minute then returned to argument. Went to bed after this, felt another sudden gush, yep waters had broken, was forced to make peace, as I had to go to hospital. Good luck everyone
—Guest catriona

Different for each

With my first I was induced, and they broke my water. My contractions became much harder and I had the baby 3 hours later. With my second I was dreaming I was in the bath and my water broke, when I woke up I ran to the bathroom trying not to go, my water had really broke! I cleaned my whole house and took a shower and contractions still had not started. Went to hospital ~8 hrs after water broke & had her 8 hours after that.
—Guest Amber
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