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Readers Respond: Did you have a burst of energy before labor?

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Updated December 14, 2009

Supposedly some women experience the urge to nest or a burst of energy before labor. Before my first baby I spent hours putting plastic over the windows to prevent drafts. Other women talk about wanting to paint the nursery or a sudden urge to pack their bags for the hospital. I've heard about women doing mounds of laundry or sorting baby things. What did you do that was in the category of nesting. Did you just have more energy or did you have a specific project you needed to do?


When I was pregnant the last two times during the end I couldn't stop cleaning I mean dishes mopping you name it I cleaned things that didn't need cleaning weird huh?
—Guest mshershey87


Im 35 weeks and I think my man is nesting for me. He is on it!
—Guest Melissa

Think baby is coming soon:)

I am 35 weeks and my energy level is through the roof! I have done laundry, and talked and texted everyone I know! I am driving my husband nuts because I can't stop my thoughts... Haven't felt like this in almost a year!!!!
—Guest Sara

not this time around...

Im 38 weeks and 1 day into my third pregnancy. I have two beautiful children. My daughter is three and my son is one...thats right i said 1! lol. At the end of my first two pregnancies i nested like crazy!!!! But not this time. I have no energy, tired all the time and all i want to do is eat, sleep and watch tv. I of course do my everday cleaning and cooking and caring for my children. But all that extra stuff... not this time.
—Guest bigmama

Fingers crossed!!

I was up until 1am cleaning my ceiling fans, scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees and wiping down blinds among other things with my first baby. Woke up at 4am with excruciating back pain but thought nothing of it and at 1am the following morning my son was born!!!! I was 39 weeks 4 days. Now last night I stayed up until 3am doing much the same (am 39 weeks 1 day with second)... No back pain or anything yet but fingers crossed labour isn't far off! Totally over being pregnant and I want this baby ouuutt lol
—Guest 39+1

nesting too early?

With my first pregnancy I had just moved into a apt and awaiting the arrival of my niece and nephew I was 7 months I had the urge to just get up and fix everything perfectly couple of weeks later I found out I was in labor the whole time and my water was leaking eek shes a healthy tall 5 yr old girl now though. NOW I'm only 26 weeks and have been cleaning my work office like crazy I don't want my lil man to come this early hopefully he won't tho.
—Guest Savy P

1 Week-16 Weeks

This is my 3rd pregnancy, I found out I was pregnant at around 4 weeks, I started having cravings and doing excessive cleaning which made me think I should go and see if I'm pregnant, with my 1st pregnancy, I was nesting before I found out I was pregnant, it stopped at around 16 weeks then started nesting again at around 35 weeks, 2nd pregancy I did not nest at all and I'm still currently nesting with this 1 and I'm at 15 weeks!
—Guest Kitty

Maybe nesting

I am 38 + 3 woke up around 5am completely cleaned my house from top to bottom until around 10:30am I hate cleaning but just couldn't help myself.. Hopefully it's a sign labor is around the corner I can't wait to hold my baby girl :D
—Guest Bibygirl

Burst of energy at 36 weeks

I am 36 weeks with our 4th, and all of a sudden I started cleaning everything in sight, I vacuumed, and did laundry, I even feel like going for a jog. Through this pregnancy I have been kind of lazy, but when my husband got home last night he was like "holly crap! wow!! I wasn't expecting the house to be clean, Thank you." I don't ever remember having this much energy with my last 3 pregnancies. I was always put on bed rest before I was 21 weeks and still had all of my babies early. But this one WOW!! I even showed the baby in my tummy her bed and her car seat. I also have told her almost everything she got for when she is born. Am I going crazy or what? I still feel like doing laundry. Maybe my older kids laundry needs to be refolded or even done.
—Guest Rebecca

4 days Left

I've had the wonderful back pains since I went to the hospital for preterm labor/contractions over a month ago. I've been completely exhausted since then, but yesterday I was up at 3am, not doing anything at that time, but once my husband left for work. It was a no holds bar for my place. I took everything out of the cabinets in my place and re organized them. I even moved my television around and some other small pieces of furniture. I cleaned my entire bathroom from top to bottom as well as everything else. Vacuumed everything, lysol attacked every hard surface in my home. Re did babies' area. Cleaned up under everything, I'll be getting to laundry this weekend. But now it sucks. I'm totally exhausted again and right back into the cramps and back pain. Hope she decides she wants to come out while it's still SOME WHAT warm outside.
—Guest Elizabeth


It all started at the beginning of this week! I decided it was a good idea to get the polish out which ended with me cleaning the inside of all my windows (to include the frames with flash)! We have just finished decorating most of the house (baby room, eldest room, landing stairs and sitting room). My husband is a professional builder/decorator, so you can imagine nothing is finished! Today my plan is to complete ALL my washing, Move ALL decorating materials, hoover and wash the floors AGAIN (Did it yesterday) & sort through baby clothes AGAIN, just to make sure i have everything.... I'm 32 weeks and I did this two weeks before I had my daughter....ummmm!!
—Guest LC

35 weeks + 4days

OMG. I'm sooo nesting, for the entire pregnancy I have had no energy at all (felt so lazy but really couldn't gather even a muscle twinge) but last night I was woken up by my bump and couldn't get back to sleep (4am+). I was laid in my bed mentally rearranging my entire house! After deciding sleep wasn't going to happen I got up cleaned my fridge/freezer, washer, oven, floors, hoovered, sterilized every surface possible. I feel full of energy! I've had backache for months now but I seem to be able to ignore it today (even though I can still feel it). I've sat and cried at some of the replies, just because I thought they where funny! (I'm not at all, in the slightest, someone who cries EVER!) LMAO Can't wait to see my baby.
—Guest Lisa Trinh

I actually cleaned

My first birth was a relatively high intervention one with a lot of stress surrounding it. I don't remember being very active and maybe it's because I am deliberately trying to forget as much of it as I can! My second doc heard what I was saying and that pregnancy and birth progressed much more naturally. Now as a full-time working mum I make housecleaning my last priority (kids grow up tougher exposed to germs, you know!) It seems to be poetic justice that I noticed labour had started while I was dusting out a tall cupboard at around midnight. Now, why in the world would I have been doing that?
—Guest older mum

Energizer bunny

My sister and I are due same time and I have had this energy for over a month is this nesting? On the other hand my sister has no energy and is extremly tired. She calls me the energyzer bunny and to slow down. This is my 4th child and this pregnancy seems way easier more active and energy. I am 37 week and 4days. Almost there.
—Guest tina

Didn't realize it until afterward!

I woke up early Friday morning with a huge burst of energy and was completely certain there were dangerous germs in the entire house, which was already clean! I washed the washing machine, dryer, dish washer, and coffee pot before my husband told me I was acting crazy and the baby would not get germs from the coffee pot! I went into labor Friday evening and baby was born at 11:58 pm!
—Guest Jessica
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