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Readers Respond: Did you have a burst of energy before labor?

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Supposedly some women experience the urge to nest or a burst of energy before labor. Before my first baby I spent hours putting plastic over the windows to prevent drafts. Other women talk about wanting to paint the nursery or a sudden urge to pack their bags for the hospital. I've heard about women doing mounds of laundry or sorting baby things. What did you do that was in the category of nesting. Did you just have more energy or did you have a specific project you needed to do? Share Your Story

I had it hours before my waters broke

I woke up one morning with bags of energy. I made my partners brekkie, and my own, got ready for the day, tidied the house and sorted my 1 year old son out - all in the space of an hour. I was buzzing - I just sat me down with my brew and my waters went.
—Guest Emily

33 weeks, 3rd day "nesting"

It is Wednesday and since Monday (the week after baby shower) I have cleaned out all closets, got rid of tons of clothes of my sons husbands and mine, cleaned out cabinets in bathroom & kitchen, cleaned out car, purse and all junk drawers. Everyone is telling me to take it easy but I can't stop! How long will this last? Is baby coming early?
—Guest Kristy

Enjoy it while it lasts

Im 35 weeks pregnant and for the last 3 days I've not only had great energy, but been able to breath, lost the pain thats been in my hips and back almost constantly for the last month, and been sleeping great other than getting up to pee. Im guessing its all probably due to the baby dropping, but I'm taking advantage of it while I can. Im sure I'll be miserable in another week (or less?) as my boy packs on weight.
—Guest boyd1

Am i ready for labor?

well I knew something was up when I sat up in bed early this morning and was able to take a deed breath in. it was about 7am I got up and started cleaning and dusting. when I was don't with that I wanted something else to do but then got sick. So I cooked something to eat to ease my stomach. I hope my baby will come soon, I am so ready.
—Guest lindsey roberts

energy burst galore wow

37weeks and 3 days all of a sudden had a burst of energy and i was like omg wow so does that indicate labor next week
—Guest peachie

35 weeks today and lots of energy!

This might be T.M.I. but for 3 days now I have had very bad diarrhea and this morning I woke up at 8am and started cleaning! It is now 2pm and I just finished cleaning! I didn't do this with my 2 boys but with this pregnancy (my first girl) I have all this energy all the sudden?! Don't know what's going to happen but I wish I could see the future lol
—Guest chandra

I need to no

I'm not nesting at all my house is a mess I have a list of wat I want done but haven't really started doing it yet today is 7-29-13 my due date was the 26th ,do I have to have a sign of nesting to be sure labor is coming?
—Guest Shawna

My First

I agree, I am 38 weeks and out the middle of no where today I just started getting all my baby's stuff ready and my mom noticed it and told me that most people who are pregnant and close to going into labor have a burst of energy so yes I believe that this is true.
—Guest Juanita


Im 39 weeks and 4 days I cant sleep and have a butt load of energy but I cant get up and do anything my daughter sleeps in the same room with me and my grandmother sleeps in the living room I really wanba get up and xlean but I dont wanna wake them up idk what to do
—Guest Kayla D

Im having cleaning rampages bad at 38 we

I've been having cleaning rampages and then I'm tired and then its gota be clean..baby is active still and he is a big boy and he is in position and all bags are packed and ready...
—Guest Crystalmama


so this morning I woke up at 4:30 a.m. feeling like blood was courseing through my veins and I can't sit still I feel antsy I'm tired but full of energy and don't know what to do what's going on I am 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant and I'm ready for baby to get here but I feel so weird
—Guest Lindsay


Yh i dd all that during my pregnancy especially as i was getting closer , ironin all th laundry th day it drys etc etc quite fun actually plus th day i was called in to get induced i cleaned th house top to bottom so i have a rest period once th baby is hear !!!!
—Guest Cool

Played ball

Was really lazy with my first but at 37wks 6days, i just had this sudden urge to play ball. I think it was for over 3hrs playing wth the boys. Contractions starte a couple of hours later. Had my baby next day at 6am.
—Guest Yemz

Going crazy @ 33weeks

I'm 33 weeks with my first. The nesting started about 2 weeks ago. I washed all of babies clothes, arranged by months and folded them. Cat slept on them so I did it all over again. I'm doing pocket diapers (cloth), so all the liners have been washed, put pacifiers through sanitizer, cleaned links, packed hosp. bag for baby & I, started on diaper bag, cleaned & rearranged nursery drastically twice plan to do it again. Wake up at 5am clean with Clorox, dishes, counters, floors, baseboards, cabinets, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, then I do a quick cleaning around 11pm...wake up at 5am and do it all again. Sometimes I just crave the scent of Clorox and HAVE to drop everything & clean clean clean. I'm also progressing pretty quickly & it is believed she's coming soon. We will see, nesting is killing my energy level and making me lose sleep! Also I've been over, labled, worked on baby shower stuff with my host almost everyday 2months straight so glad to get it done this weekend!
—Guest Raven


i swear it was like as if i didnt go through pregnancy at all for one whole day. i became so hyper and then the next day i was so much in pain and i started seeing my bloody show...
—Guest Perla Saenz

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