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Readers Respond: When did you lose your mucus plug?

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Updated February 16, 2010

From the article: Mucus Plug
Losing your mucus plug usually get you really excited! Though it is a signal that your body is moving in the right direction, it doesn't mean that labor is going to happen any minute.

When you lost your mucus plug, how much longer was it before your baby came? Did you have contractions on and off for days? Or was it just the plug and awhile before labor started?

is my labor starting early?

This is my first prgnancy so I don't really know what too expect, I am 33weeks 3days today an I have been loosing this mucusy Discharge for a while now, I have also been feeling a lot off presure down in my lower back an bottom, an for the past two days I have had The Flu like symptoms an diorreah, an tonight the cold/hot sweats have started, iam very nurvous an would like some advice if anybody can relate thanks
—Guest jade

Is it over yet?

I'm 38 weeks and 1 day and I've been losing my plug for a few days now and I've been going to the bathroom more and more easily *thank God* but not much else seems to want to progress... Dr didn't check me last apt so I have no clue if I'm dilated or effaced :( tonight is a full moon and everyone keeps on to me that I should have her tonight but I don't feel any different! I've had energy bursts, energetic drops, starving like crazy even when I eat, and I've had pms like crazy... I am more than ready to have her and have the pregnancy over but I'm not sure it'll ever happen! I know it has to, but jeez I'm a wreck waiting... Anyone else feel this bad?
—Guest Andie

29 weeks 4 days

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I just lost part of my mucus plug and I'm only 29 weeks and 4 days. My first was born 2 days early and my 2nd was 5 days late so I guess anything is possible at this point!
—Guest 3rd Time Mom

when will it be?

Im 38.5 a first time mom and been losing my mucous plug 2wks ago and been experiencing menstrual cramps.. Im hoping that my baby would come out today coz i dont wanna give birth on the 29th..hoping and Praying
—Guest aamix

34wks 6d

Lost some 34wks 3days then Lost it completely at 34 weeks 6 days with bloody show, rushed to the doc 2 days later worried. Was only 1cm and 0% effaced.. Am now a week later still waiting. No hurry though. Cramping contractions, a few real ones. Can't hardly walk she's dropped so far. Still got one active baby girl and no true signs she's on her way just yet. Dr doesn't seem concerned. Guess hell check again in another day for effacement and dilation.
—Guest tasialeigh


I thought I'd lost my plug a week ago when I had some short stringy mucus. I think I was mistaken because last night I lost what looked like clear jello, about the size of a small cork. It didn't look mucus-y at all, but I've no idea what else it could be.
—Guest Jodi

Is it time yet?

I'm a week past my due date and lost my plug last night. I haven't had any strong contractions, maybe 10 cramps (like period cramps) in the last 3 days. Doctor's appt in the morning, I hope I don't need an induction...but I hope she decides to come out soon!
—Guest Cassie

When did you lose your mucus plug?

Man we all sound desperate hoping someone can tell us when our baby will come. My first was 2wks late, 2nd lost my mucus plug 24hrs later went into labor, 3rd lost my mucus plug 2wks before I went into labor had and had my 3rd child at 38wks. I am now 36 weeks and just have discharge, lots of braxton hicks front and back which are strong. I know its just my body getting ready for when I eventually do go into labor. Good luck all, this last stretch is always a killer!
—Guest Ren


For over 2 weeks I have been having a discharge clear about a 1/2 tsp multiple times throughout the day, I had to resort to pantie liners, had my 1 st weekly spy my doc said I was 1cm dilated and said my discharge was hormonal changes going on. Well my discharges are still clear but more and more, 2 times with spotting. I am feeling much pressure as if I am having period cramping and tightening can't wait till my next weekly check up in 3 days I think something is going on but don't know! Any advise is appreciated!
—Guest cram

Lost plug

I lost my plug at 2 weeks ago and been having pains everywhere and I'm 1 and half cm.
—Guest ade

37 weeks 5days

Lost a little over the last 2 weeks and then today lost a truck load of gelatinous stringy plug. Dilated 3cm and having tons of contractions. Hope it happens soon.
—Guest Rfoster

Mucus plug

My girlfriend is 32.5 weeks along. Tonight her mucus plug began to come out.
—Guest jacob

39 weeks

Lost my mucus plug and 1 cm dilated 3/5 engaged but no idea when she will come.
—Guest Hayley

38 + 2

Lost my whole mucus plug this afternoon! No cramps or signs of labour yet! Got my fingers crossed something happens this weekend
—Guest jj21

Bits and pieces!!!

I'm 38 weeks and 3cm! I had sex last night and I discharged what I think is most of my mucus plug. It was tinted pink & red and I'm still discharging as of today. I also have loose bowels so maybe labor is very close. I'm not really feeling any major pains but they are light and irregular. I'm just hoping something happens soon.....
—Guest Felicia
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