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Readers Respond: When did you lose your mucus plug?

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Updated February 16, 2010

It has very little meaning

I lost my mucus plug at 35 weeks. I am now 2 days away for my due date and haven't had any real signs of labor.
—Guest anon

Waiting for a sign

I'm 38 weeks & 5 days pregnant but nothing happen until now, I don't feel anything or a sign of labor, I'm so scared even though this is my 2nd time I feel nervous.
—Guest rein

I can't wait to experience it!

I'm a first time mum and 36 weeks 4 days along. I've not lost my mucous plug yet. Can't wait 2 have the experience. It all sounds weird.

how much...?

My little one was due 2 days ago. Over the past 2 days I've been "losing mucous" about a tablespoon each day...does anyone know how much until labor starts?
—Guest MLeeAntro

3r4 weeks today exactly...

I lost my mucus plus last week (33 weeks and 3 days) to be exact. I have also been dealing with these lovely braxton hicks contractions. This week I am seriously nesting (NO JOKE) ;-) I have never had so much energy to clean in my life!!! Excited. I have a feeling she will be here sometime around 36-37.5 weeks. I hope I'm right.
—Guest Mother of 3, Due 10/10.

Hoping to see her soon

Last night I sat down in the car to go to my mother-in-law's with my husband and I felt something wet between my legs. I didn't really pay to much attention to it but went to the bathroom as soon as we arrived. I noticed a lot of clear mucus with no tint of blood or anything else. I kept feeling wet all night and this morning. My baby is very low so I hope this is a sign I have started to dilate. I have also had a lot of pressure on my butt and between my legs, cramps, flu like symptoms, and diarrhea. I'm 36 weeks 3 days pregnant.
—Guest First time mom to baby girl

A matter of hours...

I lost my mucus plug just a few hours before my first daughter was born. I was 36.5 wks and figured we still had a couple more to go. Boy, was I wrong! We arrived at the hospital at 10 pm and our daughter was born at 11:30 pm. It was insane! She was prefectly healthy and weighed over 7 lbs.
—Guest DHutto

Lost my plug

Lost my mucus plug, this morning about 11 am. I am dilated 4 cm and 39+3 weeks. It's now 4:20 pm and nothing yet other than cramping. I did have my membranes swept two days ago my doc said no sex and now it's just a waiting game.
—Guest mom of one


A little light green rubber bandish texture thing was in my underwear 4 days ago, a little more yesterday. I'm guessing mucus plug or some of it but that's it. I'm 38 weeks no baby water breakage or any signs of labor.
—Guest christie

Waiting and Waiting

1st time lost plug 3 weeks before labor and lost more of it the day before. this time I lost bits and pieces yestorday and still some today.
—Guest Brandi

First pregnancy

I lost my whole mucus plug in the evening of December 25th and my water broke at 4am December 29th. My son was born that same day.
—Guest Amy

Haven't lost my plug yet

I am 34 weeks today. This is my first baby and I have been in and out the hospital for two weeks now because my baby keeps trying to come early. He is very low and ready to come but I haven't lost my plug yet but I really hope it happens soon. I'm having contractions everyday.
—Guest fefe

first time experiencing

With my first pregnancy I never lost my mucus plug. Just had contractions on the due date. I'm 37 wks pregnant and start losing my mucus plug about a month ago. No contractions. Just pressure on & off with a little pain here & there. No pregnancy is the same.
—Guest katrina

Little by little

I'm losing my mucus plug little by little. Every time since yesterday afternoon when I go to the bathroom I wipe a little mucus and this morning started wiping the 'bloody show' a little bit at a time. I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow & am already dilated 3cm. I believe I'm having back contractions also, they are about an hour or so apart. I'm getting impatient, hoping labor beings soon!
—Guest jess

No conclusions

I lost my plug about a week and a half ago, and am now 37 weeks... No labor yet; baby has not dropped yet either this is my first pregnancy.
—Guest leah

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