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Readers Respond: When did you lose your mucus plug?

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Updated February 16, 2010

i want him out

I have 2 boys 81/2 n 4. This is boy 3 n need I say this is my last. I didn't notice with either of my boys when I lost it. I'm not sure if I did yet but he's a big baby all I want is for him to say hey today I want to see the world n be born. I sneeze n pee I walk n hurt. As long as he's healthy I guess I can wait
—Guest mum2boysn1moreonway

still no baby

This is.my 4th child I'm 38 yrs old I've.not.lost my mucus plug or my cervix has not open .is something wrong
—Guest ruby dailey

41 weeks and 1 day

Hi I'm 41 weeks and 1 day pregnant, with my second son, losing my plug for a week now, bit of blood in it yesterday. No contrax yet. I just wanna say anyone under 40 weeks- be patient- just remember that according to the World Health Organisation, our gestation period is 42 weeks. I know how hard it is to wait but for me it's been a spiritual lesson of letting go of my way and accepting the way of nature. This thinking will help me for life if I really let go.
—Guest 41 weeks and 1 day

35wks 3days

I got checked the afternoon of 35wks 2days and was 1cm dilated. Had some brownish mucous discharge. Then by morning when I emptied my bladder I lost a huge glob of mucous. Been having braxton hicks and general cramping/back pain. Guess it could be days or weeks! Only time will tell! (This is my first baby.)
—Guest Jenny

38 week 4 days

I'm not sure if I'm having contraction. My back it hurt but doesn't hurt a lot I'm not sure if this is contactions it kinda goes and come back. From a scale 1 to 10 of pain all say is 3 to 4
—Guest Mom

Can't wait...

Lost my plug last Saturday at 38 weeks 1 day. Still waiting for him to come out lol. I have another OB appt tomorrow so we shall see how things progress :)
—Guest Amanda


I am 38 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby I have never carried this long never had a full term baby went to the doctors yesterday got checked an was 4cm got home around 11pm got comfortable used the bathroom around 6am an lost my mucus plug I've been having contractions all night but they stopped my doctors want me to come in but I feel like its a waste of time with no contractions anymore or nothing I'm frustrated an ready to push this baby outta me
—Guest muhmom

34w 1day

I went to the hospital at 32w &1d pregnant with serious dehydration cause by a stomach virus.. They told me i was "a good cm dilated" and that i was having contractions even though i didn't feel them. Then at 33w & 6d pregnant i started having what i think was Braxton Hicks from 6pm till about 12:30am (new years) they were painful but not so bad that i felt i needed to go to the hospital. At around 3:30pm i had a bloody show (34w pregnant) and when i called the doctor on call he said this was normal and not to come in unless my water broke or i started having contractions 3 mins apart.. Am i going into labor soon? -first time mom
—Guest SarahBoyd

when did you lose your mucus plug?

i have been loosing my mucus plug no blood yet but i keep felling contractions some times strong n some are mild. how i wish i no how to begin d labor im kind of tired
—Guest guest .B.

lost mucus plug with my other 2 kids

I'm on my 3rd child (pregnancy) with my son I was 38 weeks lost my mucus plug and the next day he was here, and with my daughter I was 37 weeks and 3 days and lost my mucus plug again the next day she was here...I am 34 weeks 5 days right now leaking my mucus plug .. Should I get checked?
—Guest Kerri

Mucous Plug

I first noticed some clear-ish/brown gelatinous "globs" in my underwear 2 days ago but as I go to pee a few hours ago & wipe I see a more red gel on my toilet paper. It's still continuing like this even 3hrs later but no contractions as of now. All I do know is that this is a preview of labor to come, maybe in the next 24 hrs maybe not for a couple days. The biggest/best adviceive been given is no baths because I'm losing my protective barrier & could develop a serious infection for me or baby!!
—Guest Am I ready?


lost my plug a week ago! never noticed one in either of my previous pregnancies.. I have had contractions on and off but nothing stable...I am now 38 weeks Have tried everything from castor oil to sex to start active labor because i am so done being pregnant, but nothing is working!!! feeling very anxiou and frustrated!
—Guest lisa

Not bloody

I started losing my mucus plug and to two weeks later I am still losing it. I'm 32weeks and 4days it's not bloody or brown its more of a green/yellow like burgers no cramping just mid back pain ! More and more seem to come out though each week
—Guest Babyluna

mucus plug

When i lost micus plug with my first son i went to the hospital about 2 hours later which was about 4 pm and i had him at 1040pm
—Guest mrs. roden


I'm 30 weeks and the last couple of days, I've been discharging white snotty stuff. But I havent droppped yet. Is it my mucus plug?
—Guest noahsmomma

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