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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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From the article: Lightening or Baby Dropping
Lightening is when your baby drops down into the pelvis, lowering in station. This is in preparation for labor. Some women notice that they can breathe more easily but need to pee more frequently. First time babies may drop sooner while subsequent babies might not drop until labor and delivery. When did it happen? How did you feel when it happened? How did you know your baby had dropped? Share Your Story

I think he has just dropped

I'll be 31 weeks on Friday and i feel my baby has jus dropped, i fell really sharp pains in my lower abdomen and vagina, i am finding it difficult to walk and now and again i used the loo, am afraid that my baby will come early
—Guest Rumbidzai

30 weeks

i had to go for an anti-d injection yesterday and the midwife told me that my little boys head is really down there which explained having to live on the toilet lol, she didnt seem to concerned although im a bit stressed about it as my last wee girl came at 29weeks and spent 3 mths in the ICU, safe to say she is doing fine and wi be 3 soon, so hoping this little boy just stays put and cooks a wee bit longer :)
—Guest danielle

40 weeks

i am due baby number 3 tomorow another boy and wow he is a bruiser he fully engaged since 34 weeks pressing down on my sciatic nerve most pain i have ever felt in pregnancy when he will arive no one knows lol
—Guest mummybea

34 weeks

Today I turned 34weeks and private part hurts, lower back , and left butt cheek. All on the same side. Hurts when I get up , when i lay down, walk, put on my clothes. Have doctors appointment in morning . Gonna try and hold off until then. Hopefully everything is okay..
—Guest Shakela

dropped at 32 weeks

He dropped at week 32 nd am carrying so low now, I cnt wait to meet him :)
—Guest kayla

im 38 weeks

my baby drop 35 weeks ago I cnt wait to hold hm with my gentle hands!
—Guest kitty

Why when under 38 weeks...

Wanting my bub to come now and i am 37 weeks, doctors were looking at inducing me as i got a rare skin condition called puppps and it drives you insane you cannot scratch enough. Nothing and i mean nothing works! I tried everything! The only thing that has helped a little was an oral steroid which i was a little hesitant to take but at that point would try ANYTHING. I wasnt sleeping my anxiety and stress levels were through the roof. I didnt leave the house because i had these big welt like rash. I became depressed and wasnt even looking forward to having him anymore i just wanted him out.
—Guest Amber

im 36weeks pregnant

im 36 weeks pregnant my baby move fast before last few months ago..bdvif i rub she responce.but now even i rub play song she did not responce nd my ultrasound she was in breech position..my doctor said im gonna be a c-section..my two child is normal delevery..alot of change right niw ifeel most hurt than before...idont know if this is a dign of labor...
—Guest marygrace

33 weeks

I find it harder to lay down I'm caring her so low it hurts to lift my feet to put in my clothes and shoes and little thing I urine every 5 min hips hurts even when I'm trying to sleep from side to side I find it harder with my 2 baby girl than my first baby girl it's rough but I can't wait till she come 53 days is long to me
—Guest Gina

35 weeks pregnant

im 35 weeks pregy and ifeel something change the last few weeks my baby move fast but now she move bad not like before that fast now so slow..nd sometimes if she move my left side hurt..nd i wake up this morning my leg hurt feels like i walk all night my hips hurt...idont know what to do ..mstly if i rub my tummy my baby responce before but now she did not ..
—Guest grace

first time mommy

How do u knw when ur bby droped ?? Im 33w n 4d n i been feeling like ima start my period i been having so much pressure dwn there for 2 weeks ..im so clueless
—Guest tina

39th wk

i'm almost in my 39th weeks of pregnancy, I know 4 sure dat my baby has dropped, i fil lik 2 pee evrytime, as if my baby's hed is pushing down d urine lol. I can't wait 2 carry my first baby.
—Guest sylvia

baby dropped

i got told my baby dropped last week 36 weeks i have a lot of pubic pain like hot knives and a constant pain in my right side like the baby is on a nerve
—Guest angie

34 weeks today

I lost my plug dead on a wk. Ago. And I'm having lots of pain in my pelvis shooting pain up my legs hips 2 I can't move went in bed it takes me all tym. To get up. I had 2 children last year and I got a 3 yr. Old 2. My doctor sed the baby head down but not if u no wat I mean my pain bin there for weeks does any 1 no wat it is ???????
—Guest kirsty

34 weeks and dropped

34 weeks and 3 days baby dropped... alot of hip pain and alot of pressure stomach has alot of room at the top... thats how i knew he dropped
—Guest Princess B

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When did your baby drop?

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