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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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Updated May 23, 2009

From the article: Lightening or Baby Dropping
Lightening is when your baby drops down into the pelvis, lowering in station. This is in preparation for labor. Some women notice that they can breathe more easily but need to pee more frequently. First time babies may drop sooner while subsequent babies might not drop until labor and delivery. When did it happen? How did you feel when it happened? How did you know your baby had dropped? Share Your Story

Severe Hip Pain!!!

It feels like my hip is popped out of place...the baby dropped and is in position but the pain is unbareable and hurts worse on my right side when I walk or stand up goes all the way from my hip into my leg...I am 35 weeks and not suppose to go into labor since this is my 3rd C-section.
—Guest Linda Woods

20 weeks today

I'm so ready for this to be over with , never will I get pregnant again, its to much ,but I'm ready to meet and greet my son ,chase
—Guest dineisha

pressure on my bladder

I sure knw my baby has dropd cos now I cnt even walk straight again, is as if I do I will pee on mysef. And d rate at which I use d loo s jst alarming, to slip at nyt also s nw very difficult.I am 36week 6days today.Jst can't wait to hold my little man in my arms lyk I did with my first.
—Guest Vicky


if u hav a drop that look like vigina discharge around nine months of pragancy its mean dat uare ready to dilivr ur baby
—Guest paschal the gentle-dove

33wks 3days

This is my 4th child and the little man decided drop 3wks ago, so much pelvic pressure to the point it hurts to walk (and only getting worse) as the weeks progress, I rest as much as possible with my 3 year-old running around. But I have always gone 2-3 wks early, so with all the pain I've been feeling these last few weeks, I'm hoping I make it to at least 37wks.
—Guest 4xmamma

did my boy drop early

I'm 28 weeks n a week ago I just felt my boy turning head down n he droped so low I can't walk normaly, I pee all the time it hurts when he moves his head around I feel like I will pee on myself this is my first baby I'm just wondering if its normal
—Guest rosy

did my boy drop early

I'm 28 weeks n a week ago I just felt my boy turning head down n he droped so low I can't walk normaly, I pee all the time it hurts when he moves his head around I feel like I will pee on myself this is my first baby I'm just wondering if its normal
—Guest sosy

33wks pregnant

My 3rd bby right down and keep getting every sharp pains what it mean
—Guest Tracy

best doc

31 weeks now in the mornings it feels like my v will fall out so I asked my doctor and he explained the pain before I could get it out and he said it was normal because of all the baby weight and pressure law of gravity I guess I feel your pain ladies hurts so bad but our babies will be beautiful can't wait:)
—Guest n j

32 weeks

Not sure what's going on inside me but after reading all the comments I do believe my son is in the process of dropping. He's not kicking but I can feel turning, pressure and pinches very low in my abdomen. My hips, back and cervix are really starting to bother me. All I can really do right now is rest. This sucks.
—Guest FTM to baby Wilson


I'm so tired of being pregnant 37 weeks now n want her to b born already. I can't sleep, sit cz my back is aching. I get period pains, hard to turn over in bed but I'm so horny. With the pain in my virgina feels like my bones have shifted. please baby mom is waiting soon soon soon
—Guest Ms Em

33 wks 6 days

I am 33 wks 6 days, this is our first child, i thought that she had dropped yesterday, i noticed it when i was looking in my profile in the mirror, last night i had heartburn really bad. This morning she seems to be high again, she has now seemed to be low again. I haven't done anything all day. I also had to pee alot yesterday, and went poo alot too. Last night when i was laying in bed on my left side(it hurts on my right), it felt like she was bouncing up and down on her head, it kinda hurt. I have had pain my whole pregnancy, have had contractions in the hospital(dehydration), and didn't know i was having them because i couldn't feel them. I am getting a little scared that i won't know when i go into labor because i haven't been feeling any contractions(even braxton hicks), but alot of back pain and hip pressure is normal for me because that has been the constant pain my pregnancy.
—Guest llewis

33 weeks 5 days

I'm 33 wks 5 days w/ my 3rd child. I didn't feel my previous children drop, both went post term 41 weeks and had to be induced. Took a nice warm bath tonight and after felt the baby twisting & sharp pain in my cervix. My belly seems slightly lower, I can breath much easier, and fetal movements are much lower, no more pressure in my ribs. Hopefully i will not have to be induced and will finally experience labor on my own. Good Luck Mommy's!
—Guest Delilah

35 weeks

my baby has been head down since 28 weeks but at my week 31 apt was told he very very low and dropped I feel so much pain in my hips like hes trying to break me in half I get pain in my belly near my belly button to and the having to go to the bathroom more now sucks cant sleep well cant find a good spot to lay and be comfy
—Guest nikki

mommy of 5

I am 36 weeks 5days.last Dr exam he told me he could feel baby's head an that she had hair I am dialted 1-1.5 cm. I have been having very bad lower back pain an vaginal pains an major pain in my anus. I have been induced with my other pregnancy. Dose any one have a clue
—Guest sid

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When did your baby drop?

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