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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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Updated May 23, 2009

I have had enough!!!

At 37 weeks and my baby I head down. I still feel like she is sitting on my chest. Maybe it may be her legs kicking my breast bone! I feel immense pain in my vagina and legs almost that someone has kicked me. No immediate signs of labour yet! Good luck guys!!!
—Guest Guest Fiz

my baby dropped at 32 weeks

This is my first pregnancy and ever since my baby dropped I pee like six times before day breaks, while my back and groin hurt every now and then.
—Guest adelaide

not even close

I'm 38 weeks 3 days with baby #1 and he's kinda dropped but not all the way and its really bumming me out.
—Guest mandy

35weeks and Baby just dropped

I am pregnant with baby #4 and she just dropped a few days ago. My back is killing me, when I sleep I am up every 2 hours on the dot to pee. And now I have an all new pain in my legs and upper groin muscles. I can't sleep cause I am up cleaning or peeing. I am ready for her now. All my babies have been 18-21 days early!!
—Guest April

No longer worried

After reading the other Mum's stories I am no longer worried that I have dropped at 32 weeks. This is my 4th pregnancy, my 1st daughter was breech & so I had a c-section but had a natural delivery with the next 2 beautiful girls. I can't remember them dropping so early or so quickly as this one though. Glad to hear that it doesn't mean I'll have a premature baby.
—Guest Kathy

When am I going to drop?

I am 37 weeks and my baby still hasn't dropped! I can't sleep breath or anything, I'm so ready to have this baby it's ridiculous!!!!
—Guest megan

Dropped at 37 weeks

I am pregnant with my second baby and at exactly 37 weeks he dropped down causing me intense menstrual like cramps and back labour. My back hurt so much I could hardly move. It took 2 days then after that I felt perfectly fine and normal, in fact I felt almost better than before. Now I am 38 weeks and waiting for labour to begin.
—Guest af

My first baby.

I was 37 weeks pregnant when I saw the show, few hours later the contraction started, on my way to the hospital my water broke & the baby started coming out immediately. i held her head in my hands till we got to the hospital. With the assistance of the nurses I delivered her in the car at the front of the maternity. It was an amazing experience.
—Guest priscilla

Bladder control.....haha there isn't any

I'm 36 weeks and my baby dropped about a week and a half ago and I'm in the bathroom ever half hour or so. Don't really get much done.

So noticeable for me.

My son (my 1st) started dropping at almost 30 weeks, and completed it at 32 weeks. I noticed the day after he started dropping. Now I have to pee during sleep time (never never used to) and it feels like my belly is running into my lap all the time.
—Guest Kristina

37 weeks !!!

I am 37 weeks old and my baby boy seems to have too much good time in my womb, since he is refusing to engage. But I don't feel the need to panic about this, I guess when the time is right I will figure out myself.

I can breathe!

I knew he was in the right position at 32 weeks because I had an ultrasound after some bleeding. Two days later, he dropped. My heartburn went away and I could breathe again! It was fabulous! Now I am at 34 weeks and the baby's head is on my bladder making me incontinent... not so much fun! I want him to stay in there as long as he needs to, but I am so ready to meet the little guy!
—Guest Gib's mom

Just relax

This is my forth baby and when they are ready you will know and feel the difference.
—Guest cyntra

don't worry ladies...we'll do it!

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and my doc said if I go another 2 weeks, she will be absolutely fine if I went into labor because by 37 weeks, the baby's lungs are fully developed and the only thing after that is the baby putting on weight. So please don't freak out when your doc says you will have the baby 1 week early...as long its after 37 weeks-your baby is considered term. GUIDE NOTE: Spontaneous labor after 37 weeks is term, the problem lies in induction or scheduled c-sections prior to 39 weeks. This type of birth runs the risk of a late preterm baby and without a medical need is not justified.
—Guest jj

It's a guessing game

I didn't feel my first drop, but with my second I thought I was in labor with what felt like a 3 hour long contraction which turned out to be her head engaging at around 36 weeks. This 3rd pregnancy the head had not engaged and I am 36 weeks.
—Guest Mummy
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