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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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Updated May 23, 2009

30 weeks

My baby boy dropped at 30+2 weeks. It felt like pressure on both hips and a dull but strong ache in my lower back. I'm now 30+5 weeks and woke up with stretch marks on my lower stomach. I've been having menstrual like pains in my vagina and a on-and-off ache in my back. The pain in my vag is enough to make me jolt up but not to bad and doesn't last long. Hopefully my little boy will hold off till 37 weeks!
—Guest Ashley

Dropped before 34 weeks

I dropped sometime before 34 weeks. First child. Didn't know until a bout of false labor landed me under observation (regular contractions 3 minutes apart but no cervical dilation). I am 36 weeks and two days now, and have had daily cramping and back ache ever since. Here's hoping she holds in till week 37! The doctors told me she could hold on till 42! Lol!
—Guest Halebop

18 weeks

I am only 18 weeks and my baby girl is in my pelvis. I'm not sure if this is normal but the dr hasn't said anything about it. This is my 3rd child and I've never had this problem. Does this mean I may go in to labor early? :/
—Guest Cindy

39 weeks and 5 days

Pregnant with my second baby girl. My bellys dropped and my pelvic bone is so painfull. I vacumed and moped today and its made it worse. Im booked to get induced in a week. that will make me 41 weeks hoping and praying she comes before then had all the signs apart from period pains.
—Guest cassie

I'm 36 weeks

I had a Dr appointment today and I told her I was having sharp pains in the vag area and was having discomfort urinating .All she said was did you go into labour on your own with the other 2 I said yes she said okay good....what does that mean? both my babies were born at 37 weeks but never had these symptoms

30 weeks

This is my second baby, this time I am having a girl. This entire pregnancy has been so much more difficult than with my son. And now my little girl is in position and it kinda feels like my pubic bone is just going to fall to the floor. I'm in so much pain I can barely walk. Even repositioning in bed hurts. My 3 year old constantly wants to climb on top of me or have me carry him, my dog thinks his place is on my stomach, and house work just keeps piling up. And it will continue to, cause if walking or standing hurts this bad, the freakin house work can wait.
—Guest Tiffany

Baby has dropped at 38 weeks!!

I have had a great pregnancy besides the first few months of morning sickness.. I am 39 weeks now but dropped last week and I have only dilated to 2 cm. I have noticed pain when I sit for too long, hip and leg pain. Knee pain when I slip and my stomach looks like its sagging. Also I think I am going through what they call the "bloody show" Hoping this baby girl comes the last month is the hardest!
—Guest Cheryl20

33 weeks, family hx of going early

My little guy just started dropping the other day and I'm so thankful! My heartburn and breathing were getting so bad. As someone who is used to heartburn and asthma - treated well without medication - that's saying a lot. For the woman who rudely commented that anyone hoping their baby would come early should "suck it up" because their baby's lungs aren't ready yet, I'm amazed at your psychic skills! Here's the thing: babies in the womb mature at different rates, just like any other baby. Some babies are ready earlier than others. I have a friend who spontaneously went into labor at 36 weeks. Her little guy was 7 pounds and perfectly healthy. No NICU time, and they were sent home in the same time frame they would have been if he'd come at 40 weeks. He was just ready "early". There's no way to know and nothing wrong with wishful thinking that preggo discomforts might end sooner rather than later. We're not masochists.
—Guest nineight7

39 weeks

I have been having this pain for about 3 weeks. My baby dropped about a month ago.
—Guest Steph

Dropped at 28 weeks

My cervix is already dilated 1cm. And my baby has dropped! I'm 19 years old, first baby and it's a girl . The doctor put me on bed rest also and every time I stand too long I get a sharp pain in my lower stomach! It's scary. My doctor said she can come at anytime so they gave me a steroid shot to help her lungs mature faster.
—Guest Melanie

33 weeks

I am 33 weeks and my baby has dropped how long do you go into labour after your baby drops?
—Guest Kirsty

32 Weeks

This is my first pregnancy and it's a girl. She dropped last week and it is soo painful. I am so nervous that she will come early before she is developed fully and before her dad is back in America! It takes 30-60 mins for me to get out of bed for work because of the sharp and dull pains. Sitting in a chair can hurt too especially when she's moving around. ()
—Guest Soleil

33 Weeks 4 days

My baby started dropping at the beginning of 32 weeks and the doctor said that's fine it could still be weeks till delivery. He now feels so low it can hurt to sit down and have to pee all the time I feel like hes still trying to push down and it hurts so bad I think he will be a few weeks early hopefully not before 36 or 37 though.
—Guest guest!

Baby's head engaged at 35 weeks

I can not stop going to the loo and immense pressure on pelvis and lower back....I just want the labour pains to start now as the pelvic bone feels its being pulled with my baby's movement. Sharp pains in the uterus also they can be described as very painful Brixton Hicks...had gone to dr who said I had a urine infection and discharge which was extremely white was thrush...if I hadn't got this checked out at 34 weeks, I would have gone into preterm labour .... But now after medication the frequent going to the loo hasn't changed and I know baby will be coming soon xxx
—Guest Jojo

My baby had dropped by 33 weeks

I had my first child last year and according to the obstetricians he had dropped (well, they called it "engaged", 2/5) by 33 weeks. (I'm not sure when he dropped as it was several weeks between visits.) My belly looked small, but that's partly because he was sitting so low. Had Braxton Hicks contractions from before that time until the birth, and some of them were quite intense. He came on his due date, so I would not worry, dropping early and Braxton Hicks does not necessarily mean your baby is coming :)
—Guest Rachel

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