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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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Updated May 23, 2009

30 weeks, something wrongg?***

Im 30 weeks pregnant with a girl, my first child. And i've been experiencing alot of pelvic pain the last week or so and now the last two days i've barely felt her move. Makes me nervous. Im pretty sure its not normal.
—Guest Breanna

Back pain

My back hurts and pelvic bones all day but my stomek looks the same what is going on lol
—Guest Maggie


Well im 34weeks today I went to hospital last Sunday got admitted in and stayed until Wednesday when I was in there my Doctor told me I was 1cm dialated and that my son has dropped.they gave me 2 shots of steroids to go ahead and mature his lungs incase hes born early and now I have to be on bedrest and pelvic rest until hes born and this is my first baby and they said give it 2 more weeks or less and he will be here they said he's way down there and the cramping pains and vagina pains are unreal
—Guest April

36 weeks 5 days

Dont think ive dropped yet. Everybody keeps tellin me im carryin really high. I swear i have lil feet lodged up under my right ribs. Cant get at a comfortable temp. Feel like imma die of heat stroke before long. Soo ready for this baby to get here. Dont get me wrong i want her to be healthy but i miss my toes! And i would LOVE to be able to wash my lower legs/feet without sitting down in the shower. For like the past week i keep completely losing feeling in my legs. Its like i have no bones in my legs. Peeing ALL the freaking time. And having this really weird tingle/tickle/pressure whilst peeing (not real sure how to explain it.) I even get it when not peeing. Then feelin like i have to poo and not being able too and it hurting to try. Im just ready for it to be OVER. Seriously i want her to be healthy but i have just about reached my limit. Goin to the ob thursday for appointment. Hoping for good news.
—Guest linzey

37 weeks

I'm 37 weeks, and my story is somewhat similar to the rest of u ladies, I have contraptions already but they are not close or strong enough for actuall labor. I pee alot at night and it gets so frustrating because every movement I make while getting up, my pelvis hurts so bad as I turnig and pulling up, even moving my legs. Yepp, it's awful. I talked with my OB about these issues and he wants me to hold off another week before he induces me.
—Guest Jackie

32 weeks

I think she dropped I can feel this ball between my pelvis bones when I walk, it's really getting hard to move around and I get mild contractions and sharp pains in my vagina! But I ask the dr how will I know if she dropped he said bcos it's my first pregnancy she will probably drop at 38 weeks. Im not sure what to think what he tells me or what my body tells me.
—Guest Maryamj

giving birth early is definitely scary

My first was a boy i had him between 34 & 36 week gestation after going into preterm labor which started at 24 weeks. I gave birth to a 7 lb 8oz baby boy who i thought would have been healthy. My son got transfered to another hospital and spent 3 mo in the NICU. He came home with a feeding tube which he had for a year and a half after he came home. Giving birth to a baby early or just wanting to because you cant bear the pain is not worth going into labor until he is ready. For all you woman who have lil complaints of the pain of movement hurting u plz keep in mind that every min your baby stays inside you the healthier your baby will be. My son almost lost his life his heart rate was 240 beats a min and had to be put on 95% oxygen. so plz keep in mind that it can happen to anyone who gives birth early. Endure the time your lil one is in the womb it just means your lil one will be that much more healthier.
—Guest shanna

34 Weeks-new off Modified Bed Rest

Last night I was sitting and felt this horrible stabbing, sharp pain in my pelvic bone which made me feel like I have to pee, so I sat on the pot and felt her twist her body and slide down about 3 inches at least! I just knew what was happening! And tmi but at the same time my insides were reorganized (including better breathing) but I did nothing but go number 2 for almost 45 minutes!!! Today I am breathing easier but having to learn how to walk again haha!
—Guest Desiree

when my baby dropped

I am currentley 32 weeks 5 days and this is my second baby girl. My baby has been head down for a month and this morning dropped downl.l Haven't had any labor progression though so everything is good that way just uncomfortable pressure now
—Guest Amanda

35 weeks

I am 35 weeks today, had really bad backache this morning and a heavy feeling between my legs, like everything is going to fall out! Had lots period like pain with my bump going very tight, on and off. this evening I still have that dull ache, and my bump has dropped it looks like a slide from side on with my belly button faceing the floor! dont know if I am going to go full term as my mid wife said last week i was 3/5 head engaged. got her again Wednesday so will see what she says then...
—Guest soffia


Im 36 weeks in everything hurts on my body I pee at least 30 times a day ...in up all night... When I walk it feels like everything is gonna drop out of me
—Guest 37 weeks

Baby dropped at 29 weeks

I am now 34 weeks and the sharp pain has gotten much worse over the last two weeks. Its agonizing to just turn in bed!! It hurts more on my right side than left. Seeing my doctor tomorrow, hopefully he will ease my mind.
—Guest Mum2boy

36 weeks

This is my first pregnancy with my babygirl Erin and I know she has dropped. But i do not feel any pain besides the sharp pain in my vag. I keep walking and walking to hopefully see if she will come out soon. But i guess the more i rush her , the more she takes her sweet little time lol.
—Guest Robyn

39w1d Baby Dropped

All at once I stood up and felt her drop pretty significantly. It feels like my pelvic bones are being pushed open and there is a lot more pressure. Last ob appt she was a station +2 and 1cm and 75% effaced. I'm sure she's lower now. Only a matter of time :)
—Guest FtmApril2012

3rd child (13 years later)

I am pregnant with my 3rd child. My other 2 boys are 13 & 15. Both of them were 2 weeks early and weighed almost 10pds! I didn't drop with either one of them. This time I feel my baby's head way down low. I have had trouble for months now with the menstrual cramps and pressure!!! He (yes, another boy) was nonstop moving and moving his head into place. Things have been quiet for the last 2 hours with no signs of labor! I am 35 weeks and READY TO GO NOW!
—Guest Christine

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