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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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Updated May 23, 2009

Week30; When Head Dropped

My pregnancy is a joy compared to a lot of other moms I have talked too & at Week 30 I was 99% sure the babies head had dropped. At times I would have to use breathing techniques cause the pain on my uterus was discomforting as I could feel it stretch for several weeks in advance, & the pressure in my abdominal area was just annoying, but one night after his activity had dimmed down, It felt like a giant relief of my abdominal area, as he swiveled around like he used months prior. . Next I went to the doctors to find out his head was down, but when I went to the next appointment he was lying sideways, so I don't think 'head down' is necessarily a sign that he is coming soon, but you will definitely feel some degree of pain in your uterus expands in order to compensate for your growing baby. Then again... I am no professional so continue to do your reading, and keep a baby blog for yourself as your pregnancy progresses.
—Guest Sabrina

i dropped at 35 weeks

This is my first child, and I am so excited. looking forward to labor. My baby dropped days ago and I feel pressure on my butt and vagina when I walk ,sit or stand. I’ve been waddling because I can’t close my legs because it give me pain, so I feel like a penguin. But you know I just can’t wait to hold my little girl in my arms. this is the best experience ever.
—Guest Mai


I’m 32 weeks on Sunday and my belly dropped 3 days ago. With my first I had to be induced at 40 weeks and didn't drop at all. I was laying in bed and could feel sharp pains against my cervix and woke up the next morning and my belly was super low, now I’m peeing every 20 min and doing the double duty way more now. . I just want to know if this means I’m going to go into labor soon or not. I have another appt in 2 and half weeks and that's just too long to wait to find out. Though I know he should stay in there for another month or so, I just want to meet him!!!
—Guest mom2b-again

I dropped 2 days ago

I'm 32 weeks with my first pregnancy my baby has just dropped. I have the feeling of baby falling out... Cramps, needing to poop and pee all the time and a small amount of blood. GUIDE COMMENT: Call your practitioner immediately, these are signs of preterm labor.
—Guest Lee

Still haven't dropped

I'm 35 weeks today with my second daughter. I don't remember when I dropped with the first one, but I was 3 weeks early. I'm wondering if this pregnancy will be the same. I can't wait!!
—Guest Sunny

Pains but only 35 1/2 weeks

Back pain, feels like pressure but who knows. I'm having to pee every five minutes, baby girl has been head down for some months, just waiting for the day.
—Guest stephanie

35 weeks

I'm on my kid number 3 and every time I move I feel him pushing down and the pains just get worse and the sickness but its almost time...
—Guest Katie


I am 37 weeks and my son has dropped, I can't wait to have him so I can stop having all this pain in my back, if only I knew when.
—Guest Rachel

Dropped at 32 weeks

I'm pregnant with my second child. I never felt my first child drop, but this time I've felt every little pain. It's caused more back pain than ever. I'm 34 weeks today and hoping for a normal birth.
—Guest carl

My baby Girl dropped at 31 weeks

I'm 34 weeks. I don't remember with my other 2 children when I dropped as I had them early. This will be my third c-section as I've had preclampsia my first was at 32 weeks, my son at 37 weeks. I have been booked in 2 weeks to have this bubba at 38 weeks but thinking I'll go early again.
—Guest Emma

39 weeks 3 days

I'm 39 weeks & 3 days & my baby still hasn't dropped :( This is my first pregnancy and I was kinda hoping that she was gonna come a bit early but here it is 4 days until my due date and nothings happening ; I don't know if I even have Braxton hicks and if I do I don't feel them! I hope everything ok & things start kicking in soon !!!!!
—Guest Shawntel

Heartburn Gone!

I am now at 34 weeks and 6 days and this is my first baby. He or she has dropped as of yesterday I can breathe again and have no more heartburn! It's so exciting. Lots of braxton hicks contractions and spotting now if I do too much in a day. The doctor said the spotting is nothing to worry about, and I have an ultrasound in 2 weeks to find out how big baby is because I got mild gestational diabetes. Looking forward to our big day, I want to meet him or her so bad!
—Guest Amy

Dropped at 32 weeks 6 days

I didn't notice I had dropped. My mom and grandmother both mentioned that I was dropping so when I had my appointment I mentioned it to the doctor and sure enough he had dropped and I was thinning out as well. This is my second child I never felt anything with my 1st except for him kicking me.
—Guest Shavon

35weeks 2nd baby

My first dropped around 40 weeks! And was induced at 42...stubborn little man. Now with #2 (girl) she dropped at 34 1/2 weeks. Lots of discomforts now-peeing so many times at night and now my groin area aches, and braxton hicks are harder and back aches. I hope to hang in there to 37 weeks at least. :)
—Guest Amber

34 Weeks!

I am 35 weeks this is my 2nd child and she dropped at 34 weeks because now I can feel the back pain coming along and I am already having false labor contractions and have been in the hospital 3 times for it! It is really weird to see your belly drop but it is part of the pregnancy process!
—Guest Jessica
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