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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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Updated May 23, 2009

I'm due in 3 days

I'm getting pains on my right side and down low which really hurts. My doctor said that his head is in place but my cervix are still high and I'm not dilating at all. I feel all of your pains lol and I surely am done being pregnant. Ughhh is my only response because being this uncomfortable stinks!! Good luck all and hopefully he will want to come out and meet me, daddy, and his big brother soon :)
—Guest MommyOf1ndAHalf

29 weeks

My baby dropped right at 29 weeks, just a day after my doctor appointment. I noticed I suddenly had to go pee WAY more often than before, but didn't think too much about it. Then when several people commented that it looked like my belly had gotten lower, it finally occurred to me - "Oh, baby must have dropped!" Sure enough, the next morning I woke up with a lot of pain in my pelvis. It hurts to move and walk now. I was already carrying really low. Now I'm just worried about the baby coming too early! I'm eager to see him, but not this soon! I want him to be healthy. I called my doctor and she didn't seem too concerned though, just told me to watch for contractions, but that the baby dropping early is normal, as well as the pain I'm experiencing. I think my baby is just being impatient, haha. :) But he'll get here soon enough. Just hopefully when the time is right.
—Guest Alyssa

my gynecologist might be wrong

At 28 weeks he has been telling me my baby head as dropped. This gives me lots of concern but to the glory of God now am 35 weeks and I can't feel his head down yet but he is in the position he suppose to be. I thank God
—Guest lollypop

35 Weeks

I am there with you ladies!! LOL!! I believe my little man has dropped because I woke up yesterday and I was actually able to breathe! It was a wonderful feeling not feeling like my lungs were being smashed!! I am just praying that he turns in time for deliver which I know he will in Jesus' name. Right now, it just hurts like crazy when I get up from sitting or laying down and when I walk. There's all this pressure and my hips just feel funny. They call me Sister Waddle at church because Oh my goodness, walking is not the same! LOL! All in all, I am just glad my little man is doing good and I am waiting for when he's ready to enter the world! Right now we're on his time, so I know he'll be ready!! This is my first baby and I'm sooooo excited!!!

39+4 not sure.

I'm not sure if my babys head as dropped think might happened yday as was experienceing a lot of back ache, plus my tummy looks different, still tence, also I was having pressure down below as if my daughter was pushing down really hope she comes on her due date so fed up, I hope her head has dropped.
—Guest nicky

breathing problem

I'm 37 weeks prego my baby didn't drop yet and I'm having difficulty breathing
—Guest guest first baby

35 weeks

I am 35 weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy. I am nervous and have no clue about any of this. I think my baby has dropt but not for sure. My stomach.isnt touching my boobies. Have pain like crazy. Everywhere:back, side,stomach. Feels like my guts are coming out. I am in the bathroom all the time. Feels like i have to throw up,but it just want come out. What should i do.? Or what going on.? HELP!!!
—Guest Michelle

not sure

I have been waddling around from severe pelvic pain since week 28. Im almost 34 and a half weeks now and just started the hip/sciatic pain in bed about a week ago. I have to switch sides constantly. And braxton hicks have become more painful but i just don't feel like she will be here any time soon. Im sure i will make it another 3-4 weeks. Someone made a comment in earlier posts that its wrong for us all to wish our babys would be here soon and i think i speak for more than just myself when i say no i don't want her delivered before its completely safe, i just want the weeks to pass faster because some of the pains are unbearable and theres no way im going to take potentially harmful pain medication. Besides im very excited to hold my baby in my arms! :)
—Guest jlj

32 weeks and 3 days

I dropped 4 days ago and am trying to keep baby in longer..am dialated 2 cm and he is measuring 2 weeks bigger via u/s and having intense back pain..abdominal cramping and a cervix that hurts
—Guest cindy

EverythIng in between

I'm 34&1 day an I have been totally miserable for the last 4 weeks. For about a month now I have developed a hernia in the groin from the weight. I am not over weight this is just a low heavy baby apparently. At my 32 week ultrasound she was weighing 4 1/2 pounds (above average) so Sept 19th is my 36 w US and we have come to the decision when she hits 7.5 pounds she's out. Heart burn sometimes is so bad I feel it all the way through my chest so maybe it's indigestion. Water aggravates it. I always feel like my bladder is full but I can't pee barely anything! No infections either. BH aren't really painful just tight and I can't breath for 20-25 seconds. Leg cramps through the night. I feel her way at the bottom!!! And she moves and i feel it on my butt too. Last week my tail bone has been so painful. Now my lower back and waist are BURNING. I seriously just want to give up. This is my second baby. First was A DREAM. Not one pain or issue. :(
—Guest Melissa


I think the drop happened while I was sleeping. I woke this morning with sharp pain and pressure on my pubic bone. This is my first baby so when I noticed pain, I Googled it and found. Out that this happens to many women.
—Guest Annette

aches and pains

i am 34weeks pregnant its my 3rd pregnancy i have bad stitches down low now and then my hips ache my right leg up the top aches i think it cyatic nerve im out of breath can hardly bend down and im eating zantac like tic tacs for the horrific heart burn and they say pregnancy is wonderful i want it over with lol
—Guest julie


Im 27 Weeks 1cm and 50% affaced the doc said they can feel the babys head down now when I walk I feel lots of pressure
—Guest babyface

dropped baby

I am 38 weeks and my baby girl dropped at 32weeks. One night I had horrible hot flashes and night sweats with stabbing pain in my lower back and pelvis and couldnt sleep, I thought it was the horrible heat that night but when I woke up the next morning the baby had dropped into my pelvis and she has been there since. Its horribly uncomfortable and I am very miserable and I pray every day my water breaks so I can have my bladder size back. I just dont understand why this baby dropped into my pelvis so early if she is going to make me wait to until after my due date.
—Guest nessa

34 Weeks

Didn't even know what 'the baby dropping' was until it happened. Was driving and felt a significant downward movement of my first little girl. Suddenly I could breathe and it felt amazing! But of course it put pressure on other things that were uncomfortable. Last night woke up to several painful contractions but they have slowed today. Baby is still moving a lot but it feels completely different - my ribs are getting a break! :) Left a message with my doctor to find out if he wants me to come in or wait another two weeks. Good luck to all the other expectant moms!
—Guest KelsiV

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