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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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Updated May 23, 2009

Dropped at 38+4

With my first I don't remember dropping. With my second I dropped at 42 weeks and my water broke about an hour later. Labor started about 5 hours after my water broke and she was born after a 3 hour labor! Now pregnant with my third and she just dropped tonight at 38+4. We'll see what happens. Feel like I'm carrying a bowling ball between my legs.
—Guest mamatoz

Still nothing at 39+ wks

I'm in my 40th week and still haven't dropped. Some days it seems like she's dropped in the afternoon but by the next morning she's back high again. First baby.
—Guest Britt

Thirty three wks..

My little man dropped at thirty three weeks I feel a lot of pressure off my abdomen and can breathe a lot better. I'm thirty seven weeks now peeing every five minutes and waiting for his arrival. Good luck to all the soon to be mommies.
—Guest Desiree

35 weeks pregnent

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and I feel like the baby has dropped to my thigh can't walk long distance or stand 30 minutes I'm so tired. This is my 2nd baby!
—Guest mageba

30 weeks

This is my first pregnancy and I'm having a little boy. I have carried low pretty much the whole time but like for the past week I have been having a lot of pressure on the vagina area its like I feel him down there! I pee every five minutes literally and having really bad lower back pains all the time! I don't know if he has dropped but I don't see me doctor for another week and a half.

31 wks Dropped

This is my second child (although its been 10 years, so it feels like the first because I don't remember much about the pregnancy). In the middle of the night the other night, I had a lot of sharp and dull pains but did not feel like contractions at all. Over the next 4-5 days, people that have been around me on a wkly basis for my entire preg all started commenting how much lower I'm carrying now and I never told anyone about the pains I had that night. I even had people at a doc office saying how low I seemed to be carrying and I’ve never see those people in my life. I'm kinda glad it happened before I got too uncomfortable up in my chest, but she needs to hang on a bit longer. I’m scheduled for a c-section, but I have a feeling I might not make it that long. My other daughter was full term and I had to be induced and everything and they still ended up having to do a c-section. Hope everything goes well. I'm taking it easy just in case.
—Guest Yvonne

34 weeks

I'm 34 weeks and still haven't dropped! What do I do? This is my first baby. It's a girl I want her out so bad.
—Guest Abb

I'm so ready...34 weeks now

I'm 34 weeks now and the doctor says the baby's head is real low... so what does that mean. He really didn't answer my question when I asked. When I do to much I get so much pain and I cant walk... But I have 3 other daughters to take care of. Everybody says to take it easy but its hard when you have kids. I pee a lot especially at night and I don't sleep good at all. When turn to my other side it hurts me so bad. Down there below is very painful with my other girls don't remember being this bad...so what does this really mean. I might have him a little sooner or what....
—Guest jovina

23 weeks with 3rd baby

With my 1st baby she dropped at 38 weeks. With my 2nd she dropped at 30 weeks and had braxton hicks from 32 weeks. With this pregnancy I have been having braxton hicks for over a week.
—Guest vicki

35 weeks and still not dropped

I am 35 weeks. My baby still has not dropped this is my second one.
—Guest navi pal

I have dropped.

I'm 34 1/2 weeks my baby girl has drop since last week. I can't sleep at night, can hardly breath and I am peeing every 5-10 min, still having braxton hick contractions. I have 3 other kids and I have never left like this before with them this is a different experience for me.
—Guest lamar

Feeling baby pushing head on the waters

Baby engaged since 37 weeks but can feel her pushing her head down on the bag of water feels like there going to break been feeling it since her head was engaged!!! I've been having lower back cramp for most of the day has anyone else had something like this?
—Guest Clare

baby dropped already!!!

2nd pregnancy, 32 weeks, baby dropped already had my show, so much pressure in pelvic area can hardly walk and with unbearable backache. I wonder if this little man is gonna make an early appearance!?!?!
—Guest cm

Dropped at 34wks

I am 34 weeks with my second child and I know the baby has dropped, because I pee more often. I can't walk....when I do I feel like a penguin. I have 1 contraction a day. I had my first child baby girl at 39 weeks. I think my baby boy is coming in 1 more week.....I'm just getting all the symptoms!
—Guest candy

36 weeks

I'm 36 weeks and found out Monday that baby girl dropped. They're making it sound like I could deliver any day now, but I've also read and heard from other women who have had children that it can be a couple of weeks before I deliver. This is my first pregnancy, and I did have contractions at 31 weeks due to a bladder infection. Luckily, they were able to stop them and I didn't go into labor. I know she should stay in there a little longer, but I can't wait to meet her!
—Guest Vicki
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