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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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Updated May 23, 2009

33 wks

Im 33 wks and for a month I have been in consent pain I feel her kicking my hip bone I have to pre like evey 30 mins can't stand for more gs wants give out can't walk much hurts my pilvic bone and hips when ever I sit or lay on my back I wants scream cuz of the pain this is my 2nd I was not in this much pain with my first could my baby have dropped
—Guest michelle

i dropped about 2 weeks ago im 37 weeks

i have a lot of pressure down there. it does become very uncomfortable and painful at times like im carrying a 10 lb bowling ball. still not due for another 2 1/2 weeks.
—Guest Jordan


As of this morning I am 35wks, this is my 3rd child. I have never literally felt the pain of my 2boys "dropping" but this little girl I've had trouble from the start. So this dropping pain not only is my lowerback in horrible pain but my hips & vaginal area are too :( she's going to be my biggest baby of all I believe. Even though I am 5"1 85pds originally I've always vaginally delivered my oldest 2 were over 7pds so will see I hope she's here before christmas eve!!!
—Guest t

The Drop

I am 26 1/2 weeks. Last night got up to go to the bathroom and when I did I felt my boy literally drop. I thought he must have been sleeping really hard. He was so mad started kicking and punching. I was worried but felt him moving normally but this evening I noticed that above where my bump use to start it is now flat. It was a strange feeling just wondering if anyone else has had this.
—Guest Net

oh the presure

31 weeks now with 4th baby and feels like I have to pee and I'm carrying super low and avry one tells me how low I am now 31 weeks I'm happy but isent it kinda erly?
—Guest shanah

31 weeks prego!

I'm 31 weeks today and I'm scared I won't know when he drops.. This whole pregnancy I've been carrying extremely low. A fellow friend who is only 2 days more pregnant than me just had her son drop. I haven't had any crazy pregnancy symptoms like most people. In fact I wouldn't have known I was prego if I hadn't missed my period. I haven't had any pains other than him on sciatic nerve.. I'm obviously very pregnant now but he is always been so low.. Well guess we will see what happens!
—Guest Myranda

20 Weeks

I Am 20 Weeks And My Baby Zaya Has Decended Into My Cervix Already So I Have To Keep The Lifting Light And Stay Off My Feet
—Guest PreggieSpice

38+5 days

I am 1 week and 2 days away from my due date. Went to bed last night with my little man sitting high in my tummy, woke up this morning and he dropped a lot! It's nice to breathe normal again!! :)
—Guest Angela

30 weeks

My little dude started dropping about 2 days ago, now my hips are super wide and acompanied my stabbing pains in my bits, got midwife on friday and need to bring it up as my family has a history of preterm labour!
—Guest Kirsty F

Dropped @ 31weeks

I had no clue my baby girl had dropped intell I seen my dr. I went into preterm labor at 29 weeks and was dilated to 1cm and softened. I was put on bedrest. This week I'm 32 and I'm feeling prusher and lots of pain in my vagina :/ this is my first child. After going into preterm labor I'm so scared my baby only weights about 4 pounds and it's way to earlie
—Guest Kristin

33 weeks

I worked 8 hours yesterday & could not wait to get home & lay down, but by the time I did I felt like I was dying! Pretty sure this little boy has dropped, all night have had cramps, along with the most horrible bone on bone pains in my hip & pelvic area! His hiccups felt like they were coming out of my vagina, pee constantly & I can feel it in my butt when he moves now. It even hurts when I stay still :/
—Guest kara

I can't take any more

My baby dropped at 38 weeks. I'm almost 40 weeks and I lost my mucous plug two weeks ago and still nothing.
—Guest hurrybaby


Hey so I'm 38 weeks pregnant with a girl and my baby dropped at 33 weeks. My hips,thighs---basically everything from my belly button down pains up. I'm just wondering if it's alright that she's dropped five weeks ago without me even being dialated..? I wanna hold her in my arms already too:/
—Guest Mommy

41 weeks still pregnant

This is my first baby and she dropped several weeks ago but im just now starting to dilate and i have tons of pelvic floor pressure praying i go into labor soon :/
—Guest mommy2sese

bout mine

My baby was due this october 31 in now it is change till a weak r the weak after i going thru pains right now like sharp pains in i cant hardly walk r nun in she is down really really low in this is my first i am scared now should i call the doctor r wat help plz.
—Guest nicole

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