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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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Updated May 23, 2009

34 weeks

Im having pain in my side and my stomach been dropped two weeks ago have a doc appointment tomorrow ill see what my doctor say about my pain
—Guest jessica

So it's not just me...

I remember both of my babies dropping earlier in my previous pregnancies, but I'm at 36 weeks now and baby is still very high. Came on here to see if that's the "norm" and apparently it is! Looks like the heartburn will continue, but at least I can still walk!
—Guest KC

30 weeks

My son has been in there cutting up a rug i have to use the bathroom every 30 mins.. cant wait to meet you.
—Guest Samantha

In labor or not?

I am 42 weeks 3 days pregnant with my first baby and having cramp like feeling in my stomach and a pain coming through my rectum it comes and goes, does this mean i am in labor? But my belly is still up just under breast.
—Guest Cpla

Baby dropping

I am 32.5 weeks and my baby boy dropped a few days ago I've been so uncomfortable since ! The sharp pains and the low back pain but no significant rhythm to there occurrence. I am hoping he comes out soon I work full time as an LNA and it era hard to move with the pains! But the only good thing Is I have my ribs and my oxygen back! He is so low I want him healthy but I want him out !!!!
—Guest Amanda

35 weeks 3 days

I believe my little girl dropped a couple of days ago. It is harder and harder to lift my feet without pain and I feel like I need to hold my lower abdomen and hooha, to keep them from pulling me down or falling out. My whole pelvic region hurts when I try to roll over or crawl into bed. On the upside I can breath now. The upper half of me feels so much better other than the constant heartburn but I am told that is because of her full head of hair. I know I am only 35 weeks but I want her to come so bad now just so I can have relief. And kiss her little face! :D
—Guest Nivy's Mommy

Dropped at 34 weeks

Lol my lil girl dropped a few nights ago, it was very painful. Sure I can breathe better but now I have to pee more, I have horrible cramps in my back and pelvic area and I'm nauseous nearly 100% of the time. Sucks lol
—Guest JessJones42

37 weeks 5 days

My doctor said my uterus is tense but not tender and my baby is in cephalic position but not engaged yet. And the worst part is there is an increase in amniotic fluid all of a sudden.Can anybody tell me what it means? I am a 1st time mom.
—Guest Sandhya

40 weeks

Im 40 weeks and having intense pelvic pain and my husband has to help me o ff the couch sometimes and its uncomfortable to sleep
—Guest 40 weeks

Baby dropping

38 wks pregnant...The 10 ways I've been able to tell that my baby has dropped. 1- lots of pelvic pressure 2- he is now kicking into my ribs a lot more lately 3- infrequent sharp stabbing pains in vaginal area 4- when he has the hiccups I feel it way down low now 5- underwear and clothes fit differently 6- my torso looks much longer in the mirror, I can see a bigger gap I between breasts and belly bump 7- the biggest indicator is that I suffered with extremely bad sciatic pain. I had to see a chiropractor every 4 days to even be able to walk, since the shift the pain has greatly reduced and its almost gone (now there is a different pressure pain in my pelvic region, but not near as bad as him sitting on my sciatic nerves) 8- I read that if you have hemroids sorry if this is tmi, once your baby drops you will feel them or they will become uncomfortable. 9- once baby dropped sorry if tmi i have had bouts of diarrhea and loose stool 10-other people have noticed that the baby is dropping
—Guest Anita

Baby dropping

I am 35 weeks, first time mom and I think I felt her drop. Was driving and suddenly i felt so much pressure in lower pelvic area and she was moving quite a bit. I am not sure if that sensation is " dropping" but it sure felt like she got lower.
—Guest JJ

Hes Dropping!

Ill be 34 weeks tomorrow. its boy he started dropping about 2 weeks ago. My belly hangs out a lil at the bottom of almost allof my shirts. Im starting to feel really sharp pains in my lower abdomen and my vagina. Hes a very active lil guy. Im not due till january 24th. I hope he isnt coming this early..
—Guest Im 34 weeks

35 weeks and having lots of pain

Im 35 weeks an my baby dropped 4 weeks ago.ive been having real bad back hip belly and leg pains my lil man is real active and im ready for him to come
—Guest shun

32 wks

Hi I'm 32 weeks tomorrow and am finding it hard to get out the bath. Baby hasn't dropped propley but is head down just finding things really hard to do. Bending is a struggle. Breathing is really bad aswel. When will she come ???
—Guest coles

28 Weeks

Im 28 weeks with my 4th baby. Ive carried very low through out my pregnancy with frequent braxton hicks contractions from about 12 weeks. Baby is very active as where my first 3 babies. Im a bit concerned tho due to the fact that my tummy has dropped significantly from about 24 weeeks and especially in the last 24th week. I can now fit a whole hand space between my breast and tummy. Been very concerned but trying to stay positive. Im a sales consultant but work half day, but my job intales standing for 4.5 hours straight. I decided to start my maternity leave only 2 weeks before my due date but been wondering weather i should take it sooner. Dont want my baby to come before time, its just too risky. Any advise...?
—Guest Cathrin

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