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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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Updated May 23, 2009

33 weeks and 5 days today 2nd child

Pretty sure I dropped sometime last week..but this week I have been having really bad pelvic pains,like the baby is going to fall out..I'm worried that I'm going into early labor. With my first he dropped at 36 1/2 weeks..I had him when I was 38 weeks..went into labor 2 hours after my appointment!!
—Guest chelsea

29 weeks!

Just this weekend my little guy assumed his position very, very low inside of me. I had intense rib pain for 2 days and at the end of it half of my baby belly was missing! His movements are very much inside of my body instead of on the surface, in my pelvic/groin area. I have to pee almost every fifteen minutes or so, and at night when my body finally wakes me up to go it hurts so bad I can hardly stand it. I wasnt having any discomfort prior to this weekend, I had a lot of energy and was feeling good about things. Now I'm worried that he has dropped so soon, what that could mean. AND I miss my big ole baby belly, too.
—Guest Amanda

38 weeks

It feels like his head is going to drop out it isn't a good feeling!
—Guest Lindsay

39 weeks ughh

I'm 3 going on 40 weeks and a few days no dropping no effacement or, dilation whatsoever I can't stand the pain in my ribs or my killer side. Want this to be over!
—Guest kayla

I think I've dropped...

I think I've dropped heaps within the last few days but I'm getting a burning and uncomfortable sensation in my right rib cage under my right boob bubs isn't engaged yet I don't think plus have sharp pain when I lay down on either side. Going to midwives in three days so hopefully they can tell me what is wrong or if its normal.
—Guest Emma-35 weeks on the 23rd august

Pains and only 31 weeks

I feel a lot of pressure in my vagina and it hurts a lot even to walk, and its so hard to go to sleep.
—Guest tanya

Still not dropped

I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and baby is head down waiting but, hasn't made its way into my pelvis yet. This is my 3rd baby and don't remember when I dropped with either of those! Would be lovely for the heartburn to ease off but, if its going to make moving more difficult I'm gonna struggle finishing the decorating! Can't win.
—Guest jenny

34 weeks

My daughter just dropped a few days ago. I didn't notice until my doctor told me in the U/S that her head is actually lower than my bladder now and right on top of my cervix, explaining the intense cramp-like pressure I'm having in my pelvis. Usually a baby comes within 2-4 weeks of dropping and since she's already almost six pounds I'm hoping she comes early!
—Guest Christine

Dropped at 39 weeks

I am 39 weeks and two days pregnant today, and I notice that my baby just drop this day....
—Guest Dairyl


I'm 38 weeks & 5 days pregnant recently noticed when I'm lean on my side or sitting up I can't breath and have loads of pressure around my ribs my bumps not dropped I noticed it started dropping a little but I'm still feeling high too. I've had shooting pains in my pelvis and lower back.
—Guest lisa

40wks (nothing yet)

I am in 3 days and as of 5 days ago my dr. said my baby had not dropped and I was not dialated. This is my first baby. Fingers crossed everything happens soon.
—Guest T

33 weeks

I'm 33 weeks and impatiently waiting for him to drop. This is my first and I'm so over the whole him being in my ribs and not being able to breathe. I just want him out already!!
—Guest Megan

40 weeks 1 day 6th child

I am 40 weeks + 1day pregnant and my baby has not dropped yet, no dilation and my cervix is still high. This is my sixth child and my doctor has told me that a lot of times the baby will not drop until right before labor. However, I am tired of being pregnant and it is discouraging to feel like nothing is happening.
—Guest julie

I dropped 5 days ago

I am 33 6 days. My baby dropped at 33weeks 1 day (noticed head was engaged via u/s). I just didn't notice any physical changes till 33 weeks 4 days at which time my belly moved away from my sternum and instead of looking like a basketball it now looks like I ingested a giant pear. I can also bend down to pick stuff up off the floor and today I can breathe alot better. My center of gravity is different and I have had to go to the rest room a lot more.
—Guest ronda

Can't wait to meet her!!!

I am 35 weeks with my second daughter, she has always set very very low. About two weeks ago I started getting very intense middle back pain fills like my spine is on fire. I go to the restroom a lot through this whole pregnancy (darn water). No difference in my breathing so it hard for me to tell if I have dropped or not. The only reason I knew with me first is cause I actually saw her turn over, when I was 32 weeks. Any other dropping hints?
—Guest Katrina
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