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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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Updated May 23, 2009

35 weeks

This is my 2nd child, I have a 7 year old daughter but she never dropped because she was breech and sitting crossed legs till birth. This pregnancy has been SO different, since the baby dropped I can feel him moving in my rectum and vagina at the same time. I've also had really bad hip/pelvic pains and feeling the urge to pee/poo all the time. Went to the dr today and said that indeed my baby's head had dropped very low into my pelvis now, hoping labor isn't far off...this is SUPER uncomfortable.
—Guest Lindsey

27 weeks and bed rest

So my Dr. told me I'm carrying too low, not that I have dropped, yet I have major pressure in my pelvic floor, I can barely stand walking, it feels like my entire pelvis is broken, and my left and right sciatic nerves are pinched.
—Guest Randi


I'm 36.1 today and praying for an early labour, everything in my body hurts and I've just had enough! The doctor told me yesterday that baby had dropped into my pelvis and get head can't be moved anymore so I'm praying this means she is coming soon. I can still feel her thrashing in there but I just want her to come now!!!!
—Guest Just want to give birth already!!!!!!!

37 weeks

Does everyones belly drop!? I'm really tired of being pregnant and I just want my son to come out NOWWW!! I don't think this belly/baby had dropped though.
—Guest Rita

35 Weeks

Yesterday morning, my husband reached over to touch my stomach and exclaimed, "Did you give birth overnight?!" I laughed at him, telling him my belly was under some pillows. But, when I got out of bed, I noticed I felt as though I'd lost weight and I could breathe so much easier! My belly looks different to both me and hubby. Today, my lower back is achy and walking is awkward. It definitely feels as though there is heaviness between my legs.
—Guest Guest Theresa

38.5 weeks!

My baby girl has dropped in the last couple of days I could hardly notice at first but now I can surely tell... I have bad pains in my back, and am peeing more frequently... please come out already baby. I can't stand being pregnant much longer,my feet are swollen, I can't sleep, I'm always tired. The last month is the worst!
—Guest satyana

Dropped at 32 weeks

My baby dropped at 32 weeks yet here we are at 36 weeks without a baby. She's taking her sweet time :)
—Guest Chantel

34 weeks

My baby boy has dropped, and he's moving like crazy, my ankles are swollen and I wake up every ten minutes to use the bathroom, I can't wait until my bundle of joy is finally here!
—Guest Tashunda

36.4 wks

I think I've dropped in the last few days but I've also noticed a burning like sensation under my rib on the right side every now and again, this is my 3rd baby and never had that before.
—Guest tc

36.5 wks dropped

At 36 weeks I had belly pain and back pain that would come and go. This went on for two days. Now my hips and lower back are killing me. No more heart burn, I can breath better and not have to pee so often. I have a 5 yr girl 4 yr girl and 11 mo boy. This is #4. I've never noticed the dripping like this one.
—Guest Jenny

34 Weeks

My baby boy has definitely dropped! My t-shirts that covered my belly just the other day no longer cover the lower part of my belly and breathing is so much easier. Ive noticed a lot of discharge and sometimes it feels like water leaking out. I have been feeling crampy and I feel sharp pains in my vagina and in my lower abdomen. I was just at my doc a few days ago and he told me he wasn't going to do anything to stop my cramps because it would do more harm than good. He doesn't seem concerned with me delivering early at all (I have big babies.) So although I don't want to have a preemie and I'm doing my best to keep him in I think I might just have to accept that he is coming soon. I should also add I lost a piece of my mucus plug at about 29-30 wks and I have had back pain since about 24wks. Been on bedrest since 30 weeks.
—Guest Krystal V

39 Week-o's

39 weeks with my first. Believe he's already dropped, not sure when - maybe early last week. Haven't really paid attention. I only just looked up what dropping was because everyone keeps saying 'oh he's sitting lower' Haven't really noticed anything. I get sore hips if I sleep on one side for too long but that's it. Before he dropped I didn't notice any discomfort breathing or the like. Never had morning sickness either. No real complaints, must have it easy. So far, this has been a breeze. Sure labour will teach me though...
—Guest Charlie

32 weeks

As of today I am 32 weeks and very excited. I'm 19 yrs old.This is my first child, its a girl! My baby has dropped and I noticed it about a week ago because. I felt a lot of pressure and a tearing like pain in my vagina. Everyone kept telling me oh its just discomforts of being pregnant its nothing to worry about well I went to the hospital last night because of contractions and sure enough the baby has dropped and I'm 1 cm dilated.
—Guest candy cummings

34 WEEKS (beginning to drop)

I am having a baby boy. I have these sharp pains near my cervix and feel like my stomach is sliding downward and is going to explode when i pick things up. My back is killing me. I am really tired and have to use the bathroom really often. Ankles are swelling more because its harder to get around. I have to get help with everything. Hoping I can take off work soon. This is my first baby and would be the first in the family to be a boy and be born first. I hope everything works out for me and everyone else :) P.S. also been having leg cramps and it hurts a lot when the baby moves around and kicks. I cant wait to have him !! lol
—Guest Shaunna Marie

31.5 weeks

I'm a little freaked out because I'm 31 weeks and my doctor told my by baby has already "dropped," everywhere I read says that your baby comes 2-4 weeks after this happens... I hope this doesn't mean he will be way premature. But my doctor didn't seem too concerned so I'm not sure what to think.
—Guest connie
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