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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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Updated May 23, 2009

Not wrong...

I'm looking this up because I'm hoping for labor to begin soon. It's not wrong to wish this, it's actually more dangerous for a baby to be overdue than come a couple weeks early. (Amniotic fluid can get too low, placenta loses health, etc.) My firstborn had to go straight to NICU when born at 39 weeks because of meconium aspiration syndrome, something unlikely to occur in a baby born earlier.
—Guest sethsfairy

33 weeks

My baby has finally dropped today.. He's in the cephalic position last ultrasound.. I feel him move so low now! It feels like my waters are gonna burst! I can't wait to meet this active little boy!
—Guest Desiree

32 weeksim scared

My baby has droped loads getting lots bavk ache lot pressure down below baby head is engade can i go into early labour
—Guest lisa

first time mom

I'm 34 weeks and 4 days. I felt her drop almost a week ago. My lower back hurts so bad and every so oftin I get preshur down their like she's about to fall out. Today it felt like she was trying to claw her way out. I'm always on my feet at work and that's when the preshur gets realy bad. I went to the docs today and her heart was very low. And she loves to kick my ribs witch realy hurts. But ill tell u one thing I can breath sooo much better. Can't wait for my first baby to come.
—Guest deb

I am in pain now!

This is my third pregnancy and man does my pelvic bone hurt! Any kind of way I move I hurt. I am absolutely going to try the rice sock!
—Guest Liz

32weeks 1day

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and its my first pregnancy not sure what people mean by the head dropping but I have felt lots of pressure and feeling it for a long time too sometimes hours, I'm having braxton hicks but I'm also getting pains in my lower back on my left hand side but my pubic bone is very tender and hurts when I touch it can anybody help me?
—Guest gibson

Pelvic pains

Im 35 weeks and 3 days...i can't sleep at all.I have severe pains on my right side of the tummy.And i think its the most painful i've experienced.Sleeping on one side is a mission and a half.Just wish baby could come now..
—Guest Retha

Don't blame the baby

At the end of the day pregnancy is a beautiful thing also exhausting at times painful but wanting baby out b4 it's time is just u being impatient I'm currently 35 weeks along and had enough of being so uncomfortable but I know it will be so worth the wait /paid/exhaustion in the end be patient we are women born to do this congrats to all u new mummy's and good look xx
—Guest Char

hip aches

I work in the shipping department and I'm on my feet for 5hrs a day but yet and still my hip kills me!! Can someone please tell me what's the deal??
—Guest monique

pelvic girdle pain

The pain u feel is pelvic girdle pain because the baby is low. I didn't know about it till a few weeks back
—Guest guest sherri

32 weeks

Im 32 weeks almost 33 and I am feeling like some period like cramping right below my belly button also just started having to pee every 5 minutes and I feel so bloated so I cant really eat much is this normal or is my baby dropping im a ftm and have been on bedrest since 28 weeks for preterm labor


I am 29weeks and 5days at my 21 week check up the doctor told me my son was head down in the birthing position and if I had any contractions to go straight up there. I have been getting bh contractions since I was 18weeks along. Three days ago I had to gushes of water run down my legs I called the midwife and she said sounds like my water has broken i went up there but turns out they didn't and since then I have been getting bad lower back pain sore ribs nausea and sore stomach aswell as a pain down there I feel like I need to pee and it stings altho when I go to I don't actually need to pee. This is my first child it is all new to me. Dose anyone know what's going on? Thanks
—Guest Alexia

That's why my hips have been killing me!

The past few nights I've been noticing a ton of pain in my hips and my lower back and it's so hard to sleep comfortably. I've had it pretty easy throughout the entire pregnancy, but not anymore I guess! I'm 32 weeks. Can't wait for the little one to come out and meet everybody.
—Guest Athena

What can I do

I am 36weeks and 3days pregnant for the last 5days my baby girl is not moving like she used to and I am so worried my dr told me she don't have a lot room left
—Guest Ny

30 weeks pregnant

Last week i was 29 weeks. And was put in the hospital due to contractions. The last day before i got discharged my dr had said that my baby is head down and has dropped. Im also 1 cm diliated and 50% effaced. Which concerns me alot cause this is my first child.
—Guest Dresha

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