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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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Updated May 23, 2009

33 weeks

This is my 4th baby. He dropped into my pelvis this week. I am having extreme hip and groin pain and just developed bleeding hemorrhoids. Can't wait till he's an older child and he can hear the "war stories" about what I went through to get him here. My other kids think they're hilarious. Hang in there ladies. Almost done!
—Guest amanda

29 weeks and 5 days!

I'm 18! I'm having my first baby and it's a girl! I went to the doctor 2 days ago and he put me on bed rest! He said I was carring extremely to low and if I don't slow down I would be in the hospital by next week! So of course I came home and did nothing but rest! But now I'm starting to feel bad pressure on my lower body! I have to pee every 15 mins! It literally feels like she's about to come out of me! I'm really nervous bc I don't know of she will be heathy!! I'm a really small person 5ft and was 93 pounds at the beginning of my preg. And now only weigh 104! I hope everything will be okay!!
—Guest B

Every pregnancy can be different

I am 33 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. I never had a baby drop until today. I feel as if I am sitting on a water balloon and I have to urinate constantly. Even after I pee I still feel like I have to go. I kinda panicked because all I could think was "I'm going into labor and I'm not ready!" but I'm not actually in labor. My breasts are tender and I am nesting, my husband keeps telling me to save my energy because I might need it for in the hospital in a day or two. We will see!
—Guest Shay

37 wks and 5 days

My baby sure has dropped! I feel so much pressure on my Pelvis and usually had upper right back pain only and now its a lower back pain only. Yikes! I so hope she comes soon, sure feel tired and overwhelmed!
—Guest Shirley

36weeks 2days

I'm just ready for my baby girl to come out my back always hurts bad heart burn always have to pee every 5-10 mins I'm ready to push.
—Guest cicley

36 weeks

Baby dropped beginning of 35 weeks. Have to pee a lot and nothing...pee when I cough or sneeze, sciatic pain when I stand or walk, hips and pelvis feel dislocated, do not sleep at all, BH contractions accompanied by period cramps and backache. WANT THIS OVER...hoping next week at term. Oh...and wonderful carpel tunnel that has my hands and arms asleep all day and burning at night. The swelling in my hands feels like I have been rubbing a ribbed sweater all day....painfully numb. UUGGHH!!!.....This is my 4th baby and the only one to drop...good for me cause I am eating so much better now...have an appetite finally.
—Guest Rebecca

I believe my baby has dropped at 30 wks

Well, I am glad to hear that my baby can still be there for weeks longer because I am getting stressed about a premature baby. My other two children were around 3 or 4 weeks early and had perfect lung function but I would be heartbroken to see my new baby hooked up to machines at this point in time. I hope I can make it at least another 6 weeks or longer.
—Guest Herriman34

Dropping down of the baby

I am 23 years and I am 34 weeks this week. This is my first and a boy. Didn't really know what it meant for your baby to drop but guess I have an idea now. I will be looking out for when mine will drop.
—Guest julie

Why when under 38wks

Would you want your baby to come early? Being tired, over it and all the other lovely things that come with being pregnant is a fact of life. Is it of no concern to you that hour babies lungs are not yet fully developed! Suck it up! I am 31wks and so over it but my babies development and health come first. This is my fourth pregnancy so I feel everyones pain! My belly doesn't drop until I am in labour.
—Guest Ren

40 weeks & two days

I'm at 40 weeks and 2 days. I thought I had dropped at 37 weeks, but now that I have ' really' dropped about 4-5 days ago, I knew the 37 week mark wasn't it! There is a noticeable amount of weight that shifted to my lower abdomen, I can feel her punch my bladder with little jabs, it's much harder for me to get out of any position, sleep is MUCH more uncomfortable (knees and hips ache at night), and I always have to pee. I hope this means she's coming soon. Being induced in 3 days.
—Guest 40 weeks 2 days

32 weeks

I'm not sure whether this is what's up or not. I spent 4 days in hospital 2 weeks ago for possible preterm labor. I was 50% effaced and dilated 1 cm. At the time the baby was not engaged. However, today I've noticed my bladder feels as if it's constantly being compressed, even after I've just used the washroom I still feel the urge to go. I'm noticing more kicks and nudges in the lower part of my abdomen and was having some cramping in my lower abdomen throughout the morning. Also sharp pains in my vaginal wall and cervical areas. My hips have been getting more and more sore, along with my lower back over the last few days. I haven't felt breathless today either but I'm definitely still suffering the acid reflux. It would be nice if anything in pregnancy meant anything! The baby can even drop and undrop. I could be dilated 1 cm for another six weeks or go into labor tomorrow. The important thing is to just relax and take it day by day.
—Guest 32w 4days

My Baby boy dropped

My baby dropped three days ago but I didn't know it this is my first baby but when I went to the doc she said he dropped and I'm 36 weeks pregnant.
—Guest Shametrica

29 weeks

I'm 29 weeks with my second child. My boy one was so easy, but this little girl is driving me nuts. I went into premature labor at 25, and had to have a cerclage. The Dr said the only thing holding her in is the stitch. But it feels like she is falling out, and I constantly have sharp pains. But still have heart burn and trouble breathing. The rumour that girls are harder than boys is so true, I can't wait for her to come out!
—Guest kendra

33 weeks, 4 days

I noticed that my daughter (my first baby) had dropped a few days ago. My stomach doesn’t look much different but I feel her bouncing off of my cervix from time to time and I have constant pressure down there. I'm actually hoping she comes around 38 weeks so her birthday wont be too close to Christmas.
—Guest laurren

I definitely felt a difference

As far as I've heard and read, not every woman's belly drops. I was sure mine had dropped a couple weeks ago, but woke up one morning a few days ago and knew without a doubt it had happened. I had intense pressure/cramping in my pelvic/vaginal region any time I moved. Went to the ob today and she said it was definitely because the baby's head was down and she could feel him. I still have heartburn and don't notice a difference with urination. I only noticed the pressure and can tell when I look in a mirror and see that my belly is almost hanging now.
—Guest Rene
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