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Readers Respond: When did your baby drop?

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Updated May 23, 2009

38 weeks and baby has dropped

Def ready to get things moving along uggh can't wait for the big day or night.
—Guest Serenity

38 weeks and baby has dropped

Def ready to get things moving along uggh can't wait for the big day or night.
—Guest Serenity

38 weeks and baby has dropped

Def ready to get things moving along uggh can't wait for the big day or night.
—Guest Serenity


With my firstborn, I don't recall the exact week I noticed she'd dropped, but it was at least four or five weeks prior to the birth. There was so much pressure at my cervix that sometimes it felt like my baby’s head could just pop out. Each time she’d bump or kick, I worried my water would break. There were several times I had to snap into an upright position and close my legs, because her bumps would feel like she was about to break through a very thin layer. I carried her like that for an entire month before labor. I was so certain labor would not last long, because of how much pressure I felt; however, when I did go into labor, the nurses kept telling me the baby was “way up high” and needed to drop significantly before I could push. I could hardly believe she was high, based on the intense pressure throughout the last month. I am now 36 weeks into my second pregnancy, and I haven’t [yet] felt the same intense pressure that I did with the first.
—Guest Lindsey

not very big

I'm 29 weeks pregnant and I don't have a very big bump at all. My midwife says I'm perfect size but I feel tiny compared to most people. Also I've been having really bad lower pains. Iss this normal?
—Guest amz

Baby has dropped!

I am 34 weeks and 2 days and my baby has definitely dropped. I have aches and sharp pains in my pelvic and vagina area. I pee way more than ever before. If I lay on one side to long my hips hurt extremely bad and when I get up to use the bathroom I can barely walk half the time. I also notice more discharge and although my mucus plug hasnt came out yet I look for it every time I use the bathroom. Both my sons came early one 4 weeks and the other 3 weeks. Im really looking forward to having this baby within the next 2-3 weeks.
—Guest Kendra

my baby dropped...

Let me give you some back ground knowledge, during my pregnancy I had to have surgery 2 times, my little girl cut off the tube that connects my bladder to my kidney, I spiked a fever of 104 for almost a week straight, had to have multiple x rays, began bleeding from my vagina and was not able to walk for over three weeks. When I say not able I dont mean I was put on bed rest I mean I physically wad not able to support my body. My little girl is a blessing, and lucky to have over come so much! That wad back during October, I am now 37 weeks, at 35 weeks I noticed a new pain. It was not like my BH contractions AT ALL and it surely wasn't from my kidney stints so I made a note to my self to ask my Dr. Next time I went in. I saw my Dr. 2 weeks later, before I could ask him about the pain he told me she would be dropping soon, I told him I was positive she already had. He checked me and sure enough she had! It completely blew his mind, I still remember how big his eyes got when he felt her.
—Guest hotmomsclub♥

has not dropped

I am due on the 21 of january andmy belly has not drop and i am just worryed this is my 3 child never had this happen i jst dont want my doctor to tell me i need a c section or something
—Guest aracely


This is my second child and she has droped I go to the loo every 5seconds and have cramps on my arms,hip and feet I'm so tired can't want to pop
—Guest phumza

33 and half wks preg

I have a question .I'm 33 wks with my 3rd child.Never in my other 2 felt so sore down there .Someday i feel like I'm in labour other days I'm ok .I don't know what's wrong with me.I'm a stay at home mom .I can't even enjoy sex anymore cuz of the soreness ? Help
—Guest Mckay

baby drop

I'm 37 weeks and I felt my baby dropping yesterday night,I hoe she come out soon
—Guest wendy

I think he has just dropped

I'll be 31 weeks on Friday and i feel my baby has jus dropped, i fell really sharp pains in my lower abdomen and vagina, i am finding it difficult to walk and now and again i used the loo, am afraid that my baby will come early
—Guest Rumbidzai

30 weeks

i had to go for an anti-d injection yesterday and the midwife told me that my little boys head is really down there which explained having to live on the toilet lol, she didnt seem to concerned although im a bit stressed about it as my last wee girl came at 29weeks and spent 3 mths in the ICU, safe to say she is doing fine and wi be 3 soon, so hoping this little boy just stays put and cooks a wee bit longer :)
—Guest danielle

40 weeks

i am due baby number 3 tomorow another boy and wow he is a bruiser he fully engaged since 34 weeks pressing down on my sciatic nerve most pain i have ever felt in pregnancy when he will arive no one knows lol
—Guest mummybea

34 weeks

Today I turned 34weeks and private part hurts, lower back , and left butt cheek. All on the same side. Hurts when I get up , when i lay down, walk, put on my clothes. Have doctors appointment in morning . Gonna try and hold off until then. Hopefully everything is okay..
—Guest Shakela

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When did your baby drop?

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