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Readers Respond: How far dilated were you when admitted to the hospital for labor?

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Updated May 06, 2011

When you get to the hospital in labor, they will do a vaginal exam to see how far long your cervix is dilated. Were you having a labor induction? Were you in natural labor? Did you stay at the hospital or go home? How far dilated were you when you got admitted to the hospital for labor? Did you want to get there early?

babies 1,2 and 3

I had early labor mild contractions with baby 1 walked up and down 30 stairs for an hour and my water broke went to the hospital I was 4 centimeters. Labored for 4 hours more and delivered a girl. Number 2 I went to the hospital after working out and I was 4 centimeters but my contractions weren't strong enough so they said and told me wasn't in labor I knew I was they sent me home anyway. I went home and an hour later after walking on a treadmill and eating dinner I went back I was 7 centimeters and 90 percent effaced. I was in agony and couldn't even st still in bed through the contractions. Got an epidural at 8 centimeters at 10 pm at 11 I pushed him out. Baby 3 began with steady contractions in the am from 4 am until 7 I had light contractions drove myself to the hospital after a shower and getting my things, husband stayed home with he kids. I was admitted and was 5 centimeters stayed in bed for this one until 11 I got an epidural and he was born at 1 pm. I felt great after each.
—Guest Mrs. Frankie

baby #1

I was 35 weeks pregnant at the time.got up an was gettin ready for work when my water broke around 1:10 pm. i actually didnt know that i was in labor for i had no pain of any kind . i had no phone so i was walking around trying to get a phone. finally i called my man and we were in the hospital. it was 2. they checked me and the doctor was shocked to already see the head of my baby! i was at 5, and it was around 4. i still had no pain untill around 6:20pm or so. by than i was 6 and a half. the nurse was gonna leave thinking it would be a little but at 7 i was already a 10 ..pushed a couple of times and here is baby!! it was an easy labor and i had no painkillers.was walking as soon as the nurses would let me.. hope my next one is as easy as this one!
—Guest valerie

Going on baby #3

With my son I was dilated to 4 when I got to the hospital and was in labor for 5 hours with my daughter I was dilated to 8 and in labor for 2 hours so I pray with this baby (2nd daughter) I am also blessed with a fast and easy delivery
—Guest mzguzer


I'm 38 weeks and 4 days , and I went to the hospital last night and I was having contractions lasting about a minute and 20 seconds ,and also happening every 3-5 minutes. They Checked my cervix and told me i was only a centimeter dilated, so they gave me Ambian and sent me home. I woke up and am still in HORRIBLE pain. This is my first kid so I have no idea what to do.
—Guest jackie

2cm dilated

My water broke at 4 am got to the hospital an hour and 19 mins later dilated to a 2 and at 2 pm got my epidural fell asleep at 4 cm at 2:30 woke up 2 hours later fully dilated and her head was right there - she was ready!!!
—Guest tifany


I am dilated 4 cm and my contractions are hard and 8 minutes apart. They gave me magnesium and medication I did not want to stop my contractions and sent me home on bed rest. I am in serious pain and do not understand why they will not help me. This is my 4th baby and this is the worst experience I have ever had.
—Guest 4

7 cm

I was dilated 7 cm. when I got to the hospital at 6 a.m. and my contractions were fairly strong and very regular. My pain level was about 4.5, maybe 5 and I'd been walking around at home and walked myself up to the maternity floor. After they saw I was dilated to 7 cm they put me in a bed and wouldn't let me get up for anything except to go to the bathroom. After a day fraught with stress from going around and around with the staff, begging to be allowed to get up and walk around, I gave in and let them give me Pitocin. 29 hours after my contractions became strong and regular my son was born healthy and happy. If I ever have another baby I'm staying at home as long as possible!!

Different experiences

I was 3 cm with my first...not painful but regular. Had a c/s because baby was breech. I was 4 cm with my second...pretty painful (so I thought). Baby was born 7 hours later. I was 5 cm with my third. Went to the hospital because my water broke. Contractions started 3 hours later and baby was born 2 hours after that. I was 5 cm with my 4th...contracting every 4 minutes. After 6 hours of painful contractions Dr sent me home and 25 minutes after baby was born at home.
—Guest ellie m.


When I started having painful contractions about 10 mins apart, I went to the hospital and was disappointed to hear I had not dilated at all. I went back home and returned the next afternoon and by then I was 2cm dilated. I was admitted because the contractions were so close together and very painful. But there was no augmentation. I was left to dilate naturally and by 2.00am the next day I was 10cm but my water was not yet broken. The doctor then had to break it herself and 30 minutes later my baby was out.
—Guest Celly

Number 2

2nd baby I got to the hospital I was 2 centimeters dilated they didn't give me a choice to leave I was in a lot of pain but because I was only 2, they made me walk around the hospital hallways for about 2 hours. I finally got Into the room they said they were not sure if I was gonna be able to get a epidural I was dilated 9 already.
—Guest Alexx

Different experiences

I was 4 cm with my son - his labor was 3.5 hours total and I was 9 cm with my daughter - her labor was 24 hours (my contractions were super irregular so I thought I was in false labor).
—Guest Sarah

1 centimeter

I went to the hospital after a few hours of contractions and I was so disappointed to hear that I was only 1 centimeter dilated. They weren't painful, but regular and I was worried labor would go to fast. Ha! My doctor suggested that I go back home for a few hours and sleep. They offered me a sleeping pill but I said no. I went home and took a bath and did some relaxation and feel asleep. I woke up about 7 hours later in full blown labor. I got to the hospital at 6 centimeters and had an epidural about 30 minutes after that. Very comfortable all the way up until then and the baby showed up about 2 hours after that. It was perfect and I'm so glad I went home.

1st Baby

I was 3 centimeters dilated when I got there. I was going to go home, but they promised to leave me alone and the nurses did. Unfortunately the doctor broke my water without asking, when I had already decided to go home. So then I had to stay. I feel like that led to a lot of things that didn't need to happen.
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