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Readers Respond: How far dilated were you when admitted to the hospital for labor?

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Updated May 06, 2011

1st baby girl

I was at home doing laundry in the morning and in the afternoon was craving a pumpkin for halloween when I got done I was going to bed and as soon as I was about to go to sleep my water broke. I was 6 1/2 cm dilated when I arrived at the hospital. They kept me. After an hour I was having strong contractions and after two hours I had my baby girl naturally and no drugs all natural. I was 37 weeks pregnant. She came early but very healthy and happy. It was a wonderful experience.
—Guest Angie

Advice please....

Just took sister into hospital she had a show at 9.30am and contractions started regularly but came faster quick her contractions are 3 mins and she is 5cm dialated is it nearly time or could it be hours???
—Guest emma


I went to my doctors and she said I was2cem dialated im having sex and walking hope that works I was feling sad reading that I can stay at 2 but im having faith Al have hem soon I cant wait I been prego for a long time I hated when you go to tha doctors and there unhelpful Al they say is wait yeah cause there not in our shoes well just wait and see...
—Guest Rosie.gohn

4 Babies, 4 Different Stories

Baby #1 - About 4cm (6 hrs before baby,1 epi) Baby #2 - induced @ 2cm (12 hrs before baby, 2 epis) Baby #3 - 9cm (30 mins before baby, drug free) Baby #4 - 3cm (22 hrs before baby, drug free)
—Guest Shaela Toni

Baby number1

I went to the hospital to find out I was 2-3 centimeters dilated. The doctor told me to go walk around the hospital for 2 hours and come back to be checked. And if I was 4 centimeters dilated when I come back I would be admitted but when I return it was still 2-3 it never changed. So I went back home. 2 days later my contractions have gone stronger than the last time. I haven't slept for 1 whole day because every time I lay down my pain comes back. So I don't know if I should go now or wait it out eventually the doctor said to come back when the pain is really bad to the point where I can't walk nor can I talk. But as of now I am in so much pain.
—Guest Kesa

babies 1,2 and 3

I had early labor mild contractions with baby 1 walked up and down 30 stairs for an hour and my water broke went to the hospital I was 4 centimeters. Labored for 4 hours more and delivered a girl. Number 2 I went to the hospital after working out and I was 4 centimeters but my contractions weren't strong enough so they said and told me wasn't in labor I knew I was they sent me home anyway. I went home and an hour later after walking on a treadmill and eating dinner I went back I was 7 centimeters and 90 percent effaced. I was in agony and couldn't even st still in bed through the contractions. Got an epidural at 8 centimeters at 10 pm at 11 I pushed him out. Baby 3 began with steady contractions in the am from 4 am until 7 I had light contractions drove myself to the hospital after a shower and getting my things, husband stayed home with he kids. I was admitted and was 5 centimeters stayed in bed for this one until 11 I got an epidural and he was born at 1 pm. I felt great after each.
—Guest Mrs. Frankie

baby #1

I was 35 weeks pregnant at the time.got up an was gettin ready for work when my water broke around 1:10 pm. i actually didnt know that i was in labor for i had no pain of any kind . i had no phone so i was walking around trying to get a phone. finally i called my man and we were in the hospital. it was 2. they checked me and the doctor was shocked to already see the head of my baby! i was at 5, and it was around 4. i still had no pain untill around 6:20pm or so. by than i was 6 and a half. the nurse was gonna leave thinking it would be a little but at 7 i was already a 10 ..pushed a couple of times and here is baby!! it was an easy labor and i had no painkillers.was walking as soon as the nurses would let me.. hope my next one is as easy as this one!
—Guest valerie

Going on baby #3

With my son I was dilated to 4 when I got to the hospital and was in labor for 5 hours with my daughter I was dilated to 8 and in labor for 2 hours so I pray with this baby (2nd daughter) I am also blessed with a fast and easy delivery
—Guest mzguzer


I'm 38 weeks and 4 days , and I went to the hospital last night and I was having contractions lasting about a minute and 20 seconds ,and also happening every 3-5 minutes. They Checked my cervix and told me i was only a centimeter dilated, so they gave me Ambian and sent me home. I woke up and am still in HORRIBLE pain. This is my first kid so I have no idea what to do.
—Guest jackie

2cm dilated

My water broke at 4 am got to the hospital an hour and 19 mins later dilated to a 2 and at 2 pm got my epidural fell asleep at 4 cm at 2:30 woke up 2 hours later fully dilated and her head was right there - she was ready!!!
—Guest tifany


I am dilated 4 cm and my contractions are hard and 8 minutes apart. They gave me magnesium and medication I did not want to stop my contractions and sent me home on bed rest. I am in serious pain and do not understand why they will not help me. This is my 4th baby and this is the worst experience I have ever had.
—Guest 4

7 cm

I was dilated 7 cm. when I got to the hospital at 6 a.m. and my contractions were fairly strong and very regular. My pain level was about 4.5, maybe 5 and I'd been walking around at home and walked myself up to the maternity floor. After they saw I was dilated to 7 cm they put me in a bed and wouldn't let me get up for anything except to go to the bathroom. After a day fraught with stress from going around and around with the staff, begging to be allowed to get up and walk around, I gave in and let them give me Pitocin. 29 hours after my contractions became strong and regular my son was born healthy and happy. If I ever have another baby I'm staying at home as long as possible!!

Different experiences

I was 3 cm with my first...not painful but regular. Had a c/s because baby was breech. I was 4 cm with my second...pretty painful (so I thought). Baby was born 7 hours later. I was 5 cm with my third. Went to the hospital because my water broke. Contractions started 3 hours later and baby was born 2 hours after that. I was 5 cm with my 4th...contracting every 4 minutes. After 6 hours of painful contractions Dr sent me home and 25 minutes after baby was born at home.
—Guest ellie m.


When I started having painful contractions about 10 mins apart, I went to the hospital and was disappointed to hear I had not dilated at all. I went back home and returned the next afternoon and by then I was 2cm dilated. I was admitted because the contractions were so close together and very painful. But there was no augmentation. I was left to dilate naturally and by 2.00am the next day I was 10cm but my water was not yet broken. The doctor then had to break it herself and 30 minutes later my baby was out.
—Guest Celly

Number 2

2nd baby I got to the hospital I was 2 centimeters dilated they didn't give me a choice to leave I was in a lot of pain but because I was only 2, they made me walk around the hospital hallways for about 2 hours. I finally got Into the room they said they were not sure if I was gonna be able to get a epidural I was dilated 9 already.
—Guest Alexx

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