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Readers Respond: Can Drano tell if your baby is a girl or boy?

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Updated October 31, 2009

Drano, the drain cleaner, has been said to be able to predict the sex of your baby according to legend. This is not something the company claims but some women believe that mixing the urine of a pregnant woman can help show if her baby is a boy or girl. The problem is that it's a bit dangerous, because of the chemicals and the mixing of urine. It's recommended that you do it outside because of fume potential. But what happened when you tried it? Was it right on? Did it do anything? Which do you believe? Green = girl? Brown = boy? Or something else? Share Your Results

green/blue = girl Brown= boy

This is my seCond time doing it first time with the last baby it turned blue green which I read was girl and I had a girl, did it this morning it turned blue green again I'm thinking it's a girl!
—Guest number 5 otw

I'm confused

Everyone seems to have different opinions - is blue/green for boys or girls?
—Guest And ah

It works!

34 years ago, my sister-in-law insisted I do the draino test. She said if it turned green it was a boy and brown of,stayed the same it was a girl. Low and behold it turnd green... I ended up having identical twin boys! My next pregnancy it did nothing and I had a girl. Now, I'm testing it out with my daughter. We did the test and it stayed the same. Her ultrasound is Soon and we will see if it still is accurate! I've do e it for friends several times and it's always been right!
—Guest Judy

pretty is boy ugly is girl

with my children tge pretty blue green was for a boy, the ugly brown was girl. All five worked and it HAD to be crystals not liquid. Many of these posts show the opposite colors and were these done with the liquid? Pretty color boy, ugly color girl, that's my family saying
—Guest rita

Drano test works

I had 3 boys. For my 4th I definitely wanted to know for sure! I did the drano test- blue for a boy, brown for a girl. It turned a burnt orange color, I had a girl!
—Guest Terri

crystal draino

i have done it and its worked every time I love it!.
—Guest Tracey

Draino test was correct

My mom and I did this together since all my ultrasound showed was a baby with it's legs crossed. The results were a greenish color and I did end up having a girl. Both my dad and doctor predicted that it would be a girl just because of the legs being crossed. They said that she was being modest. :)

Drano results I'm confused

I did the drano test I'm 10 weeks the test foamed up turn dark geen w blue ring anyone had this?
—Guest Adileo


I heard that it was blue for a boy and brown for a girl ????
—Guest mommatobe


Hey I m really congused I m 15 weeks and I did drano test 3 times till now and it always darkened and turned more yellowish /golden but pee colour is yellow too .., so what does that mean
—Guest Kiran


my family and everyone I know have always done this drano test! I did mine when I was about 5 weeks along (girl/brown). My sister did it a little further along (boy/blue). Results: a bluish aqua color means its a boy, a brownish color means its a girl! I swear by this test. I was at walmart the other day explaining it to a friend that was with me and the cashier said she also did it when she was pregnant and it was correct! My mom did it with all of us kids, and it was right every time (girl/brown, girl/brown, boy/blue). I swear by this test and will do it with all my kids! Just remember, do not pee directly onto the drano! put it in a glass and pee in a separate cup and add it together carefully outdoors!! hope everyone gets that they want!!
—Guest Lauren

Opposite for me and my friend

I took the test and it turned brown within seconds which means boy. However, it has been confirmed I am having a girl! My friend took it with me and hers was blue/green which means girl. She's having a boy!!!
—Guest Megan

green girl

I did this test when I was pregnant with my daughter and it was right on. Turned blue green, or should I say it didn't change color much, and I had a girl. :)
—Guest alycia jade

Can't tell when I did the test.

I did the test this morning and it turned almost the color of pond water. Brownish green! Ha! What does this mean? I have seen test online and when it's a boy it turns a dark brown color. This was lighter but not blue or green either. So does this test work? I have no idea, I am left one confused mama!
—Guest Meredith


Ultrasound at 19 weeks guessed girl, drano turned dark brown in under 10 seconds-boy. We'll see at birth!!!
—Guest Trooper wife

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Can Drano tell if your baby is a girl or boy?

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