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Readers Respond: Have you experienced a complication from labor induction?

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Updated April 03, 2009

According to the governing medical bodies, labor should only be induced for medical reasons. This is not being strictly adhered to for pregnant women. As there are more and more labors being induced, there are more complications of induction being seen.

Problems can include prematurity, problems breathing, longer, more painful labors, and other complications. Whether your induction was necessary or not, did you experience a complication from your induction of labor? Is inducing labor something you'd do again? Share Your Complication

Never Again

I felt a lot of pain and my baby's heart rate dropped so a team of nurse and doctors came running and rushed me to surgery. I almost lost my baby. Don't do it.
—Guest Carol

Induced labor

I was told that i needed to be indiced and a about 15 to 20inutes of being induced my placenta came off and i was internally bleeding and my baby was without oxygen for some time until my emergency csection was done and we almost both died
—Guest Maria soto

It was an ok experience

Our son was born via induction at 38 weeks and 6 days. This was needed because there was no more amniotic fluid left in the womb--I had been leaking for a few days, went to have an ultrasound and saw that he was in a desert. So it was an induction with pitocin for us. It started at 10:53am and he was born at 7:51pm same day. I decided to go without the epidural, had second degree tearing. I would do it again. It was necessary in our case and I'm glad that he's healthy. He did endure a severe bout of jaundice which sent him back to the Nicu a few days after we got home. That may have been on account of a visiting relative being sick...without telling us before coming over. We still don't know what spiked his bilirubin levels to 24.3. But now he's home and healthy and about to be 4 months old!
—Guest Mama Hoffman

Know the risks- worst experience

Just had my 3rd child and was induced on my due date. I was excited but knew nothing of the risks involved and assumed it would be the same as my other 2 deliveries. They did the 2 stage induction. I was dilated 2 and station-3 when I got to the hospital. After the first medicine that thins out the cervix I was the same. So then they put a catheter into uterus that balloons up and opened my cervix to a 4. I was still at the same station. Then they started the pitocin and a few hours later I was having horrible contractions, but still not progressing. Then they broke my water while I was at -3 station. I ended up with epidural that never took. After 19 hours of labor I had my baby girl 8lbs 13 oz, but not without complications. She got stuck, was not breathing for a few minutes, the umbilical cord broke, and ended up with a brachial plexus injury. Then my placenta didn't come out and they had to manually go into uterus and extract. Advice - Discuss all risks with ob!
—Guest Stephanie

not a bad experience

i scheduled an induction 10 days after my due date. went in at 6pm completely undialated, got a dose if cytotec at 7pm, watched a movie, and by 12am i was 1cm dialated. nurses gave me more cytotec and i had to wait 4 hours to see if it worked. by 4am i was 2cm dialated and didnt need anymore drugs to speed up labor. by the time i was 4cm, i was so tired and my contractions were miserable, so i got an epideral. once i got it, i pretty much slept until i was 10cm dialated, except when the nurses woke me up to change my bed pads after my water broke, and when they made me switch the side i was lying on when my baby's heartrate dropped. i pushed for maybe half an hour with a mirror in front of me. my baby was birn after 26hrs in the hospital, completely healthy. i had some gnarely 2nd degree tears that healed after 2 weeks. overall, not a bad experience. totally recomend an epidural
—Guest Nae

Never again

I was induced with my third child. It was a horrible experience for me. After I gave birth I started having troubles breathing, I knew something was wrong. I started hemorraging it was the scariest day of my life. I was told it can happen with induced labors. I don't recommend it for anyone unless it is an emergency to have that baby. Not just because you want to have the baby already. I know it's a long wait, but it is very well worth it.
—Guest Tara

would never be induced again

I was like most first time mums impatient couldnt wait to meet her , well i have never regretted anything more in my life, After 2 stretch and sweeps nothing happened, so agreed an induction of labour, had my waters broken and went into labour straight away, it started off routine, then i began having double the amount of contractions so had an eppi, Evie got very distressed her H/R became VERY high, then we lost H/R for a while but i was so dosed up on drugs i dont remember, then she poo'd and my temperature went through the roof, i was throwing up and had 4 fans on me, she was finally delivered by forceps a healthy 9lb 4oz, and ended up in Neonatal for 3 days because she couldnt maintain her body temp, I never had an instant bond, and I blame being induced as the experience was horrific, and i have flash backs my little girl ended up in neonatal for 3 days... dont get induced let nature take its course a DD is only a rough guess remember what is best for you may not be best 4 baby x
—Guest chelsea

Let Nature take its course

With my first child, who had a heart defect, we chose to induce to have a plan. I have regretted it ever since. He simply was not ready. I labored for hours and hours until I was finally ready to push. I pushed for 2.5 hours, with terrible tearing. Even though it was his due date, he wasn't ready! He had difficulty breathing (which could have been heart-related, but we've always wondered if he would have breathed better if we had waited). After that birth experience, I swore I would never induce again , barring a medical necessity. With our second child, the doctor even asked us of we wanted to induce. I said No. They asked, "What if she is overdue?" I said- then we wait. Her birth was so vastly different from her brother's! I only labored for 6 hrs, pushed 3 times, and she was born- with no tearing (at 9 lbs, 5oz!). She was ready and therefore everything was easier. I firmly believe elective induction is a mistake unless medically necessary!!!
—Guest Heather

Poorly advised

My waters broke at 39 weeks on my anniversary, I waited a few hours then went to hospital .Next morning 8am no contractions so was induced . I was given morphine for pain relief. Delivery was very very painful and took over an hour as i didnt have natural contractions. I was ripped to shreds even though screamed for them to cut me they refused. My baby was distressed as he was in birth canel too long . My baby taken to high dependency unit as it was almost 24 hrs of labour and he hadn't breathe immediately. I was stitched up badly by a junior doctor and had piles like plums from the long labour. Would never have accepted being induced if I had known the risks to me and to my son. I thought the midwives knew best. That was 17 years ago, my mother had passed away so no family to advise and no internet then . Try and let nature take its course for you and your baby. Good luck ! X ps I'm Scottish
—Guest Jeanie

Complications following induced labor

I was induced at 39 weeks of pregnancy for convenience reasons and I will never do it again as I suffered complications like non stop contractions once they administered the pitocin and I had a postpartum hemorrhage, not to mention that my baby suffered from jaundice a few days later!
—Guest rana

ups and downs

I have two kids and another on the way. I would definitely get induced again. The pitocin made me hallucinate but both kids came out fine and labor was easy and expected.
—Guest destiney

Induced and lived to tell

If only I had known how awful pitocin was before they gave it to me I probably would have insisted they wait. My water broke before labor started at 37 weeks. So after a relatively relaxed 12 hrs. they hit me with the pit. and 2 hrs later I realized why most women want an epidural. Your body is being forced to do something it just simply isn't ready for. Its suddenly the most intense pain you've ever had in your life and its scary. I didn't go for the epidural, but I did take the stadol. Not sure I'd ever do that again! Anyway 3 hrs. after that I pushed out a beautiful 7lb. boy, but NOT unscathed. 3rd degree tear...thank you very much. Induction is the pits...no pun intended.
—Guest Nerbak-McLauglin

I lost the baby

After the induction, my baby suffered from jaundice, he had trouble with breathing, eating and he also couldn't maintain a normal body temperature. So I lost him after two days.
—Guest Esther

Happy Ending Induction Story

Five days over due, my water broke but no contractions. I went into the hospital three times, during which they monitored the baby's heartrate and said he was doing fine. By the third time, since my water had been broken for 36 hours, they said they should induce me. I was terrified because of all the stories I've heard. I was induced at 9am and got my first contraction at 9:30am - my contractions progressed exactly the same as it had with my first (and natural) labour. By 2pm I decided I was ready for an epidural (which I loved!!) The nurse checked me right before and I was 4cm; right after she checked again and I was already at 7cm! An hour and a half later I was at 10cm and ready to push! My baby's shoulder got stuck and the doctor had to use the vacuum but baby was still out in only 10min of pushing. One of my biggest fears about being induced was lots of tearing from a forced delivery but I didn't need a single stitch; both me and my precious baby boy (8lb20z) were in great shape!!
—Guest Guest

Horrid Experience

My doctor pushed an induction at 38 weeks and sent us to a specialist to check the lungs were developed. My husband supported the Dr saying she knew what was best as she was the professional. I wanted to wait and should have listened to my instincts. They claimed I would not have her naturally as she was already at 9 pounds due to gestational diabetes (they were wrong 7lbs 4oz). The drugs caused me to have contractions but not dilate so the doctor broke my water trying to push the delivery along. Soon after a nurse adjusted the internal sensor monitoring the baby. Immediately, I starting passing huge blood clots and ended up in emergency c-section completely unprepared. They had just given me the epidural so Dr thought it was ok to cut. I felt her cut me and screamed when baby was removed. They finally knocked me out. Found out more than half of all inductions end in c-section. Found out after-Dr was moving the following week but did not tell her patients. Just pushed us to induction.
—Guest Angela

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