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Readers Respond: Have you tried castor oil to induce labor?

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Updated May 30, 2011

Castor oil is often talked about as a natural method of inducing labor. Have you tried it? What was your experience? How did you prepare it? How far along were you? When did you have your baby? Did you have any negative side effects? Would you do it again?

wow it worked

I tried it for the first time with my 4th and it really helped speed up my labor!! I would totally recommend it to who ever wants to have a speedy labor and delivery!
—Guest meacha

Just Make Sure Baby Is Ready!!

When I was only 34 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby at age 19 I thought I had enough of being pregnant and a friend suggested castor oil. I drank some (mixed with ginger ale to mask the taste) and it worked all TOO WELL!! I took it at around 3 pm and went into labor 12 hrs later. My son was NOT ready to be born, he was preemie (under 5 lbs) and we had to keep him in the NICU for 3 weeks (hell on earth). All that to say, yes it works just make sure you are full term and you've given your little one enough time to develop! (Which you can't just tell by how pregnant you are...)
—Guest Evelyn


For all those people that are thinking about trying this! DO IT! It DEFO worked for me and if i was to be pregnant again i would use this method again. I had been looking on the internet for research for about a week before i actually plucked up the courage to take it. Many site's say that it will just make you go to the loo, and make you vomit! Luckily for me this was not the case! I was 36 weeks and 6 days and sick of carrying my baby around! Killer back pain and was not sleeping! so on the 23rd/05/2012 at 5:30pm i took TWO TABLESPOONS (Straight). NOTHING at all happened and i was gutted.. I went to bed and was up at 12:00am Like normal and not been able to sleep! Went to the loo and had a loose poo (Nothing to horrible) Got back into my bed and at 12:30am i started having pains. Had another 2 loose poo's. With some intense contractions. Headed off to the hospital at 4:00am and i was 2/3cm. Within an hour i was 4/5cm. Went down to delivery and had my baby at 7:48am. Waters broke and
—Guest Sar


I've had two lots today had a lot of bowel movement but no contractions hopefully something happens soon! I'm 36 weeks and I've had twins and a loving partner but its hard doing things with them when my hips and groin are so sore to the point where i can't get out of bed unless my partner helps me!
—Guest clo

just drank a small bottle of caster oil

I took a small bottle with orange juice an hour ago and nothing is happening yet I am so over it and so what to have this baby.
—Guest anika

it does not work

I took castor oil at 37 wks after being 1cm for 3 weeks it did not work baby still up high no change in my cervix no diarrhea vomiting or nausea.
—Guest ms thang


I just took some castor oil hour ago too, I felt something but waiting as well, I'm hoping this works I'm 39weeks +6 and was medically induced with my 1st.
—Guest liz

Tried it

Yesterday I took 4tsp with fruit juice and had plenty of contractions and then pooped about 6 hours later that's it. So around 830 I drank about 2oz more and now I'm waiting to see what happens.
—Guest 5mom

Not working for me

Im 36 weeks 3cm dilated 80% effaced took castor oil yesterday didn't start contractions just poo so I tried again about an hour ago and still nothing yet
—Guest CW

Castor Oil

Took it on the recommendation of my doctor as a last ditch effort to try to induce labour naturally before I am scheduled to be induced tomorrow. Took a 3 oz bottle mixed with milk and ice cream as a shake. (I am currently 41+3) Nothing so far, not even a bowel movement just some mild cramping and it's been five hours. Fingers are crossed that it works eventually.
—Guest Amy

Castor oil

Just took 1tsp at 7pm by 7:20pm I had some contractions. No bowel movement yet. So far so good
—Guest Joan

I did it but do not recommend it!

I did this with my youngest child and almost had her in my living room. The dr. said I just had to use the bathroom, that castor oil does not induce labor. She told me not to go to the hospital. The cramping was so intense- the pain was unbearable so I defied her and went anyway and thank God I did. It turned out the cramping was severely strong, extremely close contractions. I went from no contractions / labor to having my daughter in 45 min (after 2 castor oil doses through out the day- as I thought it wasn't working after the first one!) I barely made it into the hospital and my daughters' head was coming out! She came out so fast there was no time for an epidural or to even get set up. It was very dangerous, my body had no time to prepare for the labor. My daughter ended up fracturing her shoulder coming out which I believe happened from it all happening sooo fast. I definitely would never do this again nor recommend it to anyone!
—Guest Natasha

it truely workd for me!!!!

I took 3tlb spoons of castor with my first bby i was only 34 wks ,but had been to the hospital several times contracting and was tierd,so after the 3 doses i drank 2 cups of cocoa ,n boi look out i startd contracting,den labor diliated to a 4 only but i gave birth to my bby girl afta taking the biggest crap a da hospital ever,but it works,now my cousin is rdy for labor ,bring on thr castor! Lol having a bby tonite!!!!!!
—Guest dae

Just tried it

I am at my 38 week mark just about and jus so tired of the pelvic pain so I read that drinking a 2oz bottle of castor oil may get things going for u so I went a grabbed up a bottle and I jus drink it at 3:30 pm. I dont kno if it will work but I hope it does as I am already 2cm dialated and impatient so I will be back up here to repost and let u all kno if it really works.....this is my first full term pregnancy so I hope it works :)
—Guest Mommyof3:)

worked well for me

I have 5 grown children and used castor oil to induce my first labour, i took two or three doses in one day, spent some time on the loo, went to bed that night and wome at 4.45 in the morning in labour.This was my most natural and easiest labour, even though as everyone is aware all labours are different and there may have been other factors which made it so, but worked very well indeed.
—Guest davina

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