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Readers Respond: Have you tried castor oil to induce labor?

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Updated May 30, 2011

hasnt worked for me

I tried 3 tsp of castor oil last nite almost 24 hrs ago n cramped so bad in my back n stomach thought i was for sure in labor im 37 1/2 wks so im ready to hold my baby finally! But i dnt think il try it again i was miserable!
—Guest tj


My Doctor told me if I went a week over I could take 2 tablespoons of castor oil and have a hot bath I didn't have labor pains I had cramps I took 6 tables CO over the weekend and several hot baths went to hospital at 7.0 pm and my 8 lb 2 oz son was born at 9.20 pm the Doctor said it was the best primary birth he had ever attended. He didn't know what I'd done.
—Guest Eileen

tried castor oil last nite

Hello there lady's I am 38.2 weeks preggo and I took 2ozs of castor oit with apple juice at 9pm and its almost 7 am and I just had my first bowel movement no pains yet just a little back pain do u guys think its working and ya I am 4 cm dialated 50 percent effaced please any advice to get things rollin
—Guest becky


I also have been trying it. Not sure if I don't take enough or what. I've had two shot glasses every day this week in the evening all I get is the runs and tummy cramps ??? Do I need to take more
—Guest Am

tried it.

Tried it 37weeks 3 days. Took 2 tbsp with OJ at 5pm yesterday. At 730pm started contraction 2 mins apart. Timed them for 2 hours. Went in. Spent 2 hours at 2 mins apart. 2 cm dilated 20% effaced. And then the contractions started to get sporadic and we were sent home and then they stopped completly. Trying it again today.
—Guest summer

not for everyone

I took it w/ my 1st son and it worked..im now 36 weeks w/ my 2nd son and its not working at all :( so it all depends
—Guest jahmari&ja'ky mommy


Well i am 37+5 weeks and i took a 20 ml dose 2 days ago.had no diarrhea just lots of braxton hicks very uncomfertable.i will probably take it again a week bfor my due date.sex is a good option too but some daddies dnt stick around
—Guest Khanyie

Did not work !!!

Been taking it for the past 3 days a lil bit of contractions n nothing more... Smh ...
—Guest Tijuana

I did it 3 times

I drank the whole bottle and then chased with a drink I was in labour in a few hours :) For me a few tbs don't work
—Guest Jenny


I had been walking all day. I tried castor oil today at 745pm. I then took a hot bath, and walking again afterwards. I laid down around 11pm with some slight back pain and slight cramping in my abdomen. I've been tossing and turning all night with these pains every 10-15 min and the pain has gotten stronger from when I laid down. Hopefully its me going in labor.
—Guest Tiana

I'm 41weeks and 3days pregnant

I took 20ml castoroil and went to toilet with runny stomach and hour after another 2tbs and I was vomitting but no contractions nothing
—Guest marjory

castor oil

I've tired it all week didn't work.watt can i do? Please help need answers
—Guest shakera mother of three

38 +2 days

With my son I went to 41 1/2 weeks until I finally had to be induced unfortunately sex and walking doesn't do much for me. 4 months after I had my boy I am now 38 +2 days pregnant with my girl. I've been using EPO but I find it way to messy lol, tried a swig or two last night of CO and didn't get sick or any BM I had some BH and more fetal movement ( she hasn't been moving as much) , so now I will try again but do the 2 tblsp worth of it. Hopefully it works!
—Guest Baby mama

Total Fail

I took it on three separate occasions... once at 38 weeks, once at 40w1d, and two doses at 40w4d... The first two times I had contractions but they went away without the ugly side effects althought I felt nauseous. I went to get checked with the second time and although I had dilated 1cm and was having mild cramps they sent me home thinking i was in early labor. The contractions subsided after a few hours. The third time I got diarrhea and cramping for hours with contractions on too and afterwards but I made myself goto sleep and when I woke up they had went away. I was very worried about dehydration bc even thou I drank alot of water Inseemed to pee and poop it out immediately. I am 40w5d today and I am disapointed and do not recommend it. I have accepted she will come when she is ready - which is for the best.
—Guest Sheena

castor oil idk

I haven't tried castor oil but i know some friends did.. it worked on all them
—Guest ms. brittany

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