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Readers Respond: Have you tried castor oil to induce labor?

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Updated May 30, 2011

castor oil helped me

Castor oil worked for me. I took 2tbls 1hr apart and about 8hr's later went into active labor was dialted to 10within a matter of minuets and pushed 5times for my son to come out. I would reccomed it to anyone who is past due there due date and as misreble as I was. It works!
—Guest rgonzalez

Worked for me

I used castor oil and it worked well. But I was 42 weeks, Bishop's Score 6 (dilated 3-4cm) and had been having stop-start contractions for about a week. I was booked for medical induction that night, which I wanted to avoid as all my friends who had been induced ended up with complications or really long labours. I had tried everything else - walking, sex, reflexology, curry... everything. In the end I followed the advice here http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/coMec.html. I took the mixture at 4am, gentle contractions started within 1/2 hr, building up gradually, baby born by 4pm. The only side effect was one big case of the runs at 6am but it was over in minutes and didn't affect the rest of my labour. I took care to stay hydrated anyway. My baby was born at home, as planned, everything really straightforward. Also I should mention it's my second baby so my body already knew the way. My verdict? Good as a last non-medical resort but make sure your body and baby are ready.
—Guest MissisBee


I took two small bottles (from the chemist) with orange juice and Andrews' Liver Salts. I was two weeks late. I had a massive bowel movement 4 hours later, and labour started. Baby born 10 hours after that.
—Guest Nell

Didn't work like I wanted it to

I was 39.4 weeks. My MIL said it worked for her. So I took a dose wanting labor to start. Despite my being an RN and knowing about it being a laxative, We proceeded to Wal-mart. I was so excited to feel what I thought were little contractions kicking in. They got stronger and I was overjoyed! We're going to have our baby sometime today! I told my husband we should leave so we could get a little rest before going to the hospital. We were walking out of the store when the mother of all these "contractions" hit me. Just then it hit me what kind of contractions these really were, and I also realized there was NO FREAKIN" WAY I would make it to a toilet. I tried. Oh Lord, I tried. But all the stalls in the Ladies room were full....and I couldn't stop myself from "delivering" in the hall outside the restroom. Clean up on Aisle 3, for sure. We left in absolute embarrassment and I resolved to not mess with mother nature ever again! 10 days later I went into labor naturally.
—Guest Nancy

Castor oil

I took 2 ounces of castor oil with OJ. Less than an hour later i had diarrhea, an hour and a half later contractions of my uterus. Tracked contractions from 730pm until 100am - 2-3 min apart. Went to hospital, stayed until 7am. Tracked contractions all night, but no change to my cervix. False labor - false hope. I think if i had already been dialated, it may have helped move things along.
—Guest Shelly

castor oil works

Castor oil works. I took about 2table spoons around 10pm. By nine am the next mornin I was having full blown contractions. When I got to the hospital round 10:30. I was 5cm dilated.
—Guest nisheda

Worked 4 Me

I used castor oil for both pregnancies. I went into labor and delivered within 24 hrs of taking it. I've shared my experience with a cousin, and she had her baby within 24 hrs of taking it also.
—Guest Mother of 2

We'll see

I just tried it about a hour ago. I think I'm starting to feel contractions. I'm 38 weeks and 4 days w my second baby. Had to be induced w my 1st at 40+5 and do not want to go over again so hopefully this works!!
—Guest kylie

I did it with my last child

M husband worked away from home (out of state) and when I was 38 weeks pregnant he was scheduled to be 2000 miles away. I was so afraid he would miss the birth of our daughter my grandmother (who had 8 children) and one of my friends told me to try castor oil as it worked for them. I went to the pharmacy and bought a little bottle. I put half the bottle in a 20oz root beer and as disgusting as it was I finished it. I waited several hours and nothing happened. I decided to go to town and walk a bit. An hour or so later I started having back aches (I had back labor with all 4 of my children) so we decided to move slowly to the hospital. The next morning I gave birth to a 7 pound baby girl :) I forgot to mention I asked the pharmacist about castor oil before I did it. He said "If your body is ready you will go into labor. If not you will just be making frequent trips to the bathroom."
—Guest Dawn

I am unsure if its working

I took 3 tbsp at 5:30pm by 9 I started to have back pain, no bowels (38 weeks). By 9:30 I couldn't walk much and had cramps, still no bowels at 10:30pm contractions kicked in and it is now 6:07am.
—Guest lizzy

Castor oil

I have tried castor ooil with my first child and it did work. First I started using the restroom a lot then the pain come. The doctor had to break my water though. This time I'm leeting it come on its own. The castor oil not a good taste...
—Guest Latita Spencer

Castor oil works

I took a tablespoon of castor oil to help encourage labor. It caused bowel movements but in a modest way. After an hour or so, I started feeling contraction which lasted all through the night. That morning I woke up to use the restroom....Immediately after. I was pushing and I had my son at home with no medical help. Although, it was an easy birth. It was scary. I wouldn't do it again. My advice....don't use castor oil...it worked for me and you might just have your baby at home like it did!
—Guest Miranda

I don't know if this is working :(

I am 40 weeks pregnant and being induced in a few days which every pregnant women doesn't want. This is my first baby I took 1 TBSP at 11am and just a dash more around 12pm. I took a shower at 1pm and walked still nothing is happening, no cramping or diarrhea. I am also 2 cm dilated what else can I do to bring my daughter into the world?
—Guest ashton

Castor oil

I took it on my first two pregancies. I was 5 days past my due date both times. I went into labor shortly after ingesting castor oil.
—Guest lynne

it works!

I used it for 2 out of 4 pregnancies. It mixes well with low fat milk; it feels like whole milk once it is mixed in, and it has no flavor.
—Guest michelle

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