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Readers Respond: Have you ever had high blood pressure in pregnancy?

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Updated February 15, 2011

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) and preeclampsia are examples of high blood pressure related diseases in pregnancy. While you are screened in pregnancy at every prenatal visit, it can still occur. Did you have any issues? When did you start seeing problems? What did you do to "treat" your blood pressure problem?

Severe PE with severe oedema

Hai, and very good night. I'm from Johor, Malaysia, now gravida 4 para 2+1 in 33week of pregnancy. This is first time i had hypertension during pregnancy and I'm very worried cause I had very severe oedema all over my body. It's make me unconfirtable and unable to walk. There was some blister. Now, i just follow all the advise from doctor and i hope me and my baby will be okey till her birth, Insyaallah.
—Guest Ayu

Diet in pregnancy and PIH

Dr. Brewer was able to prevent and reverse PIH by diet alone in his practice. Lots of websites explain the diet. www.Brewerpregnancydiet.com or www.blueribbonbaby.com
—Guest kt

High Blood Pressure

I had preclampsia with my first child. But it didn't appear until week 28. I am now 10 weeks along with my second child and I have already started to swell and my blood pressure is on the rise but my protein in my urine is okay so they are monitoring me very closely. I foresee blood pressure medications and lots of bed rest in my future. It will be a long 30 weeks!
—Guest Cameronlove

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