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Readers Respond: What did pre-registering at the hospital do for you?

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Updated January 09, 2012

Pre-registration for labor is supposed to make the wait when you show up in labor shorter, it's supposed to help you go to the labor and delivery room faster and without separation from your family or doula. Did you pre-register? Did you hit snags? Were you separated from your family?

I noticed a difference

With our 1st we put so many things off because we were both full time students and we had a month between finals and our due date so we thought we had time. Baby 1 came 3 1/2wks early and filling out paperwork between contractions sucked. With baby 2 I made sure to preregister 6wks in advance. When contractions were 4 mins apart we walked in, gave my name, and were shown directly to a labor and delivery room. With baby 4 I had some major incidents with false labor 5 and 4 wks before my due date and she came 3wks early like #1. Being preregistered I was able to walk into the maternity ward in the middle of the night, give my name, and get shown to a room. No one bothered me about information until I was in recovery and all they wanted was baby related.
—Guest Mary

It didn't help nor hinder

I didn't really do anything. We had to give all the info again, but I was not at the very end of labor. My doula just made the lady asking the questions wait until between contractions.
—Guest Jemma

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