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Readers Respond: What did you try to get pregnant with a baby girl?

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Updated April 22, 2009

Many couples are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to choosing the sex of their baby. Couples wishing to have a baby girl have lots of things that they can try to help influence the odds of drawing the XX genetics that belong to a girl. So what did you do in trying to get pregnant with a girl? Do you have a special sexual position? Do you time your ovulation? Do you recommend an orgasm? Share Your Experience

how to get a little girl

My mom have 1boy and 3girls and my girls and my dad s Side have 5boys and 1girl how do I have a lil girl because now I have a boy help me asap
—Guest abby

I need a baby boy when do i hv sex

I need a baby boy i hv 2 lovely girls and a boy, i need another baby boy .pee
—Guest Pee

I want a sweet baby girl

my date of birth is 6th March 1979, and I want to consume with a baby girl, my LMP is 11th Nov.2013, please advise me what steps i have to opt. on which days we should keep relations and what will be the diet and relationships positions, please advise me............
—Guest Mamta

i want a baby girl

i need some foods to eat,till 3 months to get pregnant for baby girl..please tell me what i need to eat foods to get a baby girl..
—Guest jen marie siete

mom with three boys awaiting girl

I really want a girl. I am only 4weeks along but wish I knew now. please let me know? my last period was on September 26th 2013! due date on7/3/14,
—Guest tanya


My lmp was on 13/11/2013.. my due date is on 20 aug n im still very active which baby will I have.. we want a boy.
—Guest deepa

At Last

Just found out today I am having my girl after 2 beautiful boys (2 & 4). Conceived day before ovulation unlike previous 2 on all days of ovulation. Did orgasim though, could'nt help it lol.
—Guest Lana's Miv

I want baby boy

I have two daughter and I am pregnant now. My period was 21 march.i have sex 3 and 6 march.I want baby boy, is it possible?
—Guest Shanthi

Want to have babe girl

I had a lovely son he is now 45 month old but now me and my husband ,ready want to try to get another one and we very want a girl so what can we do ? Could you advice me thank you very much xxxxx
—Guest Ladda hassall

Trying for a girl

Me and my husband love our two boys to the moon and back but we are both really wanting a girl. We had intercourse three days before ovulation then stopped. We didn't have intercourse again until almost two days after ovulation. Hoping i become pregnant with a girl.
—Guest Tiffany

I would love a little girl

My partner and i have 5 boys and 1 girl between us he has 1 girl from 1st and 2boys from 2nd and 3boys wit me i come from a family of just 3 sisters so i miss girls stuff alot im in 2 minds about weather 2 try again or not because i really want a little girl so any tips welcome
—Guest Carol leonard

i want a baby girl now i am pregnant

i want a baby girl but i am now pregnant.but i had a big confusion it may be a boy baby.please give me an idea to know what baby it was
—Guest honey

how can i get a baby girl

still looking for advice. i hve three boy now i am trying to have a baby girl, i want some advice on how to get her. i have tried many thing as i read them on interned and dc's advice but i couldn't.
—Guest Rauna

Mommy of 5 boys

Well this actually works! I have 7 kids now! 5 being boys and 2 being girls! Soo glad I am going to go for another one!
—Guest Mommy Natalia

We did it

I have 2 sons and 1 doughter. after I got the two sons I was interested to get ababy girl and I got an information from my friend , it was after period try the first ovulation time and don't get orgasm . it means if yr period started at the 1 st day of the month do sex at 11, 12 and 13 maximum . I was lucky I did it once and got baby girl.
—Guest mary

Share Your Experience

What did you try to get pregnant with a baby girl?

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