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Readers Respond: What did you try to get pregnant with a baby girl?

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Updated April 22, 2009

I really want a baby girl

I really want 2 get pregnant with a baby girl I already have 2 amazing boys an now I av had a coil in for 13months I have now had it taken out so I can try for a girl but when I have had the coil in I've had no periods but now its out I have now started my period again has any1 got any advice and I did have sex a day or 2 before I started my period is that a good thing :)
—Guest toni

want a girl!!!!

I have three boys. After my last one turned 9 months he got a vasectomy. I didn't want to but he really did. After two samples comeing back still fertile and waiting five months. Dr says we have new sperm. So it didn't work. There is a 0.1 percent chance of it not working. I think were going to wait to do surgery again. Maybe ttc a little girl. (I think its a sign). We will use the methods. Fingers crossed.
—Guest Kim

not just 50/50

I realy dont think it just 50/50. I belive you can tip the odds if you sway, theres a realy good form on the net called ingender form, they cover evefy thing you need to help you sway for the desired gender et. I have spoken to lots of woman on this subject as a mum of 4 boys i would lv to give swaying a go as i never had the chance. I have heard woman who have seen a gender specalist, a lady a once met did just that here doc refured her, her abd her husband had to pay for gis help, but they got a girl after 4 sons the doctor gave them 98% chance thaf it would be a girl and they were that confident they said they will do it again for another girl. And cleaver woman get girls they study hard no there bodeys well and go for it. Iv heard heat favs girls cold for boys, heard coupels who have conceved there girls in hot baths. Good luke and resurch find the best method for you and who knows with i good sway and faith we can all make our hearts desires come to life. ;-)
—Guest Olivia next

4 boys praying for a girl this time

I have 4 boys and pregnant with my 5th I find out September 4th what i'm having and i'm praying for a girl this time since it's my last I want a little girl so bad and now the doctor has my hopes up for one because he said it could be a girl because of the heartbeat which is around 150 or higher he said i want to be excited because i've always wanted a girl but then again I don't I love my child no matter what gender as long as it's healthy. I just want a girl so bad. I had sex 2 days before I ovulated as well as no orgasm as what I was told to do I really hope it worked.
—Guest Tasha

mom of 4 boys, wanting a girl

Between my husband and I we have 4 boys, (1 Mine and 3 his) I was told somewhere that after 2 consecutive babies of the same sex your chances of having the opposite diminish by 60%(something like that). I know that the male is what determines the sex of the baby but is this theory true? We are really wanting a daughter but dont want to chance having yet another boy. 4 is plenty to handle!! If any one has ANY ideas, tips, or if there are Doctors that you can go to to make sure that you have a gender specific child that would be great info!!! Thanks all
—Guest mommyof4boys

Elusive baby girl

I read some where that baby girls in general are a little more hardier and are more likely to survive in a harsher climate if food is scarce, so when you diet and eat less you are more likely to conceive a girl because your body thinks it is starving. This is proving very difficult for me as I love my food! Still it doesn't explain how Victoria Beckham has had so many boys tho lol ;) joking aside I have tried everything not only has it resulted in no girl but also no baby! So I have decided to just relax about the whole thing and let nature do its thing. My son really wants a bro anyway and ultimately it is him who will have the long term relationship with his sibling a long time after I am gone. A baby is a blessing what ever the sex it is an extension of you and the bond between mother and child is an amazing thing whatever. It lasts a life time I am so grateful for being given this chance to love, nurture and adore my wonderful son some of us don't ever get the chance to be mums at
—Guest Sookie1000

Doesn't work!

This method does not work! We tried for a girl according to the rules and got...a 2nd boy. It's 50/50 and whatever sperm gets there first wins. Save yourself the disappointment and just enjoy trying without trying to time it!
—Guest 2 boys

Am dying to have a girl.

After 3 boys now. I and my hubby is contemplating if we can still try againg. We are really scared of having another boy.
—Guest Jenny

Really needs better info for male diet.

Glad to see that men were finally included in this. I've been searching for what diet men should take to increase the chances of X sperm cells to fertilize the egg before some stupid Y cell D:. Planning to have a daughter first and then a son LAST. Would be nice to have a 2 for one deal (opposite sex) too. Knowing my luck we'll probably have triplets or quadruplets. Avoiding fertility drugs like the plague though. I like some of the dietary influences for both men and women. That would seem most logical to provide an environment in which either X or Y spermatozoa have better survival rates.
—Guest Future daddy


My hubby and I have had 5 boys between the 2 of us (1each from prev. relationships) & 3 together (1 was stillborn @ 39 wks) Our youngest is 9 months old & I really really want a girl. I was so focused on TTC I didnt think about methods for girls only. So, we've had sex about 6 times in 4 days. Today I noticed more discharge, lower right-sided ab pain, & a VERY HIGH sex drive, So we ended up 'ttc' around 6pm & again about an hour ago. Im just now realizing ttc on what i think is my actual ovulation DAY is a big NO NO for ttc a girl BUT- the Chinese calendar points 2 a girl... Now, its a waiting game 2 c wat happens. Ultimately, I believe its up 2 God.... #Praying4MyBabyGirl
—Guest Proud Mommy of 3

faith and pray is the key

Just have a strong faith that is all,my 1st child is a boy and the secound was agirl though we lost her the next day due to the nurses carelessness but I believe I will have a set of twns two girl soon the kind of faith that can move mountain is still alive just pray more and build ur faith
—Guest odulana

That's Hoopla

Well...we have a four yr old little boy, so we wanted to try for a little girl. I did not diet or anything, no weird positions, I orgasm-ed (of course), the only thing we did to specifically try for a girl is to try based on the dates given by the Chinese Gender Calendar...and behold, it worked! I am currently expecting our little princess in early Sept. We didn't do this with our first, but the calendar was right with him too, nonetheless.
—Guest Mommy of one wild boy, one bebe girl

Have One of Each

Female sperm tend to thrive in acidic environments. Male tend to thrive in nonacidic environments.To boost chances of having a girl: Women: Dark chocolate, eat high acid foods, tomatoes, kale, mango, etc. Men: Eat Pineapple, tomatoes Broccoli, etc. To boost chances of a boy: Women: Eat milk chocolate, apples, grapes, carrots, etc. Men: Follow in suit, add ginsing. Kinda throws off the sugar and spice thought... But hey, I have had a planned a girl and boy. My girl was concived on this high acid diet. My boy on the sweeter diet.
—Guest One Pink, One Blue

hubby's crazy for a girl

I'm 13weeks pregnant and can't wait to get to the point when I can know my baby's sex. I Pray its a girl cos my hubby came from a family of 7boys so he will give anything for a girl. My fingers are seriously crossed. Which ever sex I will eventually have is alright but I really wish for a girl for hubby's sake.
—Guest mummy jazmine

X-Y this is so confusing !

Well we are hoping for a girl ! Douched with water and vinegar before and had non orgasm missionary position sex 3 days before ovulation. I just got a little confused with the first response opk test. Lighter line - darker line ...Clear blue works better smiley face or no face !! All of this info is great but let's all remember that life is gift granted to you and so just accept the blessing and move on ......
—Guest Rosy

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