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Readers Respond: What did you try to get pregnant with a baby boy?

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Updated April 22, 2009

Many couples are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to choosing the sex of their baby. Couples wishing to have a baby boy have lots of things that they can try to help influence the odds of drawing the XY genetics that belong to a boy. So what did you do in trying to get pregnant with a boy? Do you have a special sexual position? Do you time your ovulation? Do you recommend an orgasm? Share Your Experience


Me and my partner we both have daughters from our previous relationships so now that I am pregnant we really really would love to have a boy, I am 21 weeks and everytime we go and check the sex of the baby we can't see it so we just keep wishing.
—Guest khizra

Tips to get pregnant with a Baby Boy

I have 4 beatifulls gril nu i want Tips to Have a Baby Boy
—Guest Hanna

two beautiful girls

So I have two girls...my.first one was a girl then my husband and i were hoping our second one to be a boy but no it was a girl..I love them both but I really want a boy cus my husband is always telling me how happy he would be if we had a boy...
—Guest my angels

baby boy

i want a boy this time.alread have 2 girls.please what can i do?you can e mail me.thanks in advance.
—Guest theone

gender selection

I tried the dogy style had sex on the ovulation day but after 9days I took white quinine tablet and alomobitter and cytote only to tested positiveafter 1week.ps I nid help will all this concotion affect the gender???
—Guest mummy B

want a boy

Now I have a beautiful girl but with this next time 2nd baby I want a boy... so,pls tell me how is this possible for us.....????
—Guest isha azad

3 girls

I had 2 daughter close in age and wanted to try for a boy. I followed the shettles method. Charted bbt, test ph for months, used opk, dtd after ovulation ect. I got a positive test and was sure it was a boy. Sadly I miscarried at 10 weeks. It was the hardest thing. I decided then babies gender didn't matter. Now I'm 27 weeks with my third girl and just so grateful for a healthy baby on the way
—Guest Sandy


Two things are involve (1) God gift (2) knowing the secret which lies on timing your wife the righ time to apply for.
—Guest TIDEM

Need a boy

I have a boy n a girl need boy again. Plz plz I ve crossed my fingers desperate need in family. Tell me how n what to eat. What my husband has ti do plz suggest
—Guest sadaf

Baby Boy

I am praying god to give me a baby boy. because already I have two lovely daughters.. what I have to do
—Guest nita mittal

i want a baby boy

I have 1 daughter .so I want baby boy..but I am still searching on how to have a baby boy
—Guest pooja

a real spell caster that help me

I want to give a testimony about a spell caster that help me cast a pregnancy spell and a love spell is name allibabaspelltemple@gmail.com I taught that he was a fake spell caster but now I now believe in allibabaspelltemple@gmail.com after he help me to cast a spell I wanted to send money to him he told me that his four father told him not to collect money form people that I help because if he collect money from me he will not have any power for spell again if you need more info you can mail me at smithellauk@gmail.com
—Guest smithellauk

i want baby boy

I have two girl I realy want boy how I get the boy
—Guest nilani

Dear girls....

Instead of changing yourselves why not changing what your husband does? After all, the gender outcome is his responsibility.
—Guest Lilion

pls give an idea

I am praying god to give me a baby boy. because already I have two lovely daughters.. what I have to do in sex.. please explain me
—Guest vijayan

Share Your Experience

What did you try to get pregnant with a baby boy?

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