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Readers Respond: How did you find out the sex of your baby?

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Updated January 29, 2010

Sure, you could march into an ultrasound room and hear the answer with your pants down, surrounded by strangers with a lot of hot goo on your belly, but you could also do something special. What's your special story? Romantic dinner? The beach? Surprise envelope at a dessert?

I looked!

Baby#1 ... everyone said it was a very small girl - I had a 8 1/2# boy. I found out in the delivery room. Baby#2. I "knew" at 5-week test it was a girl and bought lots of girl clothes, and one boy outfit. Most were "boy" predictions. I didn't care, but I KNEW it was a girl. In the delivery room. She was revealed to be daughter number 1. BABY#3 ... same predictions from those who "are never wrong" were that I was having a boy. In the delivery room, they were suddenly wrong for the first time ever when daughter #2 was born. BABY #4. Not only did consensus say"boy," but most thought I was definitely having twins. I didn't have an ultrasound, but I was HUGE!! I measured a 48-cm fundus at 40 weeks( Normal is 40-cm). 4 days later, my smallest & earliest baby (8lbs) & my THIRD girl was born at home. Flash forward ... Babies 5, 6, 7, & 8. Most Predictions: Boys Reality: Daughters 4, 5, 6, & 7 (all UA homebirths) My gut feeling was right 100% of the time, but I really never care
—Guest 8 deliveries


I had a heart rate took of my first baby and it was 170 which I was told to be a girl. But the next ultra sound I had done it was I boy. So I had a 170bpm and ended up at 9 months having a boy. DON'T GO BY HEART RATES A BIG MYTH!!!!!
—Guest Tracey

Its a boy!!!

Babies heart rate was 142 bpm at 19 weeks and 141 bpm ar 21 weeks. Just found out its a boy.
—Guest M J

Finding out tomorrow

I go get my ultrasound tomorrow to find out the sex! I'm so excited, I have 3 little boys now so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a girl. The heart rate last dr appt was 167. But as long as baby is healthy then so am I!!!
—Guest Katie

Finding out the sex TOMORROW

I am 20 weeks and 1 day. I have two beautiful little boys, but I want a girl badly. I am just hoping its healthy, but I believe GOD has me with this. I wanted those boys first, not I want a girl!
—Guest Mrs. K

the sex of my children...

Heart rate works! For child #2, my Dr. asked my oldest "so, how do you feel about a baby brother?" because of his heart beat - he was right. With #3, the ultrasound said 'boy' the heart beat said 'girl'. Lea was born a few months later.

how I will find out

I had my mom and sister with me and had the tech tell them what I was having. They will surprise me at my baby shower in a few months. I even made two registeries and they will cancel one. This way I have a surprise but will still have some time to prepare the nursery before baby arrives.
—Guest Kelly 1time

Chinese Calendar said GIRL, it's a boy

My husband and I have two boys, 2 and 4. We were hoping that our third was going to be a girl, but to our surprise we are expecting boy number three. As long as he is healthy, I am happy with whatever. Although it would have been fun to decorate for a girl.
—Guest Shar

couldn't wait!

At 15 weeks, we found out we're having a son! My husband is deployed but got to join me via Skype for the appointment. We have a 5 year old daughter so it was a very joyful experience. Also, my son's heart rate was 160 bpm, my daughter's was 135-140 bpm so you never know :-D
—Guest HappyMer

A Surprise from the Easter Bunny

On Thursday I will go with my niece and her boyfriend to their appointment (along with her little sister.) We wrote a note to the Easter Bunny asking if he would fill a basket with pink or blue and cover it with a yellow blanket. At her ultrasound, we will ask the tech to write on the note what she is having and then I'll send it off to Easter Island. On Easter morning when all the siblings and cousins are all together with parents and grandparents the happy surprise will be revealed! In the past, the Easter Bunny has revealed when another baby would be joining our family by leaving a basket of baby supplies... but this time he gets to tell us if it is a boy or a girl :o)

heart rate predicts sex????

I have a baby boy and his heart rate during the first trimester of my pregnancy was 159... never believe on such things....
—Guest rincy


Want to know my unborn baby's gender.Eagarly waiting to confirm the gender of the baby.
—Guest shwetha

Is it a girl?

Had an ultrasound at 15 weeks was told it was a girl. I really hope that's right I have two boys, 2 and three. I'm now 18 weeks and have not felt any movement yet. I go for another ultrasound soon. Can't wait to know for sure.
—Guest tyona

baby #3

I am reading about the fetal heartbeat in those wives tales and I can say this: my 5yr old boy had a beat of 164 and my 3yr old girl 182. So the "below 140" is out. I am at baby 3. I am carrying high like with my girl yet only belly like with my boy. And my first u/s is next week. So I will be in suspense for awhile!
—Guest expecting

Sex of baby

At 12 weeks scan the sonographer stated can not see clear and cannot predict the sex of baby. At 20 weeks baby in breach plus the sonographer stated you cannot see clearly no point in having scan pic. The sonographer then went on to say not 100% sure but thinks its a girl, but she never showed or mentioned the three white lines as predicted for a girl. A close friend did the Chinese baby predictor states a boy for me. Through out my pregnancy have had no morning sickness. As the sonographer would not give me 20+ week scan pic of my unborn child plus they stated not clear even when they turned the monitor round to show me, how can the sonographer prediction be right? Can someone help?
—Guest first time mother to be

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