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Readers Respond: How did you find out the sex of your baby?

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Updated January 29, 2010

Sure, you could march into an ultrasound room and hear the answer with your pants down, surrounded by strangers with a lot of hot goo on your belly, but you could also do something special. What's your special story? Romantic dinner? The beach? Surprise envelope at a dessert? Share Your Story

girl or boy

Im in 14 week of pregnancy and my baby heart rate is 148 bpm how can i detect the gender ?
—Guest sumi


I found out my baby sex at 26 weeks and I was told it was a girl now its a boy and his due in 2 weeks very upset
—Guest kalyn

heartbeat 158bpm

i am 21 week pregnant, can't recognize the gender but heartbeat is 158bpm. Can any 1 help me in knowing gender of my baby.
—Guest Swatee

male or female

I have 2 babies at 6th n 4th yr old, I want boy, I pregnent at 33 weeks and bpd is 154 (4th repot), 148 @ 3rd scane, 150 @ 2nd & 150 @1st scane report, plz tel me b8y or gile
—Guest prasanna

iam waiting for boy or girl

this is 5 month baby report .my baby heart beat 156bpm .its a boy are girl.
—Guest sri

Boy or Girl?

Can anyone guess what if this boy or girl, so impatient and I cant wait another month lol
—Guest trish


Extand the timeing during sex because you told me how to extand how i will extand my timing
—Guest rashid

Good morning

My wife heat beat is 152 in 30 week suddenlly it falls into 135 in 31 week is it good ? Then is it boy or girl
—Guest Avls

Baby Boy or Girl???

My baby scan heart beat is 160.So can you tel my baby is girl or boy:::

Boy or girl?

Boy or girl ?want boy baby and i am 5 month pregnant please send response
—Guest Mary

i follow ramzis method and it was correc

at gestational age of 8 weeks the tech told me that my chorionic villi located on the right side using safe color flow for few seconds only ....later at 18 weeks detail scan my placenta still on the right side and anterior and the baby is a boy......
—Guest samira

Hoping Baby boy

Am 17 week, My baby's HR is 136, i want to know, what is the gender of my baby
—Guest RK

oh boy or girl

Just found out were having boy, heart rate 136 and a girl heart rate 137.. At 18weeks anatomy check up
—Guest looni


I'm 19weeks pregnant and the baby heart rate is 151 is it normal? And it's a boy or girl?
—Guest Momma2be


Need some help. Had a ultrasound the tech said she saw 3 lines then 2 lines but only one baby. But she goes on to say its a girl. I am at the point I have no clue what I am having. Has this happened to anyone else
—Guest tye

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