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Readers Respond: How did you find out the sex of your baby?

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Updated January 29, 2010

Worried to 'jinx' it...

I've always heard that what the majority of people think you're having, it'll be the opposite. As soon as I heard the heartbeat, I just 'knew' my baby was a girl. Then we told everyone, and everyone said "I'm hoping you have a girl", or "you're definitely having a girl". Of course, I thought that was going to jinx it... I'd have a boy (as long as the baby's healthy, it doesn't matter what the sex is, but I was slightly hoping for a girl). So when I went for an ultrasound at 15 1/2 weeks, the sonographer announced to everyone (me, my mom, the dad, and big brother) that she'd place her bet it was a girl (although we're having another U/S tomorrow). Except for craving salty and spicy, and my feet not being colder than normal, I've conformed to every other old-wives tale there is... heart rate, how I'm carrying, morning sickness, etc, etc, etc... Even the Chinese Gender Predictor (once I found out the month of conception, NOT LMP) was dead-on! We all can't wait to see her!
—Guest jlynec

My Mom Waited a Long Time

We, at the time we were married for three years and every time we visited my parents the quest from my mom was "are you pregnant yet". I would say no. We were not trying at all. Then came the day of a visit that I was pregnant. I did not tell my mom right away, and for the VERY first time she did not ask. I walked into her bedroom with a video camera...Yeh, you guessed it. As I turned the corner I said, "Mom, aren't you supposed to be happy that I am pregnant?" Nothing on earth was more funny then seeing my mom look at me as if she were going to faint. She stopped what she was doing and said "are you really" in the most quiet voice. Then I said yes, that it was only a few weeks. She then said, "Don't joke with me, are you really pregnant?" I once again said yes. She then said (very quietly), "Don't joke about this." The camera is still going. I said I went to the doctor and he confirmed it. She then jumps out of bed and went ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! Well, we had a girl!!
—Guest Worth the Wait

3 sons are a BLESSING!!

This is my third pregnancy and I have to say, the morning sickness was worse than ever. I actually felt the baby move as early as 3.5 months and he's still very active. I am 20 weeks and had my ultrasound, as you can read from my title, it's a BOY! We are all over joyed at the news and I am so looking forward to meeting him.
—Guest MamaBee

Moms Know Everything

When my period was a day late I started to freak out making up all these reasons why I could possibly be late. Two days later I still didn't take a test, I went and talked to my mom, she was guessing why I wanted to talk to her and when she said I bet your pregnant, I started to cry, she jumped off the treadmill and gave me a big hug and said your having a girl. So when the day came and mom took me to the hospital, and a few hours later my boyfriend showed up (he had go to NYC for a few days) our beautiful daughter came into our world!
—Guest Kenzy

It is truley a myth!

My baby maintained a heartbeat over 140 (actually 154 at 20 weeks) and its a active little boy! Lol. I had a little morning sickness, very tired in my first trimester, my hair was HORRIBLE! It actually broke off. I craved salty snacks vs sweet snacks and cold items like fruit, yogurt and juice. Plus when I started feeling flutters, I felt him BELOW my belly button.
—Guest BrownHoneyInSC

Could never hide it from me!

With both of my babies I saw the sex on the ultrasound before the tech was even ready to show us. The first time I said, " a penis! I see a penis!" and with this one I yelled, "3 lines! I see 3 lines!" The tech tried to say the she was not so sure but after a moment she pretty much agreed. Now looking at the picture it is soooo obvious. I enjoyed being the first person on earth to know what I was having, even if only for a moment.
—Guest Lynda

gender prediction

I have two boys, 4 and 5, with both pregnancies I was really sick, 1st one bed ridden 2nd a bit better. But now I'm pregnant again for the 3rd time with not much sickness at all but my skin is horrible and I'm very lazy, so I'm hoping its a girl.
—Guest marina

All mixed up

My first one was a girl, but ALL the old wives tales would have said it was going to be a boy. 120s heart rate, carrying low and all out front, hair was perfect every day, I wanted salty things...etc. This time the heart rate is in the 170s and EVERYTHING is completely different. Who knows what it will be this time.
—Guest E

Sex of baby

My baby's heartbeat was 163 and we just found out it's a boy.
—Guest amber

I just knew

With my first pregnancy as soon as I found out I was prego I immediately just felt it was a boy. My second was the same as soon as I found out I just felt it was a boy. Both were VERY active in the womb... this pregnancy, well it is COMPLETELY different from the first 2, I feel like it is a girl, I'm sure it is a girl, I will let y'all know when I find out if my FEELING is right!
—Guest Amber

Daddy to be knew it was a Boy....

Well This is our first Child, and as a newly wedded couple it was kinda a dream to actually start a family of my own. Well when my husband had found out that I was pregnant a few months before our second wedding any. He said with a big smile we are having a boy. Me I kinda figured it because during the first trimester I didn't crave any chocolate I just wanted things that I could put salt on. I had asked a lot of my co-workers what they thought I was having and some said "you're having a girl." and a lot of them said "it's a boy." Well I did the online gender quizzes and almost all of them came up as boy a few said girl. So I got to find out my 19 week of my pregnancy and to my shock and his happiness it was a boy. I cried when those little words pop up on the screen that states if its a boy or girl, and our first child is a "proud Little boy". People wanted to know why I wanted to find out, and I tell them because I want to call my little one by their name.
—Guest Erin Dooley

Surprise surprise

I found out my second child would be a girl at 20 weeks. I was sooo excited. We already had a boy and she would be the first girl on both sides of the family.... yeah so delivery day..... after delivering before I can even see... My husband says.... errr that's not a girl! What can I say! I am definitely a boy mom! I was not crushed... LOL so I don't trust anything until its out!
—Guest Cymfa

I found out around 10 wks.

When I was 10 weeks pregnant I purchased an intelligender test from my local Walgreens for around $30. I had to ask a manager about it because they keep them in the back to cut down on shoplifting. It said I was having a girl. At my 20 wk ultrasound it was confirmed that it was indeed a little girl. I have a 11yr old son & a 7 yr old son. My 16 yr old adopted daughter was so happy that she was finally getting a sister.
—Guest Mrs. Messer

Shower surprise

Me and my fiance did the envelope thing and then gave it our mothers. We found what we were having at our baby shower. It was so much fun. Cause the first few things were neutral, so we didn't know yet. But also we knew that we were having a little boy cause both of us had dreams for months about a little boy
—Guest kiddiehawkteacher

Heart rate

I've always heard that if the heart rate is below 140 bpm than it's a boy if its above it's a girl. My first daughter was 170 bpm, my son was 150 bpm so I don't know about that. Girls are more active than boys I've heard too.
—Guest tesh

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