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Readers Respond: How did you find out the sex of your baby?

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Updated January 29, 2010

Sex Versus Gender

Sex is based on the body, gender is based on social construct - the way that other society sees a person. There are the two obvious sexes, male (penis) and female (vagina). There are other birth sexes that fall under the category intersexed. However, there are many genders/gender identities: cisgender female, cisgender male, transgender/transsexual female, transgender/transsexual male, bigender, gender fluid, third gender - the list goes on and on. If your child has a vagina, please do not assume that s/he is going to grow up to be a woman and be attracted to men; if your child has a penis, please do not assume that s/he is going to grow up to be a man and be attracted to women.
—Guest Ariana

Heart rate predicts sex

It was true for me. My baby's heart rate was always between 156-162. I found out I was having a girl.
—Guest hlf03c

For Ultrasound

My ultrasound done in 16 Weeks, and doctor sad to for girl,but I feeling like as a boy.

It's a boy

I just been for my ultrasound scan at 20 wks everyone kept saying its a girl and was beginning to believe them but at the scan I kept seeing the word boy in my head. The sonographer said its a boy. I was so happy.
—Guest tracy

Boy...now girl?

My son is 8months old. His heart rate stayed between 140-143 the whole time I was pregnant with him and I took the pregnancy quiz on parents.com and it said I was having a boy and I had a boy. Now I'm pregnant again and it says I'm having a girl and the heart rate is 160 so I hope its right!!

RN's perspective

I was taught in nursing school that the heart rate of a boy usually does stay below 140 in the later months barring an incredibly active day or health issues. I also had a baby with a HR of 160 @ 38 weeks. It was a girl just like the dr told me!
—Guest Stephanie

Boy? Girl?

I had my first ultrasound at 11 weeks bc my dr thought I was having twins. Nope, just one active little baby tho but it's bpm the day before the ultrasound was 160 the day of the ultrasound it was 166 the tech said to think pink but then a month later it dropped to 145 bpm my family all think its a boy I don't really crave any specific food category. One day its chocolate chip cookies next day its crab rangoons and cheesy bread. I guess we'll see if everyone's right in 4 days. Honestly I don't care what the baby is as long as its healthy.
—Guest Megan

heart rate test

My dr. listened the the baby's heart rate and said, "It sounds like 2 girls." He was RIGHT.
—Guest Peggy in PA

Ultrasound is the best way

I have two girls and with both of them I was different means I felt different and carried them different and craved different food too, but honestly I only trust the ultrasound so thats the only way I found out about my kids.
—Guest Anna


We were hoping for a boy because we have a 5yr old girl. We told the DR we were not sure if we wanted to find out the gender yet. She printed the gender scan, at the back of the scan she wrote BOY, and said we can open it when we ready. We opened the envelope at home and guess what, its a Boy!
—Guest ree

A GIRL!!!! :)

I had my first appointment yesterday and I had them check for a heartbeat. I'm not sure how far exactly I am and they found it with no problem. It was a 160 strong heartbeat. I'm hoping for a girl. I've heard myself if its above 140 its a girl.
—Guest april


Before I found out I was having twins I did the ring test to see what it was predicting. It worked before and showed boy...I had a boy! This time the ring did both...round and round and back and forth. Wasn't sure what to make of it but made sense after I found out I was having twins!! And yes...one was a boy and one was a girl!
—Guest Melanie

dont know the gender yet

I went today to here my baby heart 155 but don't know what I'm having yet
—Guest Takeria

Boy or Girl?

I have a 2 year old boy. I went for my 15 week check up they doctor said that its a Girl because you couldn't see boy parts but wants me to wait for my 20 week ultrasound. I took the Intelligender prediction test and it said I was having a Boy. Took the Chinese prediction test and came out Boy! I hope the doctor is right, I want a Girl!
—Guest Lucia

Hope it's true!

I test the Intellegender predict it's say girl! Went to ultrasound @ 17 weeks, they say boy. I hope it's a girl. This is my last chance, but still hope it's healthy.
—Guest Tutie

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