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Readers Respond: Did the Ring Test get the sex of your baby right?

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Updated September 04, 2010

From the article: Girl or Boy: The Ring Test
The Ring Test is an old wives tale that tells you if your baby is a boy or a girl depending on what your wedding ring does when you hold it over your pregnant belly. Have you tried the Ring Test? Was it right for you? What are your thoughts?


I did it was my second and it said boy and it was right. This time I did it it say girl I just found out I was pregnant and not sure how far along I am so I keep you posted.
—Guest Franki

Isn't it how you read it??

Without wishing to be negative, isn't this test always going to be right as done people say side to side for girls others that circle means girls and vice versa??! Surely this way it can't be disproven as surely when you find out you will just think that you read it incorrectly? I found it all v confusing to follow as everyone is saying they had correct results but on different movements. I'm still none the wiser!! Side to side for girl or circle? V confusing!!
—Guest Mel

Correct so far...

I did this with my first child when I first got preggo it said boy and I had a boy. Did this for a friend when she got pregnant and it said boy and the dr confirmed for her yesterday. I did it today, since I'm pregnant again it said girl... And we will find out in a few weeks. I was told that it had to be the persons wedding ring that you ate completeing the test on.
—Guest Mama2be


Ive been doing this test on patients for years with 100% accuracy. Ive found the largest problem with the test is that unless it picks up the male energy of a male child it will "circle" because of mom's female energy. Women who have slightly more weight around the middle take longer to pick up the male.(swing side to side). Also, a baby (whom we like to term a deep laying baby)also takes longer to show up. By 23 weeks of pregnancy the male energy is usually strong enough to pull the ring side to side, over riding the female energy of mom. In the case of twins, the following has held true: girl/girl twins- ring begins swinging in a circle then slows down and begins spinning the opposite direction. boy/boy twins- ring rocks back and forth(either horizontilly or vertically) then slows down and begins rocking in the opposite direction. boy/girl twins- begins either rocking or spinning, slows down and then does the opposite(either rock or spin). In ALL The ring does NOT stop or pause.
—Guest l dRN

worked for me!

I did this with my first pregnancy it said girl and sure enough it was! I'm now pregnant again I am about to do it again!
—Guest kristin

It depends if ring is gold or silver

If you use a gold ring it is circle for boy and back and forth in a line for girl and this reading opposite with pure silver ring. I have 4 children and one on the way in three months. It has always been right.
—Guest prouddad


The doctor did 3 ultrasounds and all point that I will have a baby girl. I was kind of upset since I already have 3 girls... I tried the needle trick and it goes side to side which predicts a BOY.
—Guest brenda

It worked

Worked for my first (girl) and has shown a boy for my current pregnancy. A cousin also had it done and it was correct for both her pregnancies.
—Guest P

It Works!!!!

So my aunt does this test for everyone in our family and she has never been wrong. Her test is a little different though we have boy front to back and girl from left to right. Plus she can tell you what you are going to have even if you aren't pregnant.
—Guest Megan


I had a close friend do this for me but she also said depending on how much it is moving ( in either direction) was linked to how soon you would have a baby. I was not pregnant at the time and did it for fun and she predicted a boy within the next 6 months. I laughed at her because I was 18 and just out of school. 3 months later I was pregnant with boy. It works!!
—Guest Sam


My mom swears by this she did it with all of her children and it was right. So we did it when I got preggo and it said a boy again I got preggo it said again a boy both times it was right and when my sister got preggo it said boy right again and my other sister it went in circles for a girl right again then again back and forth and she had a boy her second child. So for 14 kids it has been right. Back and forth meant boys for us and circles meant girls.
—Guest Mandy

The way it is with me

The ring test has always swang around in circles for both my boys and this time it's going back and forth. I will find out in 2 weeks.
—Guest julie

Side to side for a boy or girl???

Side to side is for boy or girl. Some said it for boy some said girl??
—Guest bhargavi

It Works!

My nan swears by the ring test, claiming 100% accuracy. She was right for both my little men - the ring swang wildly up and down! So when I fell pregnant a third time, we tried the ring test. After about 12 weeks it spun in massive circles! "A girl!" my mum exclaimed. So far the 19 week scan has proven correct - a girl she is!
—Guest kateness

Ring test confuses me

I'm 12 weeks and when I first did the test when I was 6 weeks it went in circles then recently I did it and it went back and forth also my sister did it when she didn't no what she was having and it went in circles which means girl but she had a baby boy so I'm confused bc I really want a girl
—Guest First time mom
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