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Readers Respond: Did the Ring Test get the sex of your baby right?

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Updated September 04, 2010

mine was always right

My first it went back and forth and 2nd went in circle and 3rd went in circle and they were right boy girl girl and now I'm prego again and says boy so we will see. But it has never failed on me :-)
—Guest Kristen frm cali

Circle for boy - Back and Forth for girl

My mum has done this many times and it always right! Even if she does it now it will go through the whole six children then stop after the youngest, it's always girl,boy,girl,girl,boy,boy never fail but I'm in doubt when it spins around for a boy for me because at my 19wk ultrasound the lady said she couldn't tell for sure what the sex was but it looks like a girl so it got me very confused when the ring spun around before and after the ultrasound and other people's opinion on what they think I having...I guess it will have to be a surprise for me but I don't mind though it would of been good to know so I can buy in pink or blue :-( I have 6 more wks left and can't wait to know what I'm having for sure then I can dis the unisex coloured clothing and Manchester
—Guest Delirious

Has worked 3x

I never heard this trick when I was pregnant, wish I had! I have used it on 3 others and it worked every time. But I was told to do this over the opened palm of the hand. And, to use a plain (no stones) 14K gold band (white or yellow, I only used yellow gold). Yes, people reading these instructions are flip flopping the signs which results in misinterpretation. Please read the instructions carefully!! If you mix it up, you will never be correct.
—Guest Grandma S

ring test with thread

when i did the ring test with my boys it was going side to side this time in on baby #4 and my son and i watch and it was going in circles i hope it is right. We hoping for a girl
—Guest baby #4


If u believe in something your conscious will tell you exactly what it is thinking. Whatever you want to ask you can find out and the method with the ring and hair/string WORKS you can tell it by hanging the string over your belly and in ty our head say something like "in order tell me what I'm having in life boys or girls, if it goes in circles it means girl, if it goes back and forth boy." I have the ring resting on by belly when I think this and then when u slowly lift the ring up holding the end of the hair it will begin to shake (think) and then it will do the motions u consciously asked it. And you can even ask when your not pregnant doesn't matter. I am going to make a YouTube video because I believe in this so much I think I'm pregnant now and when I did the test I asked questions and asked for it to respond by moving in circles "Yes " for clockwise and "no" in anticlockwise. So I found out through this method I should expect twins boy and girl! I think I'm pregnant now!
—Guest mummamia

Correct for my sis

my sis have B,G,B i did this test on her its goes front and back-stop then circle stop then-front and back its correct for her
—Guest butterfly

ring test

side to side male becouse penus,circls girl femaile organs round;-)
—Guest sharlet

ring prediction

well we did it one my friend and it was going front and back and it said she was having a boy but she had her baby last saturday and it was a girl i am expecting and now i am confused cause my goes really fast in circles that means its a girl what if its the opposite:( i think its a fake scam ..
—Guest paz


I have read so many diff views..what does a circle mean? Girl or boy??
—Guest Soniak

tried the old wive's tale

I took my wife's longest hair, three separate times, and used her ring, three separate times, and got the same results. dipped three times, first; back and forth, pendulum style, and then dipped three times, then; circles. The last time i dipped it three times over her belly and it remained still. My best guess is that the first is a girl, then a boy, and then no more. The only thing i am wondering is will they be fraternal twins, because the ring seems to indicate a bond. Or does it mean separate births? Please respond with your experiences. Thanks
—Guest Phil

Ring vs ring

I did the ring over the belly and it said another boy for me after having 4 then I did the Chinese baby gender and it said girl then I did the dipping 4x and hold over the palm of your had thing and it said 4 boys and a girl Will find out soon enough xx
—Guest Stephy

Ring & string test

I did the test at least 6x it went it circles. But, when I got the ultrasound yesterday it was a boy!. I was really upset cause I wanted a girl so badly =(
—Guest Nary

Getting confused

I did the ring test and it swung in a circle which means boy, but as I read everyone else's response they are saying it means the opposite, so getting really confused and I have read the ring test over and over thinking I read it wrong but it still says circle means a boy and back and forth means girl.
—Guest Carrie

It worked!

I used it for my son when i was about 6 weeks pregnant and it swung around in circles every time! then when my friend got pregnant it did the same for her and she sure had a little boy 7 months later! i also tried the one the lady motioned using your palm and it said boy boy girl and stopped and i did it twice! And i had a MC which would be the first boy my sonwhich would be the second boy and my husband and i are TTC right now so hopefully a girl because we dont want anymore after that!
—Guest camomama

what I was taught

I was always told if it goes in circles its a girl. If ut goes back and forth its a boy. And to make I put it to the test. The men in my familt swung back and forth the women went in circles. We did it when I was prego with my son. It waa hwld over my stomach. Stopped moving and immediately swung back and forth hard. This time it can't make up its mind so I'm waiting until christmas since I'm only 6 weeks now. Middle of my stomach does both 1 side goes in circles and the other vackvand forth. We will see.
—Guest brel

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Did the Ring Test get the sex of your baby right?

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