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Readers Respond: Did the Ring Test get the sex of your baby right?

Responses: 54


Updated September 04, 2010

Lets see if its right

I did this test, I did the Chinese test, and I did that old wives tale test also... and all 3 say I'm having a girl!!! So when we find out what we are having, I hope all 3 were right!!
—Guest Baby Mama


I had a friend did that on me said if it went in circles it was determining the sex and side by side was a girl and front and back was a boy. I also did it on my wrist right at the last line and it picks up all live births this has worked. It picks all my kids up in order including the new one.
—Guest momma48


I tried it with my 3 sons and it swang from side to side. This time it goes in circles so we'll find out soon if it's right!!
—Guest Hannah burt

Ring test

It did both circle and back and fourth. What does that mean, twins?
—Guest pamela


I had a friend do that to my belly. If it went up and down and he said it was a boy and if it went in circles it was a girl. All three times it was right. Don't forget to write it down so you can confirm it later.
—Guest barbara

They have it backward

In circles its a girl and side to side its a boy and yes it worked all three times we will see if its right this time .
—Guest J

Ring Test

It went side to side and I had a boy and this time in circle and its a girl.
—Guest Fiona


If the ring swings in circles it's a girl not a boy and from side to side a boy not a girl.
—Guest Molly

It did both!

Does that mean twins if it spins and goes back and forth? It was a lot of fun though!
—Guest Rosie

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