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Readers Respond: Did the Ring Test get the sex of your baby right?

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Updated September 04, 2010

It really does work

I did this test when I was pregnant with my now 6 year old. Back then they wouldn't tell u the sex. It was the only choice I had. It went in circles and I was so happy. And it was right it was a boy. I am just newly conceived. An I tried this test again it went in circles. I thought maybe I am loosin my mind. So I put the ring over the bed to see I it moved. It didn't. I tried it on my husband. It didn't move. I got him to do it over my belly. Sure enough it's spinning in circles!! So excited!!
—Guest Roslyn

gold or silver

The results depends on the ring you use, if the ring is silver then circle means boy and back and forth means girl. If the ring is gold then back and forth means boy and circle means girl. I have tested this and works every time.
—Guest grandma to be

it worked !!!

with my first , is went side to side , and i have a precious little boy ... this time its going in circles , and idk what im having yet ... but i feel like its a little girl , lets see and in my palm it says .. boy,girl,girl ... amazing huh?
—Guest stacy

It's a trip!!!!

It totally worked. And get this, my kids are 25, 21 & 4, I never thought I'd have the last one and thought it was a joke but....no joke! It was RIGHT ON! Freaky!
—Guest Dede

Yes it works

Used test on myself - 2 girls. Worked on my daughter with 1st child - girl, next child should be a boy. I'm a believer!
—Guest Sharon lawson

Works good

My fam all believe in that all of my aunts and cousins who have got preg have done it and all the there kids came in order jus like how the necklace said. & i have a pretty big fam and for it not to lie not once. i was shocked. It wrks no doubt about it.
—Guest Fab


I have done it without being pregnant and it has come up two boys and a girl.I now have two boys so watching this space.
—Guest Marcia A.C


So what means what? Bc every where I read never says the same thing. I don't know what to go by.
—Guest chel

I'm not sure at this point :-/

I've tried it four times and the ring keeps going in circles. I have a daughter and a son already. This is baby #3
—Guest Joy

ring test

I have tried the ring test it went back and forth 5 times and then circled the 6th time I have 5 boys and pregnant with my sixth I do not know what the sex of my baby is but its telling me girl
—Guest heather


I did the needle and string test and it will go side to side and then start going in a cercel. What does this mean?
—Guest Lindsey

What They Mean

I love this test. To avoid confusion, I say, "show me boy" (then say "stop" to get the ring to stop moving), then "show me girl" and "stop." Then I ask, "Am I having a boy or a girl?" The test has been accurate for my first two kids (circle for girl, and back-and-forth for boy). Pregnant with #3...will find out in 8 months if its right!
—Guest Aleks


What if you are not married and you don't have a ring??
—Guest AskingAllThemQuestions!!!


A co-worker did this test to all the females, and got the order and the sex of all their children right. I did the test on myself twice, and got the same results she did. Mine was girl, boy. I have a daughter and am expecting with baby#2. Have to wait a couple of months to find out the sex. Did it to my DH and got the same results as me.
—Guest jc

Ring test is right

I have a friend who is having a girl for sure, I had her do the test and it goes side to side. My sister-in-law is having a boy for sure her's go's in circles. I had them do this test because I am pregnant and I wanted to know if this is true and I am a believer but my result goes in circles on the right side of my belly and side to side on the left side of my belly, so I'm hoping it's not telling me it's a boy and girl I will freak....
—Guest Amy

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