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Readers Respond: Did the Ring Test get the sex of your baby right?

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Updated September 04, 2010


I had it circle every time with my son so it may only be the other way around for some? This was the right way for me.
—Guest Zoe

Heard Different

This has been in my family for years, and when i was 11yrs it was the first time I understood this tale, when my mother was pregnant with my baby sister, and it went in circles for GIRL. I believe back and forth or side to side is BOY.
—Guest Akalina

Hmmm.... Maybe it's different for others

I hung my ring from a piece of my hair, over the belly it went side to side (I'm almost 12 weeks and don't know what I'm having yet) so then I went to my wrist and it went side to side then circles then side to side. I have a daughter, a son, and the third. But according to my body, Side to side is girl and Circles is boy.
—Guest Kade

NO opposite way

I have always heard from my mother and grandparents that the boys is back and forth for the penis and the girl is circles for the clitoris. It done back and forth for my first 3 which is all boys and this time I am Almost 8 weeks and it goes in circle maybe its a girl this time. :)
—Guest betty


I kept doing this test. At first it will go in circles so everyone said its a girl. The doctor said it looks like a boy. And I still do it and now it goes back and forward and in circles.
—Guest Nana

They DON'T have it backwards

I don't know why everyone is saying this site has it backwards. I had a ring test done to me on 4/20/11 and it circled which means boy! Then I had my ultrasound on 4/21/11 and it is a boy! YAY! I'm a total believer. Plus I am due one week ahead of my co-worker and the ring went side-to-side for her, which means GIRL! She went in for her ultrasound and it was a girl! I think this site has it totally correct. By the way we were 23 and 22 weeks along respectively. Summary: Circles = Boy. Side to side = Girl
—Guest Patrice


My mother and aunts have been doing this since they were having children and it worked on them. Then it worked with my sister children... but we do it on the ring finger hand and across your lifeline... so far it has been 100% accurate. We use side to side for boy and circle for girl.... I am prego now and will find out in a few weeks so I am super excited to find out if the prediction is correct for me... I am to have a boy!!!
—Guest hannah

Circles means a boy

I've tried this test 25 times and every time it's circles. So I think it's a boy :) my friends whole family swears by this test, it's never been wrong for them in 5 generations. Hope it's right. I'm 12 weeks, so 7 weeks till a for sure sex of baby ultrasound.
—Guest Shauntelle b


I tried this twice and they both went in circles. I don't know yet what I'm having. I am almost 4 months pregnant so we shall see next dr appt.
—Guest Stephanie562


I did it and it did circles, so we are hoping its a girl. Two of my girlfriends at work did it and it worked for both of them:) I am only 4 weeks so I got a little ways to go. I also want to do the Intellegender test, but I have to wait until I am 10 weeks for that. They say that is right 90% of the time. Time could not go by any slower!!
—Guest Angie


It went in circles so... I am 12 weeks, guess we will find out. God I hope its right I have a son already. :)
—Guest roro


I did it two or three different times over my belly and over my wrist. It said my first was a girl (which is a boy) and the second will be a boy. I am 7 weeks so its to soon to tell if its right or not. I have seen numerous people do this and I think that its full of bologna!!!!
—Guest Jodi

Needle and thread test

My first test showed my daughter and I just found out I'm almost seven weeks pregnant and this time the couple ways I tried it are showing buy and girl and it does not stop but the problem is I went and had an ultrasound today and they said there is only one heartbeat. So I guess this time it is wrong we will see.
—Guest tracey

Ring test

I have done the ring test with all three of my children for my boys the ring went in circles and this time it goes back and forth, my granma did the ring test on me when I was pregnant with my son, she says circles for boys, line for girls.
—Guest crystal

Ring test backwards

I have six children and pregnant with number seven, but yes they do have it backwards like these ladies have said! It has NEVER been wrong for ANY of mine, now the Chinese, and lunar have been wrong before but this is one in my family that has been right with me and mys sisters as well. And The wrist will work to in birth order if you hold your palm face up and do it works on what you will have and will stop at how many when the string stops. Sounds crazy but it really works for me!! :)
—Guest Jimma

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