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Readers Respond: Did the Ring Test get the sex of your baby right?

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Updated September 04, 2010

What Does This Mean x

I Did The Ring Test When I Was Pregnant With My Daughter And It Went Side To Side I Am Now 10 Weeks Pregnant With My 2nd Child And Tryed The Ring Test Again And It Is Going Backwards And Farwards What Does This Mean x
—Guest Kayleigh

Old Wives Tales Sometimes Come True!

Everyone thought my daughter was having a boy, since she was so big at 7 months along. We did the ring test at her baby shower, and it went back and forth. Everyone there said that meant a boy, and since I couldn't remember for sure, I went along with them. She had a girl, and I remembered later on that the same test was done on me for both my pregnancies with my daughters.
—Guest Joan

Asked the ring?

Okay so we did it four times the first 3 were side 2 side the third a circle but then switched 2 back and fourth after finding this site we did it again asking first for a boy and we got circles then we asked to show us a girl and we got back and fourth.... then asked what we are having getting back and fourth... we are really hoping its right ... so ask the ring first ... the Chinese chart also says a girl won't find out for a few weeks... so guess we will see.
—Guest caibill

Ask the ring!

I've been told that you should ask the ring to show you a girl then ask it to show you a boy so that you know whether a girl is back and forth or moving in circles because its different for everyone, then hold it over your belly and wait for the response!
—Guest Sami x

Ring on cotton

First of all you have to be pregnant to do the test. If you are under say 8 weeks and you get a double reading i.e. it is showing a boy and a girl, it is a boy, because it is picking up the female aspect from mum. 30 years and never been wrong !
—Guest Fergie

Ring test

I have been doing this test on friends and family for over 30 years ( and on myself ) and it has never been wrong. Yes it is side to side for a boy and round and round for a girl.
—Guest Fergie

Girl, Boy , boy

I did the test and it goes from side to side and then without stopping, round and round, does this means it is twins. It went slower, like it want to stop and then it went in circles again. I am going for my first ultrasound next Tuesday will let you know if the ring test were effective.

you got it backwards...

... if the ring goes in a CIRCLE it is a GIRL, SIDE-TO-SIDE it is a BOY. It's 99% accuracte over hundreds of years applying this method...
—Guest M

Mo says...

Well everyone has just confused me now. I have 2 boys and a girl. I'm 6 months pregnant, didn't find out the sex this time but its going side to side so I'm gonna say girl.
—Guest mo

Came up incorrect

I had the ring go in a circle every time I tried it and when I went for my ultrasound it showed girl. I have three girls and one boy already. So not sure how accurate this is...
—Guest Jennifer


It said this boy girl girl boy. Well it is right. I have them but well I took this test when I was 12 and it's right cause I wrote it in my diary.
—Guest Im unknown

It Works!!

My partner (also a woman) has 4 children, when doing the ring test every single time it comes out the same - boy, girl, boy, girl - this is exactly the order of her children... then it stops swinging after the fourth meaning no more children. From what I've read on the net the correct steps aren't illustrated. What you are supposed to do is grab a piece of your own hair (if it's long enough) as this is all about your own 'aura'/'being'. The ring doesn't have to be the ring from the ring finger it's just preferrable the ring is a plain band. Also it must be gold (why I don't know)... and the ring must be held over the left wrist. We did the test on her daughter over a year ago, and the ring went in circles - she had a gorgeous little girl... Her friend who also fell pregnant, according to the ring, was to have a boy - again correct... I did the test on my mum - boy, girl, then stops (have tried doing the test a few xs) - so I'm under the assumption this test works a treat if done right!
—Guest Kitty

My experience

Well, I'm not a mom or anything yet, but I did it a couple of years ago, and it went side to side, and ever since then. it goes in circles. I'm not sure, but I guess, since it's been a few years now, and it's saying girl, and girls do run in my family. My friend did it when she was pregnant, and it went in circles, and she had a girl. I've also heard, that since it did that to me, it could be twins, which they also run in my generation.
—Guest Brittany

Ring test

I did it and im 7 weeks or so it goes back and forth so I guess its a girl cuz I did it with my son and it went in circles so we will see if it works this time :)
—Guest Boy or girl


My ring went back and forth then swapped and went in circles and swapped again to back and forth then just stopped? What is this ment to mean?
—Guest Lara

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