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Readers Respond: Did the Ring Test get the sex of your baby right?

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Updated September 04, 2010


now i have always done this since i was a little girl aged about 7 to people and it has always been accurate, i always used a sewing needle and thread as my pendulum, it swings side to side for boys and circles for girls...now my question, i need to know...i always tried it on myself and I find it swings boy, girl, girl, and this is correct i have 3 children in this order, HOWEVER it swings for 4 more, and i cant imagine this as I am 31 now, also i noted everytime i have tried this over the years, it swings anti-clockwise for children already borne and clockwise for future children...has anyone else noticed this happen to them?
—Guest fayza

It's really not difficult...

Two things you need to know to understand this: Ideometer motion and confirmation bias. It is nothing mystical. It doesn't even work.
—Guest Someone who actually understands this.

The ring test was right for me!!!

I did the ring test, I'm a great believer in old wives tales so as soon as it did a massive circle I new I was having a boy :) All my family have done "the ring test" and it's been right each time. My sister has just found out she's expecting so I can't wait to try it out on her.
—Guest Frankie

Ring test

So I put the ring over my belly and it went in circles for a while and then started swinging and then it stopped. Does that means ima have twins?? Cause I want twins.
—Guest Jennissis

Ring test

Me & my friend tried it on me and it moved back in forth on one side strongly on the left top of my stomach , then strong circles on my lower right side .. I feel like I'm having twins but .. It's just an old wives tale .. I'll see once I have my ultrasound .
—Guest Ghemiah


My theroy is back and forth is a boy and circles is a girl. But what is it when it swings back and forth more but in little circles ???
—Guest Danee


I did the ring test and it's telling me it's a girl, this is my first baby so when March comes around I'll see if the test is right :) ....so excited and am hoping for a girl... even tho this is my 1st pregnancy i'm feeling like I am having a girl.... Question: If you have dreams of having a girl does that mean your subconscious is telling you the sex of the baby?
—Guest Stacey

Gender/Direction correlation

Everyone seems very confused as to which direction means which sex. It works both ways. If you believe circle is girl and sideways is boy then that's how it will read and vise-versa. Either way it works but before you start say "____means boy ____ means girl". It does work; I've never seen it read wrong.
—Guest Sarah

fingers crossed

Its telling me girl, girl, boy. I have two girls already and this is my last chance for my boy. Finding out sex on Monday.... Wish me luck!!
—Guest Lilly

It worked!

It said I was having a boy and it was right. I also had a few dreams I was having a boy.
—Guest Amy

I'm 3 months pregnant

I just did the ring test. it circled for couple minutes, almost stopped went sideways couple minutes, then circled again. does this mean I'm having triplets?
—Guest Jen


I'm only about 8-9 weeks along but I did the ring test 2x just to make sure and both times it came up a girl. So we'll see even though I have about 9 more weeks to wait to confirm with ultrasound. But it's a fun way to try and figure it out :).
—Guest Laura

its true

I'm pregnant with my first child and the ring went round in circles and I am having a boy! Funny how these old wives tales can be accurate.
—Guest diana


I have done this test so many time , it always moves in circle. but my ultrasound show its girl. what does mean that?
—Guest rani

Ring test

The ring went both way when I did it so what do you think that would mean cause on my 1st it was right it went round and I was carrying a boy
—Guest Becky

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Did the Ring Test get the sex of your baby right?

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