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Readers Respond: What do new dads need to know?

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Updated June 18, 2009

From the article: 10 Tips for New Dads
Dads are a very important part of a baby's life. But sometimes they feel really scared about baby care and taking part in anything baby related. So what can a new dad to feel better about having a new baby in their life? Share Your Advice

new dad

very nice love to read about new dads advise....and also about my wife pregnancy...now shez 15 weeks 9 days...so if possible post any good apps which i can work on my cell ph...thanks a lotts..bye
—Guest furqan

Help her

I found it greatly appreciated to do all of the normally considered wires work for her. My wife is amazing and normally cooks for me does my laundry and cleans up the house. I loved being able to repay her by letting her just enjoy our daughter and recover while I made breakfast lunch and dinner and cleaned and did literally anything I could to pit her mind at ease. At the end of the day we all want our wives to say wow I had an amazing partner, friend, and husband when it's all said and done . If she can handle child birth and breastfeeding I would hope we can handle sum cooking and cleaning and some diapers. Your wife will be so proud and thankful for the help you gave her and it will show when you are able to slow down and enjoy a sex life again and she is back to her normal self. You will enjoy being the ultimate provider and feeling like a necessity instead of just a luxury. Make yourself irreplaceable and like I said earlier a necessity. What would I do without him says wife?
—Guest New dad john

Easy tips

What I did was try to return the favors she did for me. This is not possible for every new dad to my extent as I am in the military and I took around twenty haaaard earned vacation days. But I just simply tried to do everything she would have normally done for me before the baby'. To start I cooked every meal 3 a day to be exact, moms who are breastfeeding need sook many calories to produce healthy milk so I got up made breakfast lunch and a great dinner. I did the dishes and cleaned up after her, pretty much took whatever load off of her back as possible. I would give her massages at night and when she could pump try and do the night feedlots and changing. After Afghanistan and Iraq I barely sleep through the night anyways. Easiest thing to remember is the her body is going through drastic changes and needs to heal and sleep is natures way of healing. Remember were men and there's nothing that can break us, you'll enjoy telling your wife how hot she is and your alone time with
—Guest New dad johnny

Daddy, not Father

The best advice I can give is to be a daddy, not a father. Any boy can be a father, all it takes is the act of sex. Being a daddy means being involved, loving, and caring for your child. Some guys think it's not manly to change diapers, feed the baby, and play with the baby, but most of the women I have talked to in the last 2 1/2 years, think it's more manly for their significant other to be a daddy to their children.

My Advice

Dads need to know that the moment their wife holds that baby she will be all about that baby. Even to the point of 'hovering' when he is taking care of the little one. Remember don't take it personally! Just go with the flow. ;-)
—Guest Cynthia V

Helpful Book

Going through my first pregnancy with my wife was a little overwhelming. I had no idea what to expect but a friend of my passed along an incredible book called Fathers at Birth by Rose St. John. It helped me view pregnancy in a completely new way and revealed the import of my role as a father and companion to my wife. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It will change your perspective tremendously and continue to impact you for years to come.


We're having our 2nd baby. I knew nothing going in the first time, now I know more. Best advice I had was not to be afraid of the baby. A good friend said just do it, even if it's done differently than my wife... So glad I jumped in. She thought I was wonderful. So fake it to you make it...
—Guest Daddy2B

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What do new dads need to know?

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