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Readers Respond: The First Time You Heard Your Baby

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I can remember clearly how I felt the first time that I heard the clippity clop of my baby's heart beat for the first time. I also remember feeling anxious as they looked around my still small belly trying to find it. How far along were you when you heard it? How did you feel? Who was with you? Share Your Feelings

not happy

My second scan today 7week 2day but no heartbeat :( hoping for miracle to come Please pray :(
—Guest michelle

I feel bad

Heard my babies heartbeat for the first time yesterday, was very relieved everything was okay with my little bean, but I didn't see fireworks or get extremely happy or in tears, I was just glad my baby was okay.. I feel like a terrible emotionless person..
—Guest Ashley


I recently found out that I was pregnant 3 days before thanksgiving and went to hospital and it confirmed positive again..I'm nervous because they couldn't hear heart beat..what does that mean its my first pregnacy
—Guest allison


em wondering whether its a heart beat i always feel it just under my umblical cord em afraid coz it sometimes irritates me even i am asleep can i feel it when i put my had
—Guest plax

fetal Heart Beat

My wife is at 26 weeks pregnancy. Fetal heart beat rate is 173. Do you think it is normal?
—Guest Eddie Ho


The first time I heard my baby's heartbeat was at 13 weeks and 5 days. I was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard (: at perfect 153-4 beats (:
—Guest Happy 1st timer

Incredible feeling

My husband and I went in yesterday for our first prenatal appointment (at 5 weeks 6 days). I was pretty surprised when they told me id be having my first vaginal ultrasound, I thought that happens later in the pregnancy. To see the tiny embryo on the monitor, and to actually hear the heartbeat was so amazing! 114bbp at just under 6 weeks. :') they even gave me a copy of the ultrasound image to take home with me. Baby's first photo! Praying the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly, and also praying for all you new mommies out there!
—Guest Mina


I didn't realize the emotions I would have hearing that little heartbeat. This is my first child and at 9 weeks and 3 days I heard it. And cried :-)
—Guest GuestLady

my miracle 1st heatbeat

Im feeling so bless to share how wonderful God is. After 2 early miscarriages im now entering my 10th wks of pregnancy. I saw my tiny jelly bean for the first time at 8wks also so the tiny heart flashing on the monitor. Im just being so thankful to God for giving me another chance to prove that no matter how impossible life may seem ..keep trusting and believe in him ,he is a Miracle working God .thank u lord for your blessing on me. Dont worry just trust God he took us to it he will bring us all through it. Keep praying and believing. God bless u all.
—Guest Tia

love :)

I was 7 weeks and 3 days when we got the ultrasound and heard the heartbeat and saw our little one! heartbeat was 152 they said its very strong.... we have lost 2 other children just praying this one goes well :)
—Guest momtobe2014

Thank you Jesus

heard my babies first heart beat at 6 weeks 2 days and let me tell you it was the best thing to hear ever . first baby and hoping all is well . . lord watch over us and bless us
—Guest The Bragg's

My Baby's first heart beat

I first herd my baby's heart beat at 14 weeks it was so strong my child father was so happy i almost cried. I couldn't believe what i herd the best moment of my life.
—Guest guest kalima

heart beat

tomm is my ultrasound and feel very excited to listen heart beat so plz pray for it
—Guest pooja

So Excited, So Blessed

I am 10 weeks and 2 days I heard my baby's heartbeat at 8 weeks I was so excited,still a litte scared I had a miscarriage 7 mths ago but I feel so blessed my next doctors visit is Thursday I am so excited I pray for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby in jesus name....... :)
—Guest New Mommy

Heard baby's heartbeat

I'm pregnant with my first & did our first ultrasound at 11 weeks. It was such a relieve to see it had a heartbeat. But the most amazing thing was to see it kicking & waving. I think that was the most amazing thing I've ever seen!
—Guest Jen

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The First Time You Heard Your Baby

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