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Readers Respond: The First Time You Heard Your Baby

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Updated October 10, 2009

To Guest Natalie

Natalie -- find a way, if you can, to have a babysitter watch your three year old, or have your fiancé go out for lunch with him. Stay at home, make some soup and crackers, light some candles, take a hot bath, even just take a nap. If you're having lower back pain from pregnancy, I recommend icyhot patches. They are very relaxing. Hope this helped :)
—Guest Keira

The desire of a heartbeat sound

I am 6 weeks pregnant in two more days will be 7 weeks. I'll be attending my first appointment tomorrow the 28th of June. I'm so excited and nervous. According to my doctors nurse I am pregnant and shes 100% sure. Which gives me more of the reason to be scared. Cause I dont want to go to the appointment and get disappointed by finding out that I'm not pregnant. But I have every single symptom that a pregnant woman gets. Augh So OVERWHELMED by joy, I pray that I am and that I can hear the heart beat of my baby. :)
—Guest jossie

So emotional

Very emotional to hear found out I'm twelve weeks and could not believe there's a lil one inside me! I was alone but still to hear the heartbeat for the first time and to see the baby was just so amazing my first baby.
—Guest amberp


Yesterday I saw my baby little heart beating I couldn't believe it I had previous M/C and the night before I had some light spotting and I cried that whole night. When I went in for my doctors apt soon as we did vaginal ultra sound she found the baby and the heart beat. I was so happy 8 weeks and I can't wait to see wary first baby looks like!
—Guest Erica


After 2 tragic miscarriages, I was jaded and expecting the worst. With our last baby we found at seven weeks there was no heart beat.. I carried the baby in hopes of a natural miscarriage for 13 weeks. I ended up having the D&C and was told I had a partial molar pregnancy where my body had begun the formation of a tumor by the baby. I was told not to get pregnant for 6 months. Yet on month 6 I find out I'm 10 weeks pregnant! I went to the doctor expecting no baby or no heart beat. Yet there was a strong heartbeat and a living baby! I was ecstatic as was my husband who was there. He said it looked like sparkles it was incredible. 24 years old and two miscarriages left me feeling empty. But God had his own plan and gave us the best surprise we could ever ask for!
—Guest Justhappy

The First Time I Heard My Baby

I found out I was 10wks/4days pregnant & got to hear the heartbeat to confirm it. I cried. It was beautiful. I was so amazed. Still am...
—Guest Kaia

baby's heartbeat

My boyfriend was with me when we heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time at 10 weeks. The doctor couldn't find it at first which of course made me very nervous, but when she did the tears just flowed down my face. I have never been so happy in my entire life! :)
—Guest baby gray's mama

Music to My Ears

I saw my baby's heart beat for the first time two weeks ago and just yesterday I got to hear it. It was soooo beautiful, it made me tear up a bit. My husband and I are so excited and can't wait to have our first baby!
—Guest Michelle Vilchez

Feeling a bit robbed...

Everybody goes on about how awesome the first time you hear the heartbeat was. My doctor literally had the thing on my belly for two seconds before taking it away and saying, "Sounds good." I was so excited and waited for this for weeks--for a moment I barely got to experience. I didn't even have time for my brain to register the sound of the heartbeat. I feel like I missed it...
—Guest KM


I heard my baby's heartbeat and saw the little pea pod at my first doctor's visit at 7 weeks. Before then, I kept thinking that I had made a mistake with the home test and was imagining the worst things. My husband and I talked to the baby before the visit and told him/her to make sure his/her heartbeat is loud and clear. He/she sure didn't disappoint! My husband recorded the heartbeat with his phone and we played it for family to hear afterward. The doctor also printed a photo from the scan and we've started a photo album for the little one. It was a most wonderful thing to know that I was carrying my very own baby inside me.
—Guest Sweet pea

oh gosh!!

Between being sick and working I’m ready to have this baby already! And I’m only 12 WEEKS!!! This is my second and if I thought my first pregnancy was bad this one is like the difference between heaven and hell! Not to mention my fiancé who at the moment I cannot stand. Can you say hormones! The longer he stays at work the better its like a man never does anything when asked just waits to the last minute! Ugh... I’m excited don’t get me wrong but this feeling is just the worst. Yet I know its all worth it in the end. I have a 3 yr. old and oh boy has this docile little kid turned out to be a handful. Any working moms out their want to give me some advice on how to relax!!! Any tips would be wonderful!!!
—Guest Natalie

My babys heartbeat

I had my first experience of listening to my first baby's heartbeat today and when I heard it I was just overwhelmed with joy and so reassured as I only have a little bump. I'm 17 weeks in two days and was starting to get worried but now I know everything is a okay. I'm very very happy and can not wait for my second scan in may to hopefully find out if me and my partner are having a little boy or girl. So excited...
—Guest mum 2 b2 sophie xxx

OH WOW!!! this is amazing!

I went in today to the doctor by myself but my husband couldn't make it because he was at work and 13 weeks a long and finally got to hear the heart beat it was so amazing heart rate was at 169- 170 kind of high doctor said normal can't wait to find out what I'm having so excited even got this early sounds recorder thing and now me and my husband can listen to it whenever we want to its so incredible.
—Guest jessica


I got to hear my baby heartbeat today so proud of my little angel didn't take long to find it put my mind at ease considering I haven't got big bump so excited cant wait for my angel to be hear in five months.
—Guest xxstacexx

Babys Heartbeat

The day I heard my baby's heart beat was at the emergency room. Yes absolutely dad was there. He had a huge smile on his face. Hes like is that my baby's heartbeat I'm listening to. I was like omg he's alive. Yes I'm a mom again. Love that feeling.
—Guest Norma

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