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Readers Respond: Share your story about feeling your baby move.

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Updated June 27, 2009

From the article: Quickening
Of all the things that people talk about in pregnancy, feeling your baby move is often one of the joys and missed things about pregnancy. But when do you feel the baby kick? When do other people feel the baby move? Was it different in subsequent pregnancies? Does your baby move enough or too much? These are all things women want to know. So share your story about feeling your baby move, your cures, calms and curses. Talk About Fetal Movement

karate baby

I say I have a karate baby cus that's what it feels like. I'm 26 weeks but he started at 8 wks. The biggest joy of my life, Im so excited to have another baby. Thank God
—Guest Liz

18 1/2 weeks pregnant

I had a Dr. Appointment just yesterday and Dr. asked me if I'd felt the baby any yet. I said yes, I feel flutters every now and then. Well, today I woke up to strong flutters and it's lasted ALL day!! So exciting! I think the baby slept some because they stopped for a bit but all day long I felt strong flutters! First day I've felt this much movement. Incredible feeling!!! I wish my husband could understand.
—Guest Liz

my babyies kick

Tomorrow am 10 weeks pregnant I don't know for sure I have all the signs but I didn't took a test to see for sure if feel ♥My*.. baby kicking sO bad I was out of breath
—Guest lisa


I am just over 11 weeks with 3rd baby. Felt it move today. And, for Jennifer, it is impossible for you to have felt your baby kick at 8 weeks as it had no limbs. I could believe movement, but definitely not kicking.
—Guest Lil' Leah

guest amy

I am so glad to have someone going tru what iam going tru i have 3 boys have 4 brothers and iam an only girl i was told i couldnt have a child again and for two weeks i have been feeling movement around my bladder area especialy if i have my knees up or wearing something tight around my waist i havent tested yet but i know its not gas !!!
—Guest guest jody

baby kickin at 23weeks

I am finally feelin my lil guy kick its so amazing and wonderful when I play music he really moves alot I'm so ready to see this lil man excited
—Guest Mzdiva

20 weeks

I havent feel any kicks I just feel somthing rubbing my stomach Im 20 weeks now and worried
—Guest Amanda

baby movement?

I feel my baby kick but then I also get a feeling like my baby is turning around and I feel my stomach and I can feel a hard bump .. and eventually it moves.. is this baby?
—Guest jessica

little bumps

I am 17 weeks and have felt little bumps since about 15 weeks. This is my 3rd pregnancy.
—Guest melanie

Not sure what I am feeling - 23-24 weeks

Hi Heather - those feeling are similar to mine. I kept thinking I wasn't feeling any movements and was very anxious for awhile too but I notice over the weekend that I did feeling something couldn't describe it - i wouldn't say pain (like a slight electricity - cant describe it) I thought at one point it felt like cramps in lower stomach too. I am also over weight before i got pregnant and read that it is harder for overweight women to feel movements. Heather i read that butterflies are what you would be feeling so that seems very normal. I guess I am not going to worry and maybe in a few weeks the movements will be come more clear. Thanks can't wait.
—Guest Lisa

kicks on both sides

its my first pregnancy maybe my kid has more legs or hands cos it sure feels like it when I feel the movements I enjoy been pregnant
—Guest buhle

7 weeks pregnant

So I am 7 weeks pregnant and I'm laying in my bed and all of a sudden my belly feels like there is a small bouncy ball inside me jumping to all sides of my stomach but mostly the left side. It is too early to be a baby moving... Could this be a possible miscarriage?? This is my first baby and can't really find any information about this kind of feeling so early in the pregnancy. Please help
—Guest Meg

17 weeks

Iam 17 weeks and not feeling any movement it that normal.
—Guest natasha

I love my Lil life line

Baby movements r wired to me,worst it's my 1st hope to get use to it soon!!
—Guest Lisa Williams

Felt baby last week

This is my 3rd. First pregnancy was at 16wks, second was 11-12 wks this one 9.5 wks early I know but the feeling is unmistakable for me. It first feels like a brushing up against my abdomen then light kicks that get harder with time. Later on body parts start to poke out for the family and hubby to enjoy. Good luck ladies.
—Guest 10 weeks

Talk About Fetal Movement

Share your story about feeling your baby move.

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