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Readers Respond: Share your story about feeling your baby move.

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First time

I am 12 weeks pregnant now. Yesterday night while I am lying at the side, my baby moves inside. It rumbles and that is the most best moment in my life. I hope the baby will continue kicking me because I really love it. I felt very excited for the new life to start in the world.
—Guest Marykate

Baby kicking at 13 weeks

I am 13 weeks pregnant and ever now and then I get a sharp pain just under my belly button like someone is poking me in side. I had the fluttering a few weeks ago.
—Guest mad

Fetal movement 16weeks 4 days

it feeling like the baby is doing somersaults in my stomach and I mostly feel it after i eat and then i lay down and i feel it i love it this is by far the most exciting part of my pregnancy so far :)
—Guest Kassandra


I am 17 weeks pregnant. From five weeks I would sleep on my stomach and could feel the tiny beginnings of my baby growing. A little like the princess and the pea story. A small bump, that I knew was new. At fifteen weeks I started to feel the fluttering towards the bottom of the uterus, this is also where the doctors have frequently found bub's heart beat. This is my second baby and I believe when you know it feels different than not being pregnant then it is the baby. I tested this by lying down on the bed before I ate, and the movements were still there. No wind or indigestion to cause that!
—Guest Kel

I am so excited

I was lying on my bed and I felt a very faint movement at 13 weeks. I am 14 week and the fluttering is continuous, especially when I'm eating.
—Guest Sandy rhodes

I think I feel baby!

I am about 13 weeks and I definately feel something totally different. I know the gas and how that feels but yesterday my boyfriend and I were driving to Knoxville tn and threw the mountains I was very excited. Suddenly I felt butterflies ... I figured I was just nervous but once we got to Knoxville they continued ! It's feels like my tummy is turning in circles! I looked up what it could be and then I put it all together! Baby is moving! I'm very excited to feel a kick sometime within these weeks to come!
—Guest Samantha

Baby Movements

This is my second pregnancy, and I am now 18 weeks. At about 13 weeks, I was SURE I was feeling the baby moving all the time. It was usually after drinking something cold. Little kicks, and turns, but they were above my belly button. Then I realized, that is my stomach making adjustments, not the baby! Anyways, if the feelings are above your belly button - which for many of you I am sure they are - it is just bubbles. Even if it is not your first, sometimes you are wanting to feel the baby so much that you think this is it! But my thoughts - whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy and happy. Even if it is bubbles, as long as it brings a smile to your face, that's just good enough!
—Guest Kat

16 weeks

I was laying on the couch the other day and I felt some bubbling and moving around. I grabbed my husbands hand and put it to my stomach and yelled "My baby is moving!" He said he could feel something too!
—Guest Rhiannon

I can't wait to meet our baby girl!!!

I was 18 weeks when I felt our daughter move for the first time...At first it felt like flutters....but it seems her movements get more intense everyday....Her dad finally felt her kick for the first time at 23 weeks he was so excited...Now I'm 25 weeks and 2days and she moves non stop it's like she doesn't go more than 15 minutes without moving....her kicks are not to hard yet but it feels like she is in my ribs and when i put my hand on her you can feel her move real quick it's one of the best feelings...I still smile when i see her move it's like seeing it for the first time everytime she does it....
—Guest guest Jaclyn

1st kick at 10 weeks

I am now 13 weeks, 1st baby. I felt the fluttering movements that so many describe today after having some yogurt. I first felt two good kicks after eating a few lollies when I was 10 weeks, they felt like little zaps, I didn't believe it was possible until today after reading so many other women experience it early on. There are so many skeptics that try to make you not believe it. But I know what I felt!! It made me teary. How amazing!!!!!!! My bubby must have a sweet tooth, pity we eat so healthy!
—Guest Candice

9w2d in 4th preg

After having 3 bouncing baby boys and am working, crossed finger, on a baby girl. At week 9 I SWEAR and KNOW I'm feeling my baby move. It's amazing and a feeling that other moms who have had prior pregnancies know its unforgettable. My baby usually wiggles around when I've been active and then sit down, it's as if she knows I still have more work to do!! Congrats on all the prego mommies and enjoy the feelings and lovely babies they bring!!!
—Guest raesinger4th

9w 3ds

This is my first pregnancy and I'm not sure if its movements of the baby or just the muscle spasms ....but feels like a funny rumble. I never had that before in my stomach.
—Guest storm

you can feel fluttering early

This is my forth pregnancy and I now know that that fluttering or bubbling you feel can be as early as two weeks. It's not a baby's movements of course, but your body preparing. It can feel like bubbles or like butterflies in your tummy. Some don't feel it this early, but it's wrong to say you don't feel anything until 18 weeks. I know I'm pregnant by this fluttering before the pregnancy test can tell!
—Guest tamsin

8w 5d fifth baby

I am 8w and 5d pregnant and I felt my baby moving for last few days. I think the more you have the earlier you feel baby move.
—Guest prince,ss

it tickles

I am twelve weeks a long with my third baby and there is no doctor or article on this planet that is going to convince me that what I'm feeling isn't my little guy kicking away in there. I feel it at least once a day, mainly after I lay down for a couple of minutes. But that feeling is so unique after having two babies I know that feeling anywhere. It is amazing I love it it tickles ... I guess all I can say is don't buy in to the hype of what a doctor says about fetal movement ... it is your body ... you feel what you feel and that doctor is NOT inside of you monitoring what is going on .. all they can go by is an average of what millions of people they have surveyed had said.. that doesn't mean that it necessarily pertains to you.
—Guest ashley

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