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Updated June 27, 2009

first baby

I felt my baby kick around 16 weeks. It's my first pregnancy I was actually counting toward 16 weeks to feel. One day after the 16th week while I was laying I bed watching TV I felt a unique butterfly like movement. I was so unreal and such a beautiful feeling. Can wait to see my baby!
—Guest Jenny

10 weeks

I will never forget the first time I felt my daughter move. It was early in the morning, way before I intended on waking up and starting my day for I was still battling fatigue that comes along with the first trimester. I was awoken by something vibrating directly beneath my belly button. I kept my eyes closed, barely processing what had just happened when suddenly I felt it again. Same exact spot, same length of time. I then opened my eyes, now aware that I most likely just felt my little one move for the first time. This being my first pregnancy I didn't know what to expect or around what time you start to feel your baby move, so when I looked it up online and found other women describing almost exactly what I had felt myself, I knew that without a doubt what I had felt was in fact my little one fluttering around. Excited about this experience I told my mom, but she insisted it was gas and there's no way I could tell my baby was moving. But that's so not true. :)
—Guest Brooke

12 weeks

I am 12 weeks now going on 13. I feel little tickling movements especially when I am eating, it could be that my little one likes to eat so much, now what I want to know is it bad to sleep on my tummy at this stage, I don't have such a big belly.
—Guest Edna

made a bad night great

I'm a deputy sheriff out of my county and I am 12 weeks today, I was at work having a bad night and all the sudden i felt lil flutters....it took me a min to realize it wasn't gas and if I hadn't had my duty belt on I don't think I would ever felt "her" move. This is my 3rd pregnancy how ever its my first within the last 10 yrs starting over is great....hahaha just kidding its def a lot different being pregnant at 29 then being pregnant at 19....whoa we are hoping for a girl because we have 3 boys and I'm the only female in my house...even the darn animals are male....but regardless we are very excited to have another baby because we were told we wouldn't be able to have anymore so we have a miracle baby.
—Guest amy

Little Turkey moving!

I'm a FTM and haven't felt the baby move. At 20 weeks I was told that I had an anterior placenta, which would cause me to not feel him move! I was really disappointed as I'm chunky so I have no cute baby bump, only a pregnancy test and u/s pictures to tell me that I am pregnant. Finally, at 25 weeks I woke up to him kicking up a storm! It has calmed down since then but I still feel little movements every once in a while. It truely is a miracle and pure bliss knowing that he is alive and well. I'll soon be 26 weeks and cannot wait for more kicks and punches!
—Guest Heather

This is great!!!

I'm 11w1d and for the last two days I've been feeling this bubbling feeling in my lower abdomen area. Going on 32 yo this Friday, this is my first child and not expecting to ever conceive, I've never before read up on all the pregnancy info. Luckily my bff who is the mother of 3 told me what I was feeling was my lil bean!!! I was so excited and it's making this very unexpected pregnancy even more exciting!!!
—Guest Melissa

Fluttering at 12 weeks

2 weeks ago, I felt fluttering at the spot above my bladder. it was just a few seconds. At that time I wasn't sure what it was... but after reading this forum, I'm sure it's my little one. I'm really looking forward to more.


My 1st child, now nearly 14, was born 15 weeks early. I barely felt any movements & my 2nd, now 11, was born 10 weeks premature & he was always kicking me in the ribs. I'm now 8 weeks pregnant & can't wait to see how this one will be.
—Guest linzi

Baby kicks at 21 weeks

I am at 21 week pregnant, and started feeling little in last week only. Initially could not differentiate whether its baby or gas, but now am sure it is baby, as I can feel the movement about three to four times in a day.
—Guest NehalK

My first

I'm 17wks now, I really don't know if the baby is moving inside me. I have a normal weight and I am not sure how to distinguish the movements. This is my first and am very excited to feel my baby kick.
—Guest anxious

21 weeks

At 20 weeks I wasn't sure if I was feeling gas or the baby. I am now 21 weeks now and am able to distinguish the baby from gas. I realized that my stomach was not below my belly button so all the bubbles I felt popping must have been the baby. Now I feel it all the time throughout the day. It feels like bubbles popping and sometimes like a guppy swimming around in there!
—Guest Steph

Early movement

I felt my son at 13 weeks. Well that is when I knew for sure it was him and not gas or anything else. Now at 33 weeks he doesn't ever seem to stay still! Hubby got to feel it at about 15 weeks but it was really light so hard to feel but he could.
—Guest rydersmommy2011

I'm not sure what I'm feeling at 24 week

I'm 24 weeks and am not sure if I have felt baby moving or not. I feel "things" in my lower ab, around the area that you would feel menstrual cramping, but it's not cramping. It almost feels like gas or tummy rumbling, but I'm not gassy nor have to use the restroom. I'm not sure if this is baby moving or now. All of the ultrasounds and dopplers I've had, the doctor says that she has a lot of movement and I've seen it with my own eyes, I'm just worried if what I am feeling, isn't the baby. Has anyone had any feels similar to these to help easy my worry? I was overweight when I became pregnant and have only gained apx 2 lbs (lost 6-7 then gained back 8). I have heard that overweight women can have a harder time feeling their little one, even at this stage of the game. Any advice or suggestions as to what I'm feeling or better discreptions as to what I should be feeling other than gas bubbles, butterflies, etc. would be of use as well. Thanks!
—Guest Heather

23 weeks

I am 23w with my first. Yay... I think I feel her move but not really sure. mainly when I lay down at night I will feel something rubbing against my stomach... and a few times I felt something so sharp in my rib cage that it took my breath away for a few seconds. I love it though.
—Guest Artis

baby movements

I'm now 16 weeks 3 days I been feeling my baby move since 11 weeks 3 days and its my first child.
—Guest tessa

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