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Readers Respond: Share your story about feeling your baby move.

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Updated June 27, 2009

First Move

I felt my 2nd baby move at 15W3D when I was lying down due to a stomach ache after coming back from work. I coukd heard birds singing outside and asked him/her if he/she heard them singing as well. There was a strong kick inside, the loveliest response such a little being could give.
—Guest Yasemin

Early movement

I am pregnant with my 4th child and have been feeling movement for the past two weeks. I am now 11 weeks 3 days pregnant. After three other pregnancies, you can tell the difference between your baby's movement and gas.
—Guest Nakia

I feel him or her!

Im 17 weeks now, but I felt the baby move around 14 weeks. At first it was twitches in my belly. I would press my belly and these twiches would come. Then I had my husband feel and he felt them too. Now I feel light thumping around in my belly from time to time. I cannot wait to find out the gender next month!!
—Guest Crystal

Love My Little Bug!

I am 23 weeks pregnant with my first, and have been able to feel him move since I was about 12 weeks. He is super strong and is always moving around! If I am laying on my back, I can see my bely moving and changing shape with his movements! It's so awesome!
—Guest DeziK

13 weeks-2nd Pregnancy

I just had an ulltrasound yesterday and the baby was flipping and kicking all over the place. You could even see the baby put its hand in his mouth!!. I definitely felt"bubbles" of movement in my tummy today, and it certainly wasn't gas. There is a 20 yr gap between this pregnancy and my first and I am making sure to enjoy every moment!!
—Guest Sunshine

Pevic Tilts arent working... Help?

My girlfriend is 32 weeks now, and the baby is like doing acrobatics inside of her. She's in a lot of pain and discomfort as a result, and the pelvic tilts arent helping at all. Is there anything else she can try to help alleviate some of this pain and discomfort? Any help would be appreciated?

week 25: aww now she pets me :-)

1st time mom, 25 weeks pregnant. First she was only kicking me in very low area of the belly, but last week she obviously developed her sense of touch, so besides rolling around and kicking - she explores my whole belly and I feel it like she pets me.. :-) Such a great feeling and I love her so much :-) She kicks now only when she hears her dad talking when he comes home, probably wants to breach out to greet him :-D
—Guest Uriela

My little baby

Im a first time mom, 12 wks i was laying on my back in bed when it felt like something in my lower stomach pushed up against the inner walls. I rubbed the area and sure enough there was a hard little bump then it left. It came back shortly after and when i called my fiance it went away again! Now i feel it random times and different spots its amazing. MY LOVE
—Guest Riss


This is my 5th pregnancy and felt my little man at 11wks.. One of my friends is due two days before me and can't believe I feel the baby. She can't feel a thing. I have a distinct pregnant belly and she is flat. Everyone is different and it is possible to feel the baby early before other women
—Guest Kristi

7 weeks 2 days

Well I'm a mother of two ..these is my 3rd baby and i being feeling movement like bubbles and crickets most in the afternoons when I'm resting... somthing I never felt befor with my other two.. great feeling
—Guest Lucy King

13 weeks

I'm 13 weeks with my third, but it doesn't feel like fluttering like i remember with my first, it's more like rolling, like moving slightly from left to right, behind my belly button. Just a bit lower. It does it at night, and after i've eaten, got my scan in two days!! Do hope it is, it's reassurance it's ok! :) x My youngest is 5, sound silly but i feel like i'm a newbie again!!
—Guest Louise

baby moves like Jagger

I'm 12 weeks today 3 rd child. I've had some flutters every few days for the last week. Today I felt a pop down low took me by suprise. I know peeps say its too early but I know the feeling I've done this 2 times already. I know its my baby moving :)
—Guest drea

It's kinda amazing

I'm 6 months and this is my 4th child and the movement feels like bubbles popping to me sometimes I say the baby just farted. I have anyone ever had the movement where the baby just stay in that spot in your belly starts to rise.
—Guest Alexandria smith

I feel like I have a wiggle worm in me..

Hi, This is my first pregancy and I felt my baby around 12 weeks.. It was really early... then he slacked off.. I am now 19 weeks along and I am feeling him after my ultrasound... My mom is thinking it isn't normal because the baby is moving so much... especially at night... Last night I was pressed a little near my husband;'s back and he said that he felt the baby move a little bit... I was shocked when he told me this morning... Is this normal?
—Guest Colemanplus3

my fist pregnancy is just amazing

At first when the Baby started kicking it was a SHARP pain in my left side it was so sudden and so painful it actually made me cry, now at 21 weeks the babys moving more often and not as painful just feels like popcorn popping inside of me its just an amazing feeling
—Guest Leyla

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