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Im pregnant now with my third child. My first I felt at 16 weeks, my second at 13, and this one at 9 (I know the feeling by now, but it also matched up with ultrasound movements). At 20 weeks, I'm feeling flutters and, often, hard kicks and punches--my husband has been able to feel them from about 16 weeks, and the doctor commented on my belly bounce when she was checking the heart rate at my last appt! Every baby is different, and I was told that the uterus is a little "floppier" (ugh) on the second or third go, so the movements are more noticeable.
—Guest Sk

Active baby at 14 weeks

This is my second pregnancy and I am even surprised that I can feel baby move so early since my first wasn't until past 20 weeks. This baby is active from after breakfast till bed time and I am so glad she/he is making me know about it.
—Guest CJ

1st Timer

I'm almost 22weeks and not that long ago me and my partner were mad at each otherfor a while...but we got to talk so we worked things out and we're doing Great, so great that my little one must be happy as well because when Daddy talked to him/her whispering to my belly that he loved his baby he/she's been doing some kicking and floating in there...It feels so amazing because I can tell he/she was missing Daddy Big Time..lol
—Guest Fran

Baby kicks

I felt my baby move around 16 weeks I got my first real kicks that my boyfriend could also feel around 21 weeks. It's also my first baby and I am 22 weeks going on 23 right now and it wont stop moving in there hehehe.
—Guest Chloe

17week and 5days

I'm 17week+5days with my first baby and I can feel like a bubble popping in my tummy every so often and its such a weird feeling. Got my 20 week scan in two weeks can't wait to find out the sex.
—Guest TFrance

17 weeks 3rd pregnancy

So I believe I starterd feeling the baby move a bit around 12 weeks along just little bubbles.. But the other night I was sitting watching TV with my partner and out of the blue I felt the intense tingly or spasim like shock on my right side a little below my belly button, It was soo shocking that I litterally jumped and screamed a bit lol It was so weird, I have had a few more of those episods since then and relized that it probably was the baby kicking finally...
—Guest katieB

14 weeks - first time preggo

I felt the my little one for the first time at 12 and a half weeks, but I thought I was imagining it; like two bumps in a row. Then again a couple days ago, same thing. I have a very gurgly tummy, so I have felt just about every kind of gurgle, this was no gurgle. I'm 14 weeks today, and this time I'm SURE; I had my hand on the side of my lower abdomen, and the little bundle kicked, or head butted, or something, right into my hand. AWESOME. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait until it's regular enough so my hubby can feel it.
—Guest becks

15 weeks 3 days

I felt my little girl at 10 weeks!! She moves a lot. Very active. She is starting to kick n she kicks my right side most of the day! It's really interesting. I try to talk to her to give me a break. She's a true princess already lol! Loving her more and more!!
—Guest Mrs.Wright

I'm 9 weeks

I'm 9 weeks an. This is my second child I feel little bubble like feelings threw out the day.. and if I'm laying down ..and look at my belly you can see it flick.. or bump lol I don't know.. but I didn't feel. None of this with my first until week 16.. my belly has gotten big already I can't fit my paints was in size sm now in a medium?? With my first I did not switch clothes size till 18 weeks lol?? Another thing I went up a bra size already.. its crazy! But I no I see a difference in me at 9 weeks that was not like with my first! :)
—Guest crystal

My baby is moving!

I am 12 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, when I was pregnant with my 1st child I didn't feel him move till I was 6 months pregnant and I know for sure this baby is moving!!! I am now really worried that maybe the due date is wrong and I am further along then the doctors think... Could I be further along?
—Guest Lizette

Feeling my baby move earlier

With my first pregnancy, I didn't feel my daughter move until about 5 months. With my second pregnancy I have been feeling the baby move since I was about 14 weeks! Feeling my little one move is the most wonderful part of pregnancy. I can't wait until he or she gets strong enough for my husband to feel the little kicks too!
—Guest Mama2BeAgain

11 weeks this 3rd baby

I'm 11 weeks and I can feel my baby move they said probably because my son is only 6 months and since I'm 11 weeks and that's really close I'm more sensitive so I can feel the movements early.
—Guest Em

12 weeks 3 days!

I'm 12 weeks 3 days pregnant with my 3rd child and an feeling a lot more than flutters! I know it's my baby because when I had my recent sonogram I could feel the movement I saw on the screen! I think every body and every pregnancy is different! Now patiently awaiting to find out the sex!
—Guest Catherine

Fetal movement

I'm in my 21st week but I only felt was like a gas and bubbles in my tummy. How I wish I could feel my little girl's hard kicks!
—Guest lurhyn

Lovely little one

I started feeling my little girl at about 17 weeks. She has been moving like crazy ever since. I am due on the soon, so in a few days and she is still pretty active for being fully developed and loves to kick my ribs. She has always been active. Sometimes it feels like she is vibrating my belly with the way she moves, its pretty weird, but it's comforting to feel her.
—Guest Ange

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