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Updated June 27, 2009

Blessed with #2

I have a 13 month old son and I barely felt his movements while pregnant with him. I am now 5 months pregnant now with a girl and since I was 18 weeks pewgnant (now 20) I feel her move quite often. It is the most awesome feeling! :)
—Guest Laura

i might be nine weeks feel movement

i think i might be nine weeks preggers. two days ago i started to feel a movement in my lower left pelvic area since then the movement happens more often and alot stronger. i thought after first day it could be gas but i have felt this with my first two boys. i took test at home and still neg. the movement keeps on consitantly after i wake up and all the way up till i fall asleep. feels like a flutter and bubbles and even pressure on my bladder! could i really be preg?
—Guest tanya


I first felt my baby girl at 16weeks! Like popping and bubbles, and yes the butterflies. The overwhelming feeling I felt inside me I knew it was her! I gradually then felt every week getting stronger now at 20 weeks! She's really active! It's amazing and I love the feeling she gives me xx
—Guest Mummy Kerrie

My Second blessing

I'm 14 weeks and 6 days and I've been feeling my baby moving for the past week it feels kinda like a heart beat at the bottom of my belly a lot of people says its too early but that's not true this is my second pregnancy and I know how gas feel or whatever they wanna call it
—Guest T Marzett

9 weeks 3 days

As I laid on the couch this morning I felt that all too familiar feeling near my pelvis on the right lower side of my body. This is my second pregnancy, and I am pregnant only a year after delivering my daughter. I felt her move at 15 weeks and I wasn't showing with her until 20 weeks. I'm already starting to popout a little bit this time And feeling occasional movement. Call me crazy. I know what I felt!
—Guest Beth

early movements

this is my first baby and i'm 11 weeks pregnant, i don't know if its the baby moving but i have a feeling like a butterfly fluttering in my belly and it's not gas. its a strange feeling but nice to know its all going well...
—Guest sonia

15 weeks 4 days

I went to the doctors yesterday and came home and was showing my husband where they heard the babies heartbeat and felt something harder, so I grabbed my husbands hand and placed it where I felt it and he felt it to. I put my hand back on and it moved! We both freaked out and I know it was the baby. My husband is one that is hard to convince of something like that and he believes that's what it was too! So neat! I was feeling flutters start last week around 14 weeks 5 days while I was at work. Such a cool feeling!
—Guest Brittany

My first

I am 18 weeks,I do feel some fluttering but am not sure,it feels good though.
—Guest Meriam Rampedi

am not geting any movement

now am 7week 1day pregnent but am geting only backach not any other symptoms am also having pcod doctor as told n my 5weeks tat babay growth is less am scared my next scan s on sep2nd plz guide me and am taking thyroide tablet since it was 6.
—Guest swetha

She loves daddy!

My baby kicks on a very tight schedule.. in the morning when my husband rolls over to say good morning he kisses my stomach and she kicks for about an hour, and then in the evenings when i get home for work and we settle down for the night, and again i am near him. He doesn't feel her kicks as much as I do, but this routine has been this way for about a month now. I think it is a pretty neat thing... She must be able to feel our connection as a couple. One of the coolest things for me :)
—Guest Kwatson

is it gas or my baby

I took 2 tests they both came out neg but now I feel flutters I'm not sure whether its just gas or ma baby moving I'm onli a month along I can feel ryt below my belly button its small tiny movements its my third pregnancy I shud know buy now but I'm not sure
—Guest owam

16 weeks

I am 16 weeks and i felt this little jab, and im a little flabby on the tummy, so if i lay on my back i can see the ripple effect, its really kewl. at 14 weeks i felt hicups, its a pulsing feeling lasts about 30-40 seconds and if you place ur hand on that spot u can feel it, the guys at the office have felt that already. :-)
—Guest maysa

my babys movement is slow i guess

i am 25 weeks i started feeling my baby move at 21 weeks.it becomes frequent as the weeks passes by like everytime i hear him move but a few days ago when i started taking blood pills it slow down his movements i realised that he moves a little more in the night and during the day its almost nothing.pls i need yur help i will appreciate it.because am worried.

my baby moves at near 2months!

the baby moves quite alot,I can feel little hands swooshing to one side then the other and it moving up and down really excited about the pregnancy!
—Guest yannah

Fetal Movement

My advice is to pay attention to your body!! My daughter was not moving at all when I was 38 weeks pregnant...Thinking it was nothing, I didn't go to the doctor immediately. However, I ended up going and turns out my daughter would have died had I not made it to the hospital in time. She failed her biophysical test (scored 2 of 8) and was at a -0- by the time they delivered her by C Section 2 hours later. Pay attention to your body and if you have the slightest feeling someting is wrong, it probably is! Better to be safe than sorry. Maddox is now a happy healthy 11 month old and I'm SO THANKFUL I went to the doctor when I did.
—Guest Jana

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