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Readers Respond: Did you have trouble hearing the heartbeat?

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Updated May 29, 2011

Hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time is something amazing. When you don't hear it, you panic. If you have experienced this how far along in your pregnancy were you? Did your doctor or midwife order an ultrasound? Did they ask you to come back a week later for another appointment to try again with a Doppler? What was the reason? The outcome?


I went to ER Friday, they didn't hear heartbeat went to doctor Monday said cervix, uterus, hCG levels all good. I have a vaginal ultrasound this week and I'm kind of scared.
—Guest waiting


I was so upset when they didn't hear my baby's heart beat. They tried to tell me to come back, but I insisted on an ultrasound right then. A quick showed baby was fine.

Too early.

I went in at 10 weeks and was told that I'd get to hear the heart beat. I was so excited. My joy turned to panic as they searched and searched, but heard nothing. They said not to worry, we'd hear it the next time. It was actually better after they told me that this was common. Everything was fine with baby and we heard it two weeks later.
—Monkey Mommy
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