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Readers Respond: Have you had a tubal pregnancy?

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Updated October 16, 2011

i had a tubal and now im one month pregn

so i had a tubal pregnancy back in February and had one tube removed i found out last weekend im pregnant 3 weeks and had an ultrasound and its not tubal but my scar tissue where my tube was removed is painful and idk if that's normal?
—Guest jodie


i was operated because of ectopic pregnancy..it was 1994 ..until now i dont have baby again .what can i do ?i need help ...now i am 44 can i still get pregnant ?
—Guest joy


I had two etopic pregnancies I am two months late and nervous to go and find out its in my tubes again praying that it isn't because I made the choice to go and get checked out this coming week because my first etopic pregnacy nearly cost me my life I am so nervous just say a prayer for me
—Guest Mia


I Was 5 Weeks Preganet In My Left Tube They Gave Me A Sonogram And Couldnt See The Baby They Gave Me A Pelvic UltraSound And Seen The Sag Im So Hurt I. Feel Alone Im Only 17
—Guest MissingTheBaby103

first tubal pregnancy

I took an home pregnancy test to found out i was expecting.well b4 i knew i was expecting i was feeling food sick. Couldn't eat,left side hurted real bad,spotting
—Guest quetta

Hope it can still happen

I found out I was pregnant and 6 weeks into pregnancy I found out it was ectopic now 6 months later still haven't conceived after trying for 4 months is there hope
—Guest Amy

Had an previous eptopic

Hi I had an eptopic pregnancy about 5 yr ago and had to have my tube removed, then I had my son which went all smooth thank god! My sons now 3 and just found out I'm 4 n half week pregnant the earliest I can get a scan is 2 week time to make sure it's in the rite place I'm really worried as I'm getting stomach cramps n pain in 1 side but its not servere pain it's like an ache is this normal don't think I can wait another 2 week panicking like mad! X
—Guest Sara

eptopic pregnancy

Hi I have two girls n after I had two eptopics I want. Boy bad I have a whole tube in a half of tube I just dnt knw y dis is happening to Me ill I Eva have my boy dis is so hard for me
—Guest kyeisha

Eptopic pregnancy

I have had 2 ectopic pregnancies, the 1st was in '02 in my left tube and it had to be removed, then in '05 I got pregnant again and it ended up being another ectopic pregnancy, this time in my right tube, that also had to be removed, now I'm wondering if it's still possible to get pregnant again??
—Guest Allison

Ectopic pregnancy

I had an ectopic and it ruptured...they took both tubes my ovaries and my uterus...I want to know why they took everything?...If they had left an ovary and my uterus I could have done IVF..now not only did I loose my baby but any future chances of any babies...I agree...it's not fair
—Guest Debi


I diagnosed I have ectopic pregnancy then the doctor said i have to under go surgery ASAP but I am so confused after the operation doctor said i have ruptured corpus cyst and I am shock at the same time because Dra said the baby still inside my belly sign of early pregnancy is there anyone had my experience?
—Guest Anonymous

There's hope

I had an eptopic 2 years ago witch they had to remove my left tube it was very painful and I still get some pains now strangely enough ! 4 weeks after my eptopic I found I was pregnant again I was really worried ad my body hadnt had time to recover ! But all was fine n went on to have a very big healthy baby girl ! 18 months later after not useing any protection I thort I wudnt conceive another naturally after finding out after some pains tht I had cysts on my only tube :( ! Last week I discoverd after a check up after some more pains tht I had a 6 week baby inside witch was in all the wright place and saw its heartbeat :) am very happy so after thinking all the worst everything was fine in the end :)
—Guest Stacey

Ectopic pregenacies

I had an ectopic pregenacies Feb 2012 but still having abodminal pain but i did uss scan my doctor said it was uterine fibriod measuring 26*26 in diameter, am finding it difficult to concieve my doctor ask me to go hsg test am worry because i have hsg test before my last ectopic pregancies can i still have hsg test
—Guest Mercy

No more pregnancies?

I have had 3 ectopic pregnancies. Had a tube and a half removed. I still have my ovaries but I want another child but I find it hard to get pregnant again. Will I be able to have children again or should I just count the whole situation out?
—Guest linda

i know what your all going through

4 yrs ago my ex-husband and i got pregnant, i went to the er because i was having really bad pains and cold sweating we were told we were going to be parents after 4 years of trying for one we were so excited. 5 hours later after the ultrasound we found out it was a tubal and i had to go in for surgery because it had ruptured. i was told that i would never get pregnant again because of to much damage. my husband left me 2 months later. 2 weeks ago i went to my family doctor because of stomach pain and they did a prgnancy test and it was positive. I was rushed to the hospital to have an ultrasound and sure enough it was another tubal so i had to have another surgery to take out my other tube because it had ruptured also. I just keep thinking its not meant for me to have a baby, i dont know why because i know i would be a good mom. life just isnt fair.
—Guest laura

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